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CND and The Blonds on Mainstage- Premiere Orlando 2012

LTHP does Fashion too!! 

  But not only fashion. This was possibly the coolest hybrid of nails and style there ever was. This year at Premiere Orlando CND had the honor and bragging rights of being the first ever Nail- centric company to be on the Mainstage. CND and The Blonds put on a FANTASTIC show on for us. This post will be FULL of amazing fashions by The Blonds and some great nail art tips from the talented ladies at CND. 
To see what went down on Mainstage just keep on reading!

 The show started with Five amazing looks from The Blond's Forbidden City Collection. This collection seems to revolve around all things oriental and opulent. We only got to see Five looks but you can see these entire collections on The Blond's site. We got to see some of their favorite looks from their Three most recent collections.
How stunning is that golden look? And the shoes that go to the asymetrical dress? And the beading on that bodysuit?!!! I could keep going...

 The way the show was presented was that some runway looks would come down and then right on the stage they had Two nail stations where Kristina Estabrooks and Roxanne Valinoti (I sure hope I got these names right) would be teaching us how to use Shellac to achieve the nail looks we had just seen on the models. Kristina and Roxane are both educators with CND.
 This was the first technique they showed us, called Color Drop. This is Kristina making her own transfers using CND Nail color. She started by doing a light coat of clear on a piece of waxy paper. While the layer of clear was still wet she then dabbed on Black nail polish to create these cool "controlled blobs" She then went back and added CND Emerald Sparkle to the center of the Black blob while it was still wet to create this cool effect. Once these are dry you can carefully peel them off the sheet and apply them to your nail over tacky top coat. She accented the finalized look with rhinestones winding around the little blob appliques. I will be trying this look soon.  Roxane showed us how to do an etching technique which I will be trying as well. For the sake of this post I will be showing you my favorite nail looks from the day.

 The second set of looks was based around The Blonds Playboy Collection. I think these were my favorite looks of the day. I just love the glam vibe all these outfits have while still being UBER sexy. And I SERIOUSLY love the headpieces.
Legs for days anyone? So jelly...

This look is a more subtle effect that I'm used to in my nail art but it was new to me and pretty cool.
For this look Kristina had a base that resembled a mood ring like effect. She then went over it with a color called Purple Purple which is slightly sheer so you could still kind of see the mood ring effect under it. While the Purple shade was still wet she used a brush to remove the Purple color from the tips of the nail in a bunny ear shape, revealing the mood ring look under the purple. This was all done in Shellac and some curing is to be done between the layers.

 The second look I loved from this presentation was this sparkly one. For this look they used CND additives. CND additives is an expansion to the Shellac Line. Additives are pure cosmetic grade pigments, glitters, micas... etc that can be used to enhance your Shellac mani.
 For this look they started with a Coral nail. While the Shellac was still tacky she started applying loose glitter additives in a gradient down the nail. She started with the Blue, moved onto the Gold and at the very tip of the nail she did the Rose colored glitter. Once the gradient was in place she used a burnishing technique with her brush to get the glitters to blend, embed and lay flat on the nail creating an AMAZING effect once it is top coated and cured.

LOVE this picture!

 The final set of looks was from The Blonds' newest collection, Dye Blond. This collection is kind of biker themed and VERY edgy. Right up my alley!
Mmm mmm mmmmm enter the eye candy!
How awesome does that stage look?!

 From this group they showed us the trend of "Corroded Metals".
  For this look Roxanne( who herself was rocking a Blonds Vest) started with a base of Black Shellac and while it was still tacky she used a wood grain looking foil applique to slightly dab it over the Black base to get this random pattern of metallic accents over the Black. She then went over that with a light loose shimmer additive and burnished it over the nail. The more you burnish the more metallic the look of the shimmer becomes. The less you do do it the more subtle.

 Here are a few more pics of the finale. I did shoot a video for you guys of all the models doing their final round but I have to do some editing before I can upload it.

One final look at Dye Blond.

Here are David and Phillipe Blond. He does the sewing, she does the HAND beading of ALL those crystals! How talented( and HOT) are these people? I can't believe I got to see this in person. They really do put on a fantastic show!
   I know I have said it a million times but this weekend was INCREDIBLE! I hope next years Premiere Orlando lives up to this one. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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  1. That is so cool that you got to participate in that!

  2. That must have been so cool!
    Where could I wear the lion jacket if they would let me borrow it? ;)


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