Saturday, June 16, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Rockstar Nails With Love

Happy Caturday! 

  Today I have a cute polish by indie brand: Rockstar Nails. Shop owner Erika contacted me some weeks ago about reviewing one of her petties. She chose to send With Love my way. I had been checking this polish out for some time so when she contacted me I jumped on it! 
 For this edgy look I started with Three coats of Sation Let's make Lemonade. I had every intention of just wearing my neon Yellow nails but when I saw the bottle of With Love it was begging to be paired with my bright neon base. With Love is a blend of Black Hexes, Red hearts and large White Hearts. This is not the easiest polish in the world to work with. For this I did apply it like one would normally apply any other polish and you can see I had some trouble with the pieces wanting to stay in place or  get on the brush in the first place.
  The nice thing about this bottle is that it has a nice long brush and BIG neck opening that you can use to kind of "stir" the hearts around in the bottle. I think next time I play with this I will be picking out the bits with an orange stick and placing them. I was getting these little "ghost bits" of Black stuff(see ring finger), not sure what the deal is with those. They were coming from the clear base so I'm not sure if the Black hexes are shedding or something. Doing the "picking and placing" method with this polish would eliminate the Black bits which fixes that issue.
 As much as it might sound like I dislike this, I actually really like it a lot. I'm not feeling those random Black bits that look like smudges but I love everything else about it. I seriously LOVE the huge White hearts. She also didn't skimp on the red hearts and Black hexes. Shaped glitters are just hard to get on the brush, period. I really can't wait to play with this some more. Heart glitters are just SO cute!


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  1. I absolutely loving this polish! I love the different sized hearts and the colour comibination used. Looks amazing with the polish that you chose! xxx

  2. tha't s really pretty and I love it with the yellow base!

  3. the base color is perfect for it...

  4. This is such a super fun combo - love it!

  5. One of the best manis I've seen in a while!

  6. This is a cool glitter! It's very pretty.

  7. Such a striking polish - I love it! x

  8. Yeah I think the black hexagons are shedding haha

  9. Just a suggestionJune 18, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    This polish is beautiful.....however the black hexes are not colorfast, they're bleeding and you should definitely let her know this. So she doesn't distribute a bunch of bottles, then have to go back and replace them. It would be alot better to get some good black hexes now to prevent a headache later. This is such an amazing combo, I definitely want to get one once the glitter has been fixed.

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