Thursday, June 7, 2012

#FLBeautyBloggers Neiman Marcus Breakfast Event

Hello again loves!!

  This time around I wanted to share some "scenes" from this past Saturday. The lovely people of Neiman Marcus of the Mall at Millenia were so amazing to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. They put together a lovely breakfast for us followed by a great presentation from their beauty department. This was very exciting as I got to learn a lot more about the Neiman Marcus beauty department. 
  I don't really have a Neiman Marcus nearby me so it is not a store I am not entirely familiar with and most of the time I don't even feel comfortable going in there when I am in a mall that has one. IDK what it is about high end designer merchandise that makes me so nervous. I feel "inadequate" when I walk through stores like Neiman Marcus (lol?). I'm weird like that. 

Yes... There were LOTS of pretty nail polishes. These are from LeMetier. Summer Neons is where it's at!
 Intimidtion aside, I had an amazing time and by the end I felt better about being there among all those beautful cosmetics that I could never afford hahahah! I keep it real....

 I am on serious work overload so I will be keeping this post pretty short. I'd like to thank Courtney and Ali for letting me use their pictures since I forgot my camera that day :(.  Some days... I REALLY suck at this whole "blogger" thing. I get too wrapped up in "being there" Any Matt & Kim fans around? The song "Cameras" comes to mind....

  For the presentations we were split up into Four groups of girls and they had set up Four stations where they would feature several different products from different brands. The employees were so knowledgeable and friendly!  Here are some scenes from the stations. 
Bobbi Brown Summer 2012.

That Prada perfume is called Candy and it smells AMAZING!

 The family-ran brand Chantecaille was getting a lot of attention from the girls. This palette is stunning and a portion of the proceeds go to charity.

 This Chanel eyeshadow is so shimmery and beautiful!

Yves Saint Lauren Nail Polish. SO many beautiful colors! The girl at the counter was wearing the bright Blue shade up in front and it looked SO good.

And then there was Deborah Lippmann...

When I got back to my hotel room I noticed that there were FOUR DL bottles in my goodie bag. Now, I knew the girl that did the presentation had put some bottles in my bag, I just didn't realize it was Four of them. HAPPY girl right here. She was kind enough to gift me Swagga Like Us and Sugar Daddy. I never expected to come back to such a nice surprise. At most I thought it was a mini bottle.

She also gifted me these Two.

The pretty breakfast.

That is me in the striped dress and Maria from Cult Nails in the Black. We both thought this pic was hillarious cuz of Maria's "Bitch please" face hahaha!

 Miss Brittany and Cat.

All the girls gathered outside :D.
Check out [THESE POSTS] for more details on what went down that day!


  1. This looks like so much fun.. I wish I lived closer to events like these :)

  2. Great pictures and amazing products! <3
    oh yes, I love Prada's Candy, too. :)

  3. I love your nails .

  4. I love your nails.

  5. I agree with you about feeling inadequate at high end stores! One of my friends wanted to go into Gucci and I felt so uncomfortable! Like I know I can't even afford to buy a shoelace in here... why am I wasting my time looking at this overpriced crap? LOL

  6. Aww, I wish you and EB didn't feel inadequate in high end stores. They have no idea how much money you really do or don't have. Whether you can't afford it or refuse to pay it, you are worth beautiful and well-made things.

    And if you know what they have you can recognize a great dupe when it comes along :)


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