Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indie Mania!! 365 Days of Color Swatches

 Hi loves!!

  Today I have some swatches from the indie brand 365 Days of Color. Not long ago I had the opportunity to pick my Four favorites and these are the pretties I went with. Her creations are very cute and different. I love her use of shard glitters in her blends. I also noticed that she expanded her line to include scented cuticle balms which I am curious to try myself.
To see swatches of the cute creations just continue reading.

365 Days of Color Old Time Movie over Cult Nails Charming
  How awesome does this combination look?! Old Time Movie is an even blend of Black and Silvery White shard- like glitters suspended in a clear base. This polish was very easy to work with and minimal effort is required to achieve a cool effect. The shards are pretty packed in the base so there isn't the issue of fishing out the sparkly bits.

365 Days of Color Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy is just SO flippin cute. This polish is pretty "simple". Cotton Candy consists of a White creamy base with Pink and Blue hexes. The Pink and Blue hexes are not super packed in the base so it gives the polish a cool "sprinkled" effect. For this look I did Two coats of Cotton Candy to give the glitters a sandwiched look. On the first coat I was barely getting any hexes on my nail but on the second coat, once the hexes had something to stick to, there were no issues. This color needs a good top coat as it dries a little bumpy.

365 Days of Color Summer Dream 
  Hee hee! Before I go onto the polish.. Doesn't this look like pool toys floating in the water? I LOVE it! So Summer Dream is a hazy light Blue creme base. Suspended in the base is an array of rainbow colored bars, hexes and square glitters. The only issue I ran into with Summer Dream is that some of the bar glitters were slightly curled at the ends preventing them from laying flat. This polish also needs a good top coat to make it shiny and smooth.

365 Days of Color Rock Candy over Sation Love at First Lavender
 Another winning combination! Rock Candy is a mix of rainbow colored shard glitters and micro shimmer suspended in a clear base. I did have a little bit of an issue getting the shards out with this one but I think the issue was more in the TEENY TINY neck these bottles have and not so much the formula of the polish since it seems pretty packed. Too damn cute!
365 Days of Color is currently open and has quite a bit of stock available! She carries all of her colors in mini and full sized bottles. There are a few of her creations that I currently have my eye on as well. 

Aren't these adorable?

(**365DOC polishes sent for review**)


  1. They are all so gorgeous! I especially love Cotton :) xxx

  2. So cute! Very bummed she doesn't post to Australia! :-(

  3. I've never been a huge fan of glitter, just because I felt that all the ones I've encountered look the same but different colors. But this is pretty unique.

  4. I love this brand! I ended up buying both collections because I was not sure what I wanted, lol. Then she came out with 2 new ones...I picked up one - she only made 40 of them so get it while you can! And her balms are rad!

  5. These are gorgeous! I really like Cotton Candy and Summer Dreams the most.

  6. I really like Cotton Candy! I own a few other polishes from 365 Days of Color but now I think I need to add Cotton Candy to my collection as well!


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