Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Picks from Sation's California Gleamin' Collection

Happy Tuesday!!!

  Today we are going back to some Summer shades by Sation. These six pretties come from the California Gleamin' LE collection. So... Can you guys tell I'm on a yellow kick? 
To see swatches of these awesome shades just keep on reading.
Sation Miss McTeal
 Miss McTeal.... Where do I start? Should I just shut up and let you guys take in the pics? This is a beyond stunning shade of jewel tone Teal with flashes of Icy Blue smooth shimmer throughout. I love colors that seem to glow and this is definitelly one of them! This was Three thin coats.

Sation Lemon Pearl 
 Lemon Pearl is a fantastic shade of light, clean Yellow with smooth and subtle pearly shimmer. This shade of Yellow verges on pastel but it is still vibrant enough to stay out of Easter territory. Kinda love this!! Two easy coats.

Sation Board Girl Blue 
Board Girl Blue is a vivid "Pool Liner" Blue creme. LOVE this to bits. But what's news? Put an awesome vivid Blue creme in front of me and I'm putty. This color has an amazing Tw coat formula.

Sation Let's make Lemonade
 Let's make Lemonade is a most obnoxious neon highlighter Yellow. The amazing part about this polish? NO UNDIES REQUIRED!! What you see here is Three effortless coats of Let's make Lemonade. The formula is almost jelly like. I had zero application issues and the color was as retina searing as any neon out there. I LOVE this!

Sation Glint's and Glam
 Glints and Glam is a very "fairy-like" polish. The base is a soft Blush of Pink jelly PACKED full of glitter. The glitter in this is a subtle silver holo glitter in small pieces and medium hexes. I decided to wear it alone for these pics and I was happy with Two coats. This is a perfect pop of soft Pink sparkle.

Sation You Butter tell Me
I know what you're probably thinkin'.... Wait? Didn't I just see this? Nope! LOL You Butter Tell Me is a true neon Yellow. What I mean by that is that Let's make Lemonade seems to have just a slight hint of green to make it that highlighter shade of Yellow where this is a bit "warmer". Think of neon egg yolks. And guess what? I really LOVE this one too! Two easy coats.
 For a long time I was not a fan on neons because the formulas sucked, the color selection wasn't that great or whatever... 2012 has turned into the year of the neon for me, personally. Yes, there has been a TON of glitter madness coming out but I've seem to hit a neon phase and I am LOVING all these awesome colors we have been seeing this season. I've also finally learned to appreciate Yellow polishes so I'm on a slight Yellow kick. And, hello TEAL gorgeousness! I mean seriously!!! Killin me with those amazing shimmers!!!! Sation has got it going on for me lately and there is more coming soon!!

Thoughts? Faves?

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  1. You Butter Tell Me looks gorgeous !

  2. I'm freaking out about all the amazing Sation polishes you've been showcasing!!! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

  3. Arrghhh more goodies - they are all gorgeous, but Board Girl Blue and the yellows, especially Lemon Pearl (instant lemming) - are terrific!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glint's and Glam is so beautiful!!!

  5. Amanda (Fashion Footing)June 19, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    Ohh I LOOVEEEE Lemon Pearl and Miss McTeal

  6. These are really awesome, beautiful colors! I especially love Miss McTeal, Lemon Pearl, and Let's Make Lemonade.

  7. Miss Mc Teal is killing me! Ive got to have it!!! So gorgeous!

  8. I had trouble getting the Let's Make Lemonade to apply smoothly. I bought it at the end of last summer, and did not get to try it until today, on my toes. Hopefully I can get it to apply better to my fingernails.


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