Friday, June 8, 2012

Sation Glittery Nail Art

Good Morning!!

  Today I have a pretty and SUPER sparkly manicure. For today's look I tried something I learned this weekend while at Premiere Orlando. This technique came from the CND and The Blonds Mainstage show. While I was at Premiere I was on a quest for nail art supplies. I wanted more stuff like freehand brushes, different shaped rhinestones and loose glitters.
  At this point I'm not even sure what booth I got these from but I had hit the jackpot at this one single vendor. I got some brushes, some glitter and some stones to play around. I wanted to get so much more but my bag was getting VERY heavy and very full. For this look I tried the glitter burnishing technique.
 I started with Two coats of Sation Miss McTeal, which I am holding in this picture and is totally droolworthy! I then did a gradient with Miss McTeal and Sation Board Girl Blue. The gradient was very subtle deep Teal to Blue. THEN things got fun! I grabbed Three of my new glitter pots. I went for the Green, Blue and Light Blue.
  To achieve this effect you want to wait for you base colors to be fully dry. Once they are dry you want to apply a nice coat of a top coat that does not dry too fast. I started applying the loose glitter in a gradient starting with the Green at the Cuticle, the Blue in the middle and the Light Blue at the free edge of the nail. After I had the gradient in place I went over the whole nail with the brush rubbing the glitter very gently in a circular motion to get it to lay flat, embed and blend. I topped the whole thing off with Two coats of Seche since it was kind of gritty. 

 Here is the materials I used.

 A new take on Mermaid nails perhaps? I love how the glitters are so fine and kind of translucent so it makes it looks like I am wearing a multichromatic glitter.

Here is a neat macro.
What do you guys think of this technique? Will you be trying it? It is actually quite easy, a bit messy but easy and fun to do. The color combinations are endless!


(**Sation products provided for review**)


  1. Great design, the colours are beautiful! ♥

  2. So beautiful! I own a bunch of nail are supplies but never make the time to use them. This mani makes me want to make the time, LOL.

    I love the mermaid effect. My favourite!

  3. This is so pretty!!! It makes me think of the beautiful water in the Caribbean.

  4. I love the colour, it looks beautiful :) xx

  5. That is so pretty! It is definetely a new take on mermaid nails!

  6. I've been trying forever to achieve this using my glitter nail polishes! I guess I've been doing it wrong...

  7. This is pretty amazing! *puking rainbows*

  8. what kind of brush do you use to do the burnishing? Can you maybe do a video tutorial?

  9. I probably won't be trying it but your manicure looks great! It's like mermaid effect, so nice!

  10. gorgeous - perfectly mermaidy x

  11. I really like the glitter on this-- goes perfectly with the base colour!


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