Monday, June 18, 2012

Sation Little Horse on the Prairie Collection Swatches

Good morning!

  Today I have the First Fall collection to make its way to me this year. This is Little Horse on the Prairie by Sation. This collection is made up of six classically beautiful cremes. I must say that in the midst of all the Spring shimmer and the neon Summer madness, the indie glitter craze.... I was actually craving a nice creme collection. Little Horse on the Prairie could not have come at a better time! I know Summer is just gettin here and I shall be rocking the crap out of my neons but I'm looking forward to a nice, creamy Fall!
To see swatches of these beauties just keep on reading :D!

  I don't want to sound like a broken record so... The formula on all six of these colors is absolutely FLAWLESS. They all go on like butter and all are opaque at Two coats. They all have a good dry time and they are all very glossy. All of these colors have the perfect amount of pigmentation and they are all very flattering.

Sation Weed out the Wimps
In the words of one of my Faceboo fans..."Dat Green!" Mmm mmmm mmm! Weed out the Wimps is the most beautiful shade of hazy Sage Green creme. This color was pretty much an instant favorite for me. This is one of those Greens that would look good on anyone! As much as I liked the murky Green trend from last Fall, this "clean smoked" Green is so much more appealing to my eyes. Great Fall shade.

Sation Sun Worship-her
 Sorry this photo looks a little weird. I had to take it with flash to try to get some color accuracy. Sun Worship-her is a bright Orange-Red creme-jelly, and my camera does not do well with tones like these. This color is bright but sophisticated. Sun Worship-her is a nice twist on Fall reds. I like how clean and vibrant this is, but because of all that Red it does not feel Summer.

Sation Blue Sky's the Limit
Blue Sky's the Limit has that same "clean smoke" quality that Weed out the Wimps has. This is an amazing shade of light Blue. It's not super "in-your-face" but still quite eye-catching.

Sation Ring Around the Horsie
 Ring Around the Horsey is a nice Raisin toned creme. Normally I'm not really a fan of shades like this because Brown based colors are just not my thing. That being said, this is a SUPER flattering color and a classic for Fall.

Sation Rock-a-Guy Blue
 And we come to my undisputed favorite from this collection. Rock-a-guy Blue is a deep Denim Blue, heavily saturated creme. This color feels very rugged. This is absolute Navy Blue perfection and I look forward to wearing again very soon.

Sation Prairie Fairy
 Prairie Fairy is a nice Fleshy- Peach tone. This is a nice simple color for those lazy days. I like that it has enough Pink in it to make it a wearable "band-aid" shade. I really like tones like this one!
 Like I said above, I love this collection. I love the simplicity of the colors and I love the names. The colors that they chose represent the theme of the collection really well. I know BB Couture releases nail polish collections for men. Doesn't this collection look like it should be "unisex" too? These colors have a very "tough" feel to them. So thinking back to the "Little Horse on the Prairie" theme, these colors could not be more fitting! I really do love these for Fall! These will be available this coming Fall.


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  1. I'm loving Prairie Fairy, it's such a lovely colour. Definitely will be perfect for Autumn! xxx

  2. Love
    Blue Sky's the Limit and
    Sun Worship-her!

  3. These colors are gorgeous, and I like to hear that the formula is great, I have to look in to Sation now LOL, thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm in love with the blues!! Really pretty.

  5. Very pretty! I don't own any from this brand but I may have to change that soon.

  6. I am loving the new Sation! Sation made a great choice in deciding to revamp itself. Love all the colors, but Weed Out the Wimps and Ring Around the Horsie are stand outs.

  7. My only thought is where the heck can I buy these?!?

  8. Hi Brandi, Sation polishes are available on but this collection has not been released for sale yet.

  9. I agree! They have really done a fantastic job of revamping their brand!

  10. Liking 'em all except for the raisin colored you, not a good shade on me at all. I have yet to see Station polish sold anywhere - Will look on the link you gave in comments to Brandi. I love a great cream formula and some of these shades look stunning.

  11. Sation is mostly sold to Salons and in Salons. For all intents and purposes they are also a new brand so they are still getting themselves out there. Their site does have the full line up! I have some swatches of the Class of Sation Collection coming up soon!

  12. I love every single one though I might not wear the green. Your nails are so pretty. I'm also going to check on the link you gave Brandi. I especially love Ring Around The Horsie and Prarie Fairy.

  13. Ooh, such beautiful, dreamy creams! These colours make a gorgeous fall collection all together, but I'd wear 'em any time of year. Weed Out the Wimps and Ring Around the Horsie are my faves of the bunch.

  14. That green is awesome, and I'm loving those gorgeous blues too! Where do you find this brand? I've never seen it.

  15. Sation is available on This collection will be available this Fall.

  16. OMG! They're BEAU-TI-FUL! I love Rock-a-guy Blue, Blue Sky's the Limit and Sun Worship-her. Too bad the shipping fees are so high for France :(

  17. Holy moly am I love Rock-a-guy Blue and Weed Out The Wimps. Gorgeousness!


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