Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Megalast Nail Color Swatches

Happy Hump-Day!!

  Today I have some swatches of some new releases by Wet 'n' Wild. These three pretties come from their Megalast Salon Nail Color Collection. Wet 'n' Wild was very generous to the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. They sent each girl Four different nail colors, Three eye shadow palettes and a gel eye liner. I've been seriously LOVING my new Wet 'n' Wild products. 
  I've been loving their shadow palettes so much that I went on a huge bender the other day and I got, just about, every Three pan and Eight pan palette they have. So, back to the nail color. These Three are great cremes with amazing formulas and the brush... I'll go on about the brush some...
To see swatches of these Three beautiful colors just continue reading.

 These Three shades have such an amazing formula. They were all very creamy, smooth and even. The pigmentation on these colors is absolutely perfect. They were all Two easy coats of color. Now, onto the brush: IT IS AMAZING! It is one of those brushes that girls will either love, or hate. It is a wide and flat brush  but it is rounded at the end so it conforms perfectly to the curve of my cuticle. I was getting my whole nail covered in just ONE effortless stroke of the brush, no clean- up required.

Wet 'n' Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint
 I Need a Refresh- Mint is a lovely shade of true Sky Blue creme. This is right on trend for the season. This color went on like butter. I love clean shades of light Blue like this one. They are very flattering and just easy to look at.

Wet 'n' Wild Wet Cement
 Yummy yummy Taupe perfection. Wet Cement reminds me of classic shades like O.P.I You Don't know Jaques. This is one of those colors that will look good on anyone. I pretty much fell in love with it   at first brushstroke.

Wet 'n' Wild Through the Grapevine
 Through the Grapevine is a lovely shade of Plummy Fuchsia creme. This is one of those shades that is vibrant and dusty at the same time. Very classic shade, easy to wear. This particular color could have almost been a one coater.
Wet 'n' Wild really does put out some amazing products at amazing prices. I really loved these Three and was so pleasantly surprised by the awesome brush these have. Bravo Wet 'n' Wild! These are available at Walgreens.


(**WNW products provided for review**)


  1. Drooling over all of them, especially Through the Grapevine!! The brush sounds amazing, I'm defo going to have to hunt these down! Thanks for the great swatches =D

  2. I have a few of these and I agree, the polish is fantastic! My Refresh-Mint however is an exact dupe for CG For Audrey, much more green that your looks on my monitor. I still love it though :)

  3. Love the last colour! Really pretty swatches!

  4. Of course I love I need a re-fresh mint... but I also love Wet Cement!

  5. Oooh, I think I need "Through the Grapevine!

  6. I LOVE the Wet n Wild giant brush! And I really love the colors and bottle shapes they are introducing!

  7. I love "I need a refresh-mint"! It pairs great with silver. I also actually went to the store specifically for "through the grapevine" a while back an ended up walking out with "Disturbia" instead. It's a lovely deep purple with pink shimmer.

  8. OOO!!!! These colours are yummy!!
    ...and now i want all of them!

  9. I have Through the grapevine and I love it, now I really need a refresh mint! :)

  10. Through the Grapevine is a great color, but it's actually one of the older colors from the Megalast line that Wet n Wild kept when they rebooted the line. I think they improved the formula on it as well.

  11. Was I Need a Refresh-Mint reformulated? Because mine is definitely green and not blue.

  12. After seeing the swatches I went out at lunch and got Through the Grapevine! I LOVE it!!!!!

  13. I am in the minority of people who *hate* these brushes. I don't mind that they are large but all but a couple of the polishes I have with these brushes have the most uneven brushes.
    I know I could sit and trim them so they don't leave deep gauges in each swipe on the nail, but with so many polishes it doesn't seem worth it. I just wish they'd work on their accuracy of cutting the brushes.

  14. I have passed these up so many times but now I think I need all of them! I probably do not need another taupe-y color but it's inexpensive enough! Beautiful swatches!

  15. I have fresh mint and grape vine..Not a bad polish. I bought it to do the leopard look on my nails and it came out pretty the color..I haven't tried the grape one yet. but, I know I would love it as well...Thanks for the pics..great job!!!


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