Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LTHP Quickies! Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil Eyeshadows

Call it like it is!! 

  This is just a quick post to show you guys some quickie swatches of Milani's new Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Shadow Pencils. These are GREAT! I am a huge fan of these. These make edgy looks simple and they wear ridiculously amazing! 

 Here are some quick swatches of the Shadow Eyez pencils. I love the slightly shimmery finish of these and the pigmentation is just superb. They glide on very smoothly. These swatches are Two passes of each color. These have amazing color payoff! As someone who is not an expert at applying make-up I found these extremely easy to work with and they made it effortless to achieve edgy and fun looks (yes, pictures soon).
 I love them all by my absolute faves are Green Safari, Aquatic Style and Royal Purple. Champagne Toast and Winter White are great for highlights and Brown Deluxe is great for sultry eye looks. 

See you guys at some point tomorrow :D!

(**Milani products provided for review**)

A Couple of Neutral Toned Milani #EOTD Looks

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! 

  Today I have Two looks I did using some of the new Milani Pressed Powder Shadows. Milani recently released 11 or so new Powder shadows and these looks feature the neutral tones. These are looks that are great for those days when you want to look like you, but better :D!
To see these looks just continue reading!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sation Little Horse on the Prairie Collection Nail Art

Good afternooon!! 

  Today I have a look that utilized all Six colors in Sation's Little Horse on the Prairie Collection. I did swatches of these beautiful colors a few weeks back and I just could not resist doing some nail art with them. Last Monday I did my very first freehand leopard mani a'la Sarah and I loved the look so much I decided to revisit the technique again this week. 
  I really wanted to get involved with my manicure this time around. I also really wanted to use all Six colors in the collection because they just go so well together. So, I mixed a gradient technique with the Freehand leopard. 
 I started with a base of Sun Worhip-her on my Index and Pinkie finger and a base of Weed out the Wimps on my Middle and Ring fingers. Once my bases were dry I started working on my gradients. On my Pinkie and Index I did gradients using Sun Worhip-Her and Prairie Fairy. On my Middle and Ring Fingers I did gradients in Weed out the Wimps and Blue Sky's the Limit.
  Once my gradients were a dry I started working on my leopard spots. On my Index and Pinkie fingers  the leopard details were done with Blue Sky's the Limit and Rock-a-Guy Blue. On my Middle and Ring fingers the leopard details were done in Prairie Fairy and Ring Around the Horsie. I topped my nails off with some Seche Vite.
  I love how this turned out and the play on colors, earthy but eye- catching.

  Here are some pictures of my base colors before I started working on the nail art.
 LOVE these colors!!!!!!
Sation's Little Horse Collection will be available this August! I love these colors and the amazing formulas. These polishes made quick work of the gradients BTW!!! Great polishes for that technique!! Sation polishes are available from Miss Pro Nail's Site.

  Here is a great vid on the behind-the-scenes for the promo shots of this collection.

I hope you guys like this look!
(**Sation products provided for review**)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Couronne d'Or Vernis Swatches

Happy Friday!!!! 

  IDK but for some reason I am so ready for the weekend! For me, the first week back from vacation is just freaking hell. Getting back into the swings of things and such lol. I feel like I've been in slow motion all week long haha. But anywho, today I have swatches of an amazing indie line. 
  These are the Couronne d'Or Vernis glitter toppers by Aly of Aly Loves Lacquer. She is a French Major and created a line of beautiful chunky layering glitters inspired by the crown jewels. I love the inspiration behind these and Aly loved that my blog name was inspired by the famous Marie Antoinette quote "Let them eat cake". It was a match made in polish heaven! 

  QUICK NOTE: Aly has created a code for my readers to use on your Cd'OV order good for 15% off. The code is LTHP15.
 To see swatches of these beautiful gems just continue reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cult Nails Deal With it

Good afternoon lovely people!! 

  Today I have the first of Five looks I will do featuring the amazing colors from the Cult Nails Untamed Collection (A.k.A Coco's Collection). The quick story behind these Five amazing colors is Maria's youngest daughter Coco, now 13, is all about creating colors with mom. This is one fierce teenager. When asked what her inspiration was for the colors she simply answered " The colors themselves are the inspiration." Hells yeah!! This girl has it going on! 
  So anywho, Coco created Five beautifully unique colors and today I will be showing you her favorite shade from the collection; Deal with It. This will be the first of Five fun looks I will be featuring using Coco's colors. 
 To see this look and a swatch of Deal with It just continue reading.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink [Enough] Wednesday!! Zoya Spun Sugar Mani

Good morning and happy humpday my darlings!!!

  Today I have a Pink Wednesday mani for you guys! It's been forever since I did one of those. This, however, is what I shall call a Pink "enough" Wednesday lol. This manicure was a last minute change. I had set out to try and do some freehand floral nail art and it just was not happening so I started playing with the Spun Sugar technique and went with that instead..... This looks pretty freaking cool!
 To see this look just continue reading <3!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Sation Class of Sation Swatches

Hi hello!! 

  So yesterday I featured some uber cute colors from Sation's Class of Sation Collection. This has got to be one of the cutest most fun collections I've seen in a while. These colors, the names everything about this collection is themed perfectly! I can't help but think fondly of High School memories when I look at these colors. So... let's look at some swatches of Class of Sation!
 To see swatches just continue reading.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Muffin Monday!! Sation Tardy Tart

Good evening!! 

  I'm late but I'm back baby!! The husband and I had a great and very chill vacation. We went to the beach and got our tan on, hung out with friends and totally re-did the polish room!! I'll have some pictures of what I did over vacation and a  little video tour of the new, and much improved, polish room soon.  I have a huge new desk now and room to make tutorials!! SO!!! That might actually be happening now :D!
 Onto why you're probably here... Muffin is back!!! It has been a WHILE since I've done one of these. I feel kinda bad about that.... But she picked me an awesome color and powered by Bing Energy Drink, some shaky hands and some tunes by Sleigh Bells I managed to bust out a cute mani and try something totally new!
 To see Muffin's pick in action just keep on reading!

Monday, July 16, 2012

LTHP is Taking a Lil' Vacay!!!

Hi loves!!!

  So, MR. LTHP is on vacation this week. This is the first time we have had time off together since 2009!!! Our last vacation took place in North Carolina and that was when we got engaged :D. So I decided it would only make sense for me to take a little break too and enjoy some time with my amazing hubs!

  I'm so excited to have some time off wif mah man! We will probably be at the beach all week! I'm stoked to come back with some awesome posts for you guys!!! This vacation is just what the doc ordered!!! 

Love ya'll!!! See you Next Monday! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us and Sugar Daddy

Happy Sunday!! 

  Today I have Two metallic duochromes by Deborah Lippmann. I was lucky enough to receive these as a gift from the lovely people at Neiman Marcus- Millenia. 

Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us
 This is Swagga Like Us. This polish is in the same family as Chanel Peridot and O.P.I Just Spotted the Lizard. This is a rich Coppery- Golden with a Peacock tone duochrome. The duochrome is much more evident in the bottle than it is on the nail and that is my problem with all of these shades. They look SO mind blowing in the bottle but on the nail they are not nearly as spectacular. The formula on this polish is really easy to work with and it is not as brush strokey as I was expecting it to be. As it dries the strokes completely disappear. I used Two coats for this swatch.

Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy
 Sugar Daddy is a lovely Champagne toned metallic with flashes of a Rosey duochrome. This polish is a lovely concept but it does not work well with my skin tone. I really like how it looks like vintage jewelry. The formula on this polish was also great to work with and much like Swagga Like Us the brush strokes disappear as it dries. Like many of these metallic duochromes this polish is not without its dupes. If you love this shade but are not feeling that price tag then check out Nails Inc. in Stratford.
I hope you guys have a great Sunday. I will have some comps of my suspected dupes really soon.

Thanks for stopping by!
(**DL products gifted by Neiman Marcus**)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Talk Beauty!!!

Hi loves!!

  I wanted to share this with you guys really quick. This evening myself, along with other beuties from the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers will be in Downtown Orlando at The Mezz for this wonderful event!
For more details about this event please visit: http://letstalkbeauty.eventbrite.com/ Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.

  So if you are in the Central Florida Area come out to see us tonight! There will be goodies and giveaways as well!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enter for a Chance to Win a Lifetime of Shellac!

Hi loves!!! 

  I received this email regarding a pretty awesome giveaway from Nailpolishcanada.com and I just had to share! This has to be the most hillarious Press Release I've ever read BTW. 


“To be fair, it’s actually only a 25 year supply, so we can only hope the winner dies early to keep me an honest woman” - Nikki Smith, VP of Glitter, Nail Polish Canada. CND Shellac is a cross between nail polish and gel which is cured under a UV lamp and lasts up to 14 days without chipping. Chipped nails are an important issue that affect lives in many ways. “We’ve invented substantial research and the reason women slap or bite in a catfight is fear of chipping their nails. Hopefully, together, we can build a world where a woman can throw a punch at the bitch who kissed her boyfriend without worrying about chips” said Ms. Smith The prize will go to whomever can show that their life will be most impacted by winning Shellac for life. Be it better, or worse. Maybe it stops your polish addiction long enough that you can save money, go to school, become a doctor, go to Africa and start saving lives. Did we say that this contest saves lives? Now we did. Or maybe you’re just looking for a little understanding, “My husband will finally understand that other people take polish as seriously as me...” - Sarah P.” Or perhaps the result won’t be as positive, “I’ll probably spend all my time painting my nails, not go to work, get fired, now I’m homeless, damn you NPC.” - Beth C” If you or a loved one is still stuck in a world of chips, smudges and wasting countless hours re-doing nails we urge you to take a stand.

Grand prize will go to the best description of how winning a lifetime supply of Shellac will change their life. Winner selected August 7, 2012.

Prize Details & Entry

Grand Prize (Value $1266): 33 Bottles of CND Shellac + 36 Watt UV Lamp + 5 Topcoat + 5 Basecoat + Scrub Fresh.

How much Shellac do I need to last 25 years?
1300 (weeks in 25 years) / 2 (weeks application lasts) / 20 (applications per bottle) = 33 bottles of Shellac color

Open to Canadian and United States residents only. See full rules on entry page. For further info please contact rachael@nailpolishcanada.com Trademark Disclaimer: This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Creative Nail Design Inc. Product names and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

LTHP's Very First #EOTD #FOTD and #OOTD Post!!

Good Morning and happy Thursday!! 

  Today I have my very first full Face of the Day/ Outfit of the Day/ Eye of the Day post. I'm so fashionable ya'll... Bwahahaha.. Not really... I was just really liking this full look so I figured I'd make a post about it. I'm a Florida gal all the way and my outfits are usually kept pretty simple and light. It is usually pretty hot and Sunny down here. I really liked the unintentional play of colors with this outfit. 
To see more pics of this look, including eye and lip close ups just contine reading :D!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#EOTD Spammy- Spam!

Happy Humpday!! 

  Today I have some Eye of the Day spammy spam for you guys. A few weeks ago I did my very First make- up post and you guys' response was a very positive one. You were all so amazingly sweet and kind to me! A lot of you requested that I continue this little experiment and I am happy to oblige. So today I will be sharing some more #EOTD looks with you guys. 
 Last time I did a makeup post my looks were really colorful and bold. This week I was feeling "natural" and lazy so I did a series of more understated looks. Little did I know that this would also be my last week as a part of corporate America... So guess what?! The eye looks are about to get crazier and more colorful from here on out!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Etsy Mania! Shimmer Swatches: Part One

Happy Tuesday!! 

  Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I've been busy this weekend catching up with old friends and I have been totally distracted from blogging... Which is ok because I was needing a little break. So today I have part One of a Shimmer Swatch-a-thon I've been working on. Shimmer is an Etsy shop ran by a wonderful woman named Cindy. Some weeks ago she contacted me to see if I would feature her creations and I happily obliged. You guys should have seen this package! 
So, since she sent me so many pretties I decided to split it into several posts to make it a little easier on me lol. To see swatches of Part One continue reading.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dotty Nail Art with Catrice Polishes

Happy Thursday!! 

  I love Summer nail trends. They are always vibrant and fun. This year I've been seeing a lot of Watermelon themed nail art and I thought I'd give it a shot. I wanted to do something a little different and more "grown up". I went with a cute "dotticure" in a Watermelon color scheme. I think this is a fun take on the trend. I love doing "dotticures" because they are a fast and easy way to spice up any manicure. Some of my favorite manicures have been of the dotted nature. 
 For this easy look I started with a base of Catrice's King of Greens. This color is really just outstanding. Once my base was dry I started placing the dots. I started with the big Coral dots which were done with Catrice Meet me at Coral Island. Then I did some medium dots in the same color. For the small White dots I used Milani White on the Spot which is the best dotting White ever! For the Black accents I used Milani Black Swift which is another amazing polish for dotting.
  I wanted to add something a litle flashy to set the whole manicure off so I did some very small dots with Mavala Electric Green (cannot wait to actually wear this shade). For this "dotticure" I used my dotting tools from Born Pretty Store. I topped the whole thing off with some SV and then some INM Nothern Lights for sparkle.
 I hope you guys enjoyed my take on Watermelon Nails. I really like how these colors work together. Hhhhmmm.. Maybe I should start turning to Fruit for inspiration :D!. Also, I decided against growing my nails out. You guys replied with so much love for the nubs that I decided to keep them that way. I do love my nubs #ClubNub <3!

What do you think of dotted melons?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy "Indie-pendence" Day!! Patriotic Mani Spam

Happy Fourth oh July!!! 

  To all my American lovelies anyway :D! I actually ended up doing a few different Patriotic themed manis for this holiday. That usually never happens! It only seemed fitting that I celebrate independence day in some awesome indie polishes right?! Today I will be featuring some beauties by Couronne d'Or Vernis as well as Vivid Lacquer. I must say I am completely blown away by these Two ladies creations and will have separate posts on their beauties later on but some of the pretties they sent my way inspired some awesome July 4th manis. 
 To see these manis just continue reading :D!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shimmery Skittles with Essence Polishes

Good Morning! 

  Sometimes I forget that I can wear more than one polish at once lol... See.. I was having this dilemma because my Dutch swap buddy Sharon sent me Five duo pens from Essence and I couldn't decide which one to wear first. There was also the part where I lined them all up and loved how all Ten colors looked together so I decided to go for shimmery skittles. 
 Skittle nails are such an easy way to brighten your day a little. For this I used all of the colors in my Essence Duo pens. Sharon sent some pens from the Season of Extremes Collection and the Colour3 Collection. I posted a picture of the duos below. I sponged the tips of my skittles with the corresponding shimmer to the base color.

Here are all the duo pens. The Colour3 Pen in Blue has a dupe for Nfu. OH 52 on one of the ends.

Here are al mu bases.
These were all Two easy coats of color.
That's it for today. Keeping short and sweet like my nubs :D which I will be growing out... Maybe... I can't decide.... 

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoya Mod Mattes Pattern Nail Art

Freakin Mondays... 

  But hey!! Here is some stamping on colorful nails to brighten our day. As many of you know Bundle Monster just released their Third set of stamping plates. They held a contest on their Facebook where 25 lucky bishes would be receiving a set as a prize. I was one of the lucky bishes thank to all my awesometastic readers who voted. I have both of their previous sets and I have to say that this is BY FAR my favorite stamping plate set. I have the Cheeky Plate Set, the Red Angel plate set a ton of Konad and One of's and these kind of take the stampig cake (Hey that rhymes!). 
  I've been rambling on Twitter and Facebook about how much I miss nail arting it up in here. Remember back in the day when most of my posts were some form of nail art? I miss those days. I don't know how exactly my blog shifted to featuring mainly swatches but I'm not too trhilled about that. I'm not saying I don't enjoy sharing swatches because I do.. BUT.. Nail art is what really got me into blogging in the first place. I need to get back to my creative blogging roots. I think part of my downward spiral was me being bored with blogging. That was heartbreaking to admit because nail blogging is my passion and to be "bored" with your passion is not a good feeling. SO! These new plates could not have come at a better time. As I was taking off the protective sheet off of each plate I kept getting so many ideas and for the first time in a while I was excited about blogging again. I also have some of Cult Nails' new nail art gems, studs and flakes coming my way so I'm SUPER stoked about that. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!! It's about freakin' time for inspiration to hit me and hopefully like a bag of bricks!!! 
  I'm still pretty much obsessed with last year's Mod Mattes Collection by Zoya. These were limited edition and I *think* they are no longer available through Zoya. The colors are so fun together than when ever I do a manicure with one of them I usually end up doing accents in the other Two colors. For this manicure I started with a base of all Three colors, Lolly, Phoebe and Mitzi. Once my bases were dry I top coated them to be able to stamp. I love the Mod Mattes in both their original Matte state and glossy. These colors are just awesome!
  For the stamping I busted out Two of my brand new Bundle Monster plates for a funky geometric patterned nail art. These were plates BM319 and BM322. I used Konad Black and White special polishes. I went for a middle accent nail making it a total oddball but keeping the same color scheme. I am a huge fan of geometric design they add to the "modness" of this manicure.
 I'm really happy with how these turned out. It had been A LONG time since I last stamped. I actually felt a little sloppy and out of whack as I was working on these because I had not stamped in so long. I'm glad they turned out so much better than I hoped.

 Here are some quick swatches of my Mod Mattes base. The picture on the right is them after top coat and the picture on the Left is them in their original matte state. Lolly is the vivid Pink. Phoebe is the beautiful shade of Blue and Mitzi is the Chartreuse-y shade.
  As silly as it may sound, this simple stamped manicure has restored my confidence and willingness to experiment. I am itching to try new things and have even more fun with my ever- growing stash. I am also going to start venturing into the world of freehand nail art since I recently got a really nice brush set. It's time to get back to what makes me happiest and that is NAIL ART!


(**Products provided for review**)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Spam! Indie Mania Edition

  Been a while, no? Today I have some utterly random indie spam. I had these swatches sittin in a folder I thought had already been posted..... UMM NOOOO lol! So I figured since it had been a while since my last swatch spam post today was just as good a day as any to bust these out. 
To see swatches of these indie beauties just continue reading.