Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cult Nails Deal With it

Good afternoon lovely people!! 

  Today I have the first of Five looks I will do featuring the amazing colors from the Cult Nails Untamed Collection (A.k.A Coco's Collection). The quick story behind these Five amazing colors is Maria's youngest daughter Coco, now 13, is all about creating colors with mom. This is one fierce teenager. When asked what her inspiration was for the colors she simply answered " The colors themselves are the inspiration." Hells yeah!! This girl has it going on! 
  So anywho, Coco created Five beautifully unique colors and today I will be showing you her favorite shade from the collection; Deal with It. This will be the first of Five fun looks I will be featuring using Coco's colors. 
 To see this look and a swatch of Deal with It just continue reading.

 For this look I wanted to do an edgy version of something "cutesy". I ended up really loving this look and rocking it for a few days as the polish held up like iron. 
  So for this quick look I started with two flawless coats of Deal with It. For the cute heart- band stamps I used Red Angel plate RA01. On my Pinkie and Index finger I did a coat of Wet 'n' Wild Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Nite (Black and Gold Hexes in a clear base) from the Fergie collection. For the little accents of Gold glitter I used a the Milani Art of Gold striper. On my thumbs I did the heart design. I love the edgy cuteness of this look.

Here is my swatch of Deal with It.
  So, this electric shade of Lime Green is PACKED with Gold and Green shimmer that makes it look glassy and deep. It's such a fun color FULL of personality. There is quite a bit of Yellow in this Green so it makes it very vibrant and juicy looking. The formula is nothing short of perfection, just two easy coats.
 There are tons of swatches out there of this amazing collection. You guys should definitely check them out! Soon I will have my next look on this mini- series. These colors are WAAAYYY too much fun to just swatch!! MUST PLAYYYY!!! 

What do you guys think?

(**CN products provided for consideration**)


  1. So cute! I love this color and I wasn't expecting to, as I'm not huge on lime green shades. But it's awesome!

  2. Wow, this Cult Nails polish is awesome. It reminds me of China Glaze Cha Cha Cha - which I love.

  3. WOW! I absolutely love this awesome talent with awesome polishes. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love coco's collection *am wearing Spontaneous right now with OPI I Juggle Men over the top* The whole collection is so amazing and with flawless application the girl can do no wrong!
    Great cutesy nail art. edgy and cute - I like ;) x

  5. I am so gaga for Deal With It. I have to have it in my life. Love the art you did with it, it compliments it well!

  6. omg this green is gorgeous!!

  7. This is so so pretty and I don't even like bright greens!

  8. OoOooO I really want this colour! Must invest in it :D


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