Friday, July 27, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Couronne d'Or Vernis Swatches

Happy Friday!!!! 

  IDK but for some reason I am so ready for the weekend! For me, the first week back from vacation is just freaking hell. Getting back into the swings of things and such lol. I feel like I've been in slow motion all week long haha. But anywho, today I have swatches of an amazing indie line. 
  These are the Couronne d'Or Vernis glitter toppers by Aly of Aly Loves Lacquer. She is a French Major and created a line of beautiful chunky layering glitters inspired by the crown jewels. I love the inspiration behind these and Aly loved that my blog name was inspired by the famous Marie Antoinette quote "Let them eat cake". It was a match made in polish heaven! 

  QUICK NOTE: Aly has created a code for my readers to use on your Cd'OV order good for 15% off. The code is LTHP15.
 To see swatches of these beautiful gems just continue reading!

 Aly created a line of Five glitter toppers, each inspired by the Crown Jewels. Her play with shapes, textures and shades is just beautiful. Let's just get on with the pretty shall we?

Cd'OV Saphir over Avon Aqua Fantasy
  Spahir is the most beautiful blend of Large Royal blue and Light Blue hexes with very light Blue Diamonds, chunky Blue bars and smaller Blue glitters. This is suspended in a clear base. The best part about this polish is that there is no fishing required to get the chunky bits on the nail. Saphir is very easy to work with and the effect it creates is just stunning. BUUT I am a HUUUUGE fan of chunky glitters like this one, I am biased :D.

Cd'OV Emeraude over Sation Most likely to not Chip
 OMG this combination!!!! I can't wait for the Holidays so I can wear this all the time! So Emeraude is a smart mix of different toned and sized Green hexes. Emeraude has no micro glitter. It is very chunky and eye catching. It really does look like gems. There are also some Gold hexes and Gold chunky bars in Emeraude that adds incredible texture. Once again this polish was very easy to work with. The large bits gave me no issues!

Cd'OV Rubis over Nails Inc. Stratford
 I cannot get over her perfect blend of shapes and sizes.... Seriously! I love that while all of these glitters are packed they don't look like glitter vomit. So anywho, Rubis is a lovely blend of Red Squares, Hexes, small glitter and little Red chunky bars. These are all suspended in a truly clear base. Seems that Red glitters like to bleed some and there is none of that with this amazing Red glitter topper.

Cd'OV Amethyste over Mavala Electric Green
  Amethyste is a whimsical blend of Purple and Lavender hexes tied together by small prismatic lavender glitter and some opalescent hex accents. I layered over a vivid Green as suggested by Aly herself and I seriously LOOOVED the combination. It added an unexpected edge to the pretty Purple glitter.

Cd'OV Diamant over L'Oreal VIP Status
  Diamont is a mix of Silver Holographic Squares, Bar and Hex glitters. Out of the Five this was the only one that gave me a little bit of trouble to apply. The square glitters are not very user friendly on the first coat but on the second coat they do grip on the nail. It seems you have to have a base of small glitters on the nail first to get the larger Squares to stay on the second pass. I like this scattered starry effect this topper creates.
 So I am entirely blown away by Aly's creations. She really took her time and you can tell. NONE of these glitters are curling, bleeding or sinking. The thing that made me the happiest about these is how easy it was to work with them. Chunky glitters can be a little difficult to work with and these were simply a delight. I'm also a fan of how versatile these are. You can layer them over each other to achieve different looks and color combos. They really do look like crushed gems and that is SOOOO my thing!
 I can't place my finger on it but these won me over... And it takes a LOT at this point for me to love something so much. I think I love how they are all one dedicated color blended beautifully. It's easy to throw 27 different colored glitters together and make it look  cool but to make a simple glitter look this unique and refined takes real talent. I have nothing else like these in my collection and that makes me a happy Cris! I'm a fan Aly!!!!

 QUICK NOTE: Aly has created a code for my readers to use on your Cd'OV order good for 15% off. The code is LTHP15.

I cannot pick a favorite... They are all so STUNNING!! Which do you like?

(**CdOV  polishes provided for review**)


  1. I love your etsy posts! These are great! :)

  2. Love these! I ordered Amethyste already and wanted Safir too but when I went to her shop I had to get I <3 the USA! So perfect for the Olympics! Darn budgets. LOL Thanks for the great post!

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  4. I love them all, but that red? Holy man!

  5. My favourite has to be saphir. But for some reason rubis over stratford actually looks creepy, especially rubis in the bottle. It's like it's on fire inside there lol

  6. ah man there you go making me lust after yet more polish! love these! x

  7. absolutely stunning! and I love the combos you've done with them! So pretty :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. That purple's gone right on my wishlist! Gorgeous!


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