Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Etsy Mania! Shimmer Swatches: Part One

Happy Tuesday!! 

  Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I've been busy this weekend catching up with old friends and I have been totally distracted from blogging... Which is ok because I was needing a little break. So today I have part One of a Shimmer Swatch-a-thon I've been working on. Shimmer is an Etsy shop ran by a wonderful woman named Cindy. Some weeks ago she contacted me to see if I would feature her creations and I happily obliged. You guys should have seen this package! 
So, since she sent me so many pretties I decided to split it into several posts to make it a little easier on me lol. To see swatches of Part One continue reading.

  Not that I should have to explain myself but I've layered these glitters to better show the blend of colors and textures. Also, not all of these glitters will reach full coverage on their own. Some are more densely blended than others.

Shimmer Linna over Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us
Linna is mainly a Jewel tone Teal micro shimmer base. There are accents of Blue Hexes and smaller accents of Red, Gold, Green and Holo Silver. This is a clear based glitter.

Shimmer Karen over Bettina Gladiola
Karen is mainly a blend of Silver Holo Hexes in a Lavender micro shimmer base. There are accents of Deep Purple, Magenta and Pink glitters. The smaller glitters in this polish are mostly squares, which I love. This combination is one of my favorites.

Shimmer Jenny over Bettina Orchidea
Jenny is mainly a blend of Light Blue micro shimmer with accents of Blue, Gold and Orange Hexes. Also in there are accents of Pink, Purple and Lavender as well as prismatic bits. This is a nice blend of round and square glitters so it has awesome texture.

Shimmer Tracy over Bettina Ortencia 
Tracy is an amazing blend of "Olive" toned Gold glitter. In this one I saw accents of Copper, Brown, Red and Pink glitter. This is trully an amazing Blend of Gold textures. There are also some Gold prismatic pieces that give the glitter an amazing twinkly look.

Shimmer Gerry over Bettina Glacinto
Grerry is mainly a blend of Deep Blue and Purple small glitter with some Black hexes and Magenta accents. Gerry is on the more "tame" side of Shimmer's Glitterbombs.

Shimmer Melissa over Bettina Tulipani
Melissa is one of my favorites of the bunch. She is mainly a blend of Micro Magenta shimmer with accents of Purple, Gold and Red with Prismatic bits thrown in as well.

Shimmer Arriann over Bettina Gladiola
Arriann is a much less dense blend of glitter. She is also the most unusual. Arriann is a blend of Coppery Pink, Gold and Orange larger bits with small Black glitter and a barely there micro shimmer base. If there was such a thing as a subtle glitter topper, this would be it. I am a fan.

Shimmer Karina
 Karina I wore by herself. This is one of the few colors that has a tinted base. Karen is a blend of Rasberry toned glitter with some accents of Black hexes . I believe I only had to do Two coats for this since it has a raspberry tinted base.

Shimmer Cindy over China Glaze Ruby Pumps
 I wanted EXTRA sparkle, so I layered this glitter over another glitter. Cindy is a mix of Red glitter and Prismatic Red glitter in a Red tinged base. This glitter screams Holiday and I love it!

Shimmer Trisha over butter LONDON All Hail the Queen 
Trisha is a blend of Mainly Orange glitter with some accents of Blue, Purple, Gold and Lavender. This is a very unique blend of colors and I can't wait to see it layered over more contrasting base color.
 Shimmer is currently open and stocked with a lot of her creations. If you love a well put together glitter bomb you have to check this shop out. Her combinations of colors, textures, shapes etc are just so unique and beautiful. Cindy is also a sweetheart and is a pleasure to work with. Part Two coming soon!!

Thoughts? Faves?

(**Shimmer Products provided for review**)


  1. Gorgeous! I like them all really! I love interesting glitters.

  2. I really like the look of Shimmer Polish but they don't ship to the UK :(

  3. I love them all, but Jenny & Cindy are my favorites!

  4. I love them all but my absolute fave combo is the Arriann over Gladiola; it is absolutely gorgeous! Im definitely gonna have to check out her shop.

  5. Firstly, these are magic. I looove all of these beauties.

    Second, you already know how long I've been a follower - since forever and a day. And your blog has helped me so much in creating my own (even though it's on a totally different subject). I adore you. And you most definitely deserve this Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you accept. *hugs*

  6. Those are some pretty glitters... but I love Karen the best. I just love indie glitter polishes that have pigmented base, I am dying to see some more producers put these out! The effect is so deep & dimensional.

  7. LOVE the blog:))I'm asking something which you might have mentioned a billion times before (I'm a newbie!) Whats the best way to remove glitter polish, I love it but tend to keep it to my toes because its such a pain to take off my fingers!!

  8. Thank you Cristina! You have made some beautiful swatches! <3

  9. Waouhh! Wonderful coulours, effects...I'm in love with Arianna and Cindy!!!

  10. your swatches made me not only buy 1, but 3 of these polishes!


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