Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Spam! Indie Mania Edition

  Been a while, no? Today I have some utterly random indie spam. I had these swatches sittin in a folder I thought had already been posted..... UMM NOOOO lol! So I figured since it had been a while since my last swatch spam post today was just as good a day as any to bust these out. 
To see swatches of these indie beauties just continue reading. 

Candeo Colors Jelly Bean over Sation Lemon Pearl 

Jellybean by indie brand Candeo Colors became a lemming for me almost instantly after the first time I saw a swatch. Needless to say I did jump through a few hoops to get my hands on this beauty. I am SO happy it lived up to my hype. Jellybean is a pretty pastel Yellow creme base with Purple, Pink and Blue hexes as well as small glitter in Pink, Green and Gold. Melinda, the creator if this polish, has an amazing eye for color and textures. I decided to layer this over Sation Lemon Pearl to avoid having to use up too much of my bottle of Jellybean.

Darlin Diva Polish Destiny
  I dont know much about Etsy shop Darling Diva Polish but when I was doing some browsing a few weeks ago this pretty shade of Creamy glitter caught my eye. Destiny is a Baby Blue creamy base with Gold, Blue and Prismatic hexes in different sizes all floating in the creamy Blue base. The hexes in this are a little hard to get out of the bottle. I wore this polish by itself and the formula was really eay to work with and did well in Two coats. The bummer about this polish is that the creamy Blue base is actually a little too dense and it covers the glitter up a bit too much. Beautiful concept though. Maybe layered next time to let the glitter come though a bit more.

Dollish Polish Slippery when Wet
 Dolly over at Dollish Polish came out with a naughty collection for us big girls :D called Dolly Does Polish. The names are kinky and so are the descriptions. Some people were offended by these but I found them hillarious and I give Dolly HUGE praise for doing her thang! Slippery when Wet is an amazing metallic Blue with Aqua shimmer. This polish is so packed with shimmer it is practically a foil. The formula is a dream and it did well with Two easy coats. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto?

Dollish Polish Lipstick Around your Dipstick
Keepin' it classy bwahahahahahhaa! Also from the Dolly Does Polish collection I picked up Lipstick Around your Dipstick. This is the most vivid shade of Red metallic shimmer. In the Red shimmery base there are flashes of Pink shimmer. As you can see my camera freaked out at the vividness of this color. The formula on this is very saturated and does great in two coats. My husband found the name on this one very amusing ;-D.

Nail'd It Strawberry Whine over Cult Nails Scandalous
  Another Etsy shop I had not heard of until the day I picked this up. Funny enough I was contacted by the shop's owner to review some of her creations. Come to find out that Strawberry Whine had been entirely reformulated. This is the "old" version of Strawberry Whine, and I will be showing you guys the new version as well. In Nail'd It's (old)Strawberry Whine  there are White Hexes and smaller Green and Silvery White bits suspended in an oddly colored jelly base. The "new" Strawberry Whine is SO much prettier than this one. Can't wait to show you guys her new formulation because she really stepped up her game!

Nail'd It Ssnot What you Think over Wet 'n' Wild I Need a Refresh- Mint
 Another color by Nail'd It that has been entirely reformulated. In this version of (old)Ssnot What you Think we have small Light Blue, Light Green and Iridecent glitters suspended in a murky Green jelly base. This particular glitter doesn't really add much to a mani but it does give some interesting texture. I also have the new version of this to show you guys and I think you will be very surprised at the difference. I was pretty much blown away at her ability to really bring these colors around.
For shiggles...

The Hungry Asian Sea Creature over Franken Teal- Schmeal
 This is just ONE coat of Sea Creature over the deep Teal franken. As you can see Sea Creature is an extremely dense mix of glitter. This can absolutely be worn alone but I did not feel like dealing with THAT removal so I went with a base. Sea Creature is a spectacular blend of Deep Emerald Green and Black micro glitter that make up "the base" so to speak and then these beautiful small prismatic Blue hexes that add depth and texture. I forgot to top coat it before I took pictures so as you can see it is slightly gritty and does need a good top coat. Kae's creations are really lovely.

Prototype Glitter over Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy
 So you are probably going "Prototype? WTH does she mean by that?" The story behind this is a little long but basically it ends with me and the amazing Jenna of Etsy shop Lacqiustry colaborating to create my dream glitter topper. I won't go into many details about this because I don't want to give the story away but I wanted to give you a taste of what we are working on. This version of my baby you see here is Version FIVE and we are still working on one last final blend that should be the winner!
We were not happy about those curling glitters....
 I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of indie Sunday spam. Indies is where it's at for out of the box thinking and color combiantions. These ladies never cease to amaze me with what they can do with some sparkly bits and some clear base. TALENT! 

Thoughts? Faves?


  1. Loving the prototype, can't wait to see the final version. I've never looked into indie polishes but might have to hit Etsy now.

  2. Not happy about the curling glitters? But curling glitters are a deliberate decision based on decades of artistic training and visual communication, aren't they?? Haha.

    But awww, those are all gorgeous!

  3. Is not what you think is sooo pretty! ANd I love the second last!

  4. Love your swatches! My favorite s Jelly Beans

  5. Prototype kind of reminds me of Hyrulain Princess (without the white)

  6. Gorgeous swatches. I love Jelly Bean!!!

  7. I love this pretty picture spam, but I am sad that almost every site that you linked is either sold out or closed or on vacation for a bit, I am lemming these like crazy!!!

  8. I am very interested in what you have to say about snot what you think polish. I bought a bottle of it and I have to say it was one of the few Indies I have ordered that I was not happy with. I tried to "fix" it but in the end it went in the trash. I like the idea just not the formula.

  9. To be honest I was kinda let down by this version which is the version I actually purchased but the new version she sent is MUCH better. I mean totally different from this one. I will do comps soon.

  10. nicee collection!

  11. I have been lemming Jelly Bean like crazy but every time she opens her shop I have no money! Hopefully someday it will be mine. :)

  12. I have to say that I totally snorted when I read your comment... Very snarky; just what I like! :)

  13. All gorgeous swatches! I'm really interested to see those new formulas on the Nail'd It polishes!

  14. I'm not familiar with that polish. I'kk have to look it up. For this prototype I was inspired by Effie Trinket of the Hunger Games.

  15. I love Dollish Polish! But her polish sells so quickly I an rarely get my hands on it! I did snag the Zelda duo though.

  16. Likewise! And since indies are so big everything sells out in seconds!

  17. LOVE these indie polishes! I'm loving the prototype glitter!

    I don't know if it's just me, but some of your pictures aren't working (I've refreshed multiple times already, but nada!) I guess my laptop doesn't want me to see the beautiful polish and my wallet to cry.

  18. minus the curling glitters :( that prototype is FAB!!

  19. I'm going to start a indie polish store on zibbet soon! So excited! I'm going to start out with mini bottles and then go into full size.

  20. those dollish's are hilarious! people are too uptight if you ask me. and the lacquistry/custom polish is amazing! cant wait to see it all finished!


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