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Cult Nails Deceptive Collection Photoshoot Party #FlBeautyBloggers

Hi loves!!

  Today I have some photos from Saturdays photo shoot for Cult Nails' Deceptive Collection. Maria hosted a little get together for the ladies of the #FlBeautyBloggers  and quite a few of us were able to make it out to Cult Nails HQ for a day full of polish, fierce photos and A LOT of fun! These photos are courtesy of our photographers for the day; the amazing Mandy Redfearn and Maria's husband John.
 It's not often good pics of me get snapped lol. These are a rarity. The pearls and the dress were Maria's styling. The theme for the photo shoot was the 1920's. So we did a "modern day flapper" thing with my photos. On my nails I wore A England Bridal Veil topped with Cult Nails Charlatan from the Deceptive Collection.

  Here are all the girls that came out on Saturday. From L to R: Miss Ali of Nifty Ba!, Miss Brittany of Clumps of Mascara, Miss Courtney of, Miss Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity, Miss Safia of Lipstick Mixtapes and Miss Alyssa of Pretty Little Bottles. Front and center is the beautiful and fierce Maria of Cult Nails and back there with the Red head is yours truly :D.
 This post is pretty pic heavy so to see more photos of the fun and find out more about the Deceptive Collection continue reading.

This photo cracks me up. So Safia, getting choked by Maria lol, had a LONG day this day. This was a collab between Lipstick Mixtapes and Cult Nails. Safia is an amazing MUA based in Central Florida and she has her own lipstick line! She did Maria's make-up as well as Kai's styling (Maria's daughter, who is the face of the Deceptive Collection).

Here is a bunch of random group shots. The photographer would count to Three and have us freeze in silly poses. This was SO much fun!

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaailssss! In the largest photo you can see Alyssa's nails in Cruisin Nude topped with Charlatan and accented with studs. Ali, in the stiletto nails, went for Time Traveler and Charlatan and it looks like she went back over with Time Traveler to create a Ruffian look. Courtney went for Let Me Fly topped in Alter Ego. On the bottom right corner picture are my hands and Mandy, the photog's hand. We realized our rings were very similar!

 We all got a turn in front of the camera and some beautiful photos were taken so I thought I'd share my favorites with you. This is Miss Alyssa of Pretty Little Bottles.

Miss Courtney of looking totaly mermaid-y!

 Maria in her 1920's look. Can you say "hottest flapper ever"? I mean seriously. Safia really outdid herself with Maria's make-up. I can attest to Maria looking this flawless in person. The dress was true vintage and Maria rocked some McQueen booties that are TO DIE FOR! Maria's nails were done in Cult Nails Nevermore with a Frech style chevron in Two Timer with some Gold square stud accents. Maria's nails were done by me. Yes, I got to work on Maria's nails :D!!

 Here is a shot of Kai, Maria's beautiful daughter. She is the face of the collection. I think this gal has a future in modeling... Don't you?

 Here is future mamma Clumps :D Miss Brittany holding her baby bump and looking beautiful!

 I love this shot of Ali from Nifty Ba! This girl is so much fun but I love how this photo shows a "serious" side to her. Then again she is rocking a "Mona Lisa smile". Just love this!

 Here is a shot of the Two colorful-heads :D. Miss Courtney and I. I LOOOOOVE this photo and I love me some Courtney too ♥. Fire and Ice :D.

Jumpy-shots!!!! It's not a photo shoot w/o some silliness!

 Some other successful photos of me. Kai and I shared this dress. Maria wanted to see how the pale peach dress would do with my skin tone.

 I like this photo because it reminds me of this really old, true vintage photo of one of my grandmothers.   The resemblance is almost creepy. I wish I had a way to show you guys the photo of my grandmother.

 The photographer, Mandy, liked my tattoo. My lips were spruced up by Safia, she did all the girls lips in OCC tars Courtney brought for us to play with. Safia mixed up Two different OCC Lip tars. I believe she mixed Strumpet and Anime for my custom, radioactive Berry shade.

John and Maria discussing shots of the day.

 Now this was kind of a popular pose for the day. John snapped this shot and I think it's one of the better photos of me, ever(kind of). But it could have been anyone, this is just good photo taking on the photogs part lol.

 The sillies!! Whenever we all get together it's a guarantee that good times will be had. I really encourage any and all bloggers to start regional networking groups like the #FLBeautyBloggers. It is such an amazing feeling to hang around like-minded people and talk about things that we all are passionate about.
 I always come home on such a high from hanging around these inspiring and beautiful women. The support and love we all give each other is unequaled. I am proud to call all these talented ladies my friends and that would not have been possible had it not been for the formation of this group.

 Now for some information about the Deceptive Collection. [HERE] is the official Cult Nails blog post about the collection. The full collection will be released on September 1st and there will be a promotion running from then until September 8th. I will have swatches of these beauties soon! The collection will be available on Cult Nails' shop.
 I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can't wait for our next get-together. I want to take a second to thank Maria for hosting such a wonderful day. I cannot wait to show you guys the ideas I have for these top coats, there are many!

Thanks for stopping by!!

(**Photos by Mandy Redfearn and John Morrison**)


  1. Fun! And we didn't even have any booze!! ;PPP Everyone looks as happy and beautiful as we really are. :D

  2. OI! YOU! YES! YOU!

    Stop taking pictures of your nails and more of your face, you sexy lady!!!! Also, your back tattoo is AMAZING!!


  3. You look amazing <3
    It was such a fun time.

  4. OMG LOVE all of the photos!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Your picture is gorgeous and Kai's is adorable and beautiful!

  5. This looked like such a fun day!! :) I wish I lived closer to other beauty bloggers so I could participate in things like this... also you are beautiful, Regardless of the photographer you silly girl!

  6. Oh, wow! You all look so beautiful and it looks like a gorgeous mani you did on Maria!! And I'd say her daughter definitely has a future in modeling, wow!


  7. You all look so beautiful! I just love your eyes! They really just POP! Glad to see you all had tons of fun!

  8. All of you ladies are gorgeous! Looks like a good time.

  9. you're so pretty!
    I love these pictures!!

    xo Maddy

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! You look gorgeous on the pictures!! And I have to tell you that I LOVE your tattoo!!!


  11. I love your blog and it's so cool to "know" the person behind the blog :))
    the pictures are lovely.. and I'm checking all blogs! hahah :)

    loved your tattoo too, i have a small tattoo on my back, it's like 2 x 2 inches, and i almost cried of pain when doing it, i can't imagine how you felt hahaha

  12. Top left photo?? STUNNING. I love all the photos, it looks like your evening was a blast.

  13. Chris these photos are so amazing! It looks like you guys had a blast!!!

  14. great pics, looks like you had a blast! thanks for sharing ☺

  15. I love your tattoo and your pink hair! great photos :-)

  16. wow, these photos came out awesome! you guys look great, love all the nails :D

  17. wow, these photos came out awesome! you guys look great, love all the nails :D

  18. Your smile is stunning, and how CUTE ARE YOU in those jumping photos? I love love love all of these pictures, it looks like a fab day!

  19. The photos are incredible! I just LOVE your tattoo!

  20. Beautiful tattoo!! Wow, Maria looks like a natural beauty, a more flawless version of Kim Kardashian. I'm serious. And her daughter is amazingly beautiful.

    J'adore La Dolce Vita

  21. You all look so amazing!!! What a great way to celebrate kicking off a new collection :)

  22. Those pictures of you are absolutely gorgeous!

  23. You are amazingly beautiful and talented.

    You could be the face of a brand too!

    It looks like you guys had a great time.

    Maria is beyond amazing too, and wow her daughter is startlingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing all these pics. It is great to see all of you ladies looking so happy and polished.



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