Friday, August 3, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Naild'It Swatches and Comps

Hello and happy Friday!! 

  Today I have swatches of Four polishes from Etsy Shop Naild'It. I'm still on a pretty hardcore indie kick and these are so much fun and different from other polishes out there. The combinations of textures, colors and shapes are just so eye-catching. I've had these for a while and it took me a long time to get them up because I actually wanted to wear these and enjoy them for a few days :D.
To see swatches just continue reading.

Naild'It Berryeed Treasure over Essence A Lovely Secret

 Even now I am still in awe of these Two polishes together. Berryeed Treasure is a perfect mix of vivid Purple micro glitter, small White and Black hexes and Black Squares. There are also accents of Aqua and Purple Hexes as well as big Black Squares and bars. There is so much going on in this polish and yet it all works together perfectly. I could not stop staring at my hands when I wore this. Berryeed Treasure is a dream to work with and I only needed One coat to achieve this look.

Naild'It Sssnot What you Think over BeYu #147
 This is such a fun polish! Sssnot what you Think is made up of a "base" of small pastel Green particles. There are hexes in light Pastel Green, matte Yellow, Orange, Red and Blue. There are also some small Orange, Blue and Yellow particles. This is also a very dense mix and I only needed One coat over my base color for an awesome effect.

Naild'It Strawberry Whine over Essence I Want That!
 Strawberry Whine looks so freaking yummy! This one is a Pink jelly base packed full of White, Green and Red, non- reflective glitter. This was also very easy to work with and I only used one coat of glitter over my base color.

Naild'It Sunflower Seeds over L'Oreal Safari Chic
 Sunflower Seeds makes me happy and it is so perfectly named. This polish is a base of small twinkly glitters and hexes in Red, Orange, Green and Yellow. There are also some smaller Brown glitters and BIG Black Circle particles. This was an instant favorite for me. The colors are so perfect for Summer!

 Now here are some comps between the old version and the new versions of Two of the polishes I showed you today. She's come such a long way and I can honestly say that her polishes are some of my faves at the moment!
I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!! Don't forget to check out this awesome [SHOP]!!

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(**Naild'It polishes sent for review**)


  1. I am getting really super tired of Etsy people throwing a bunch of random craft store glitter into a bottle of clear polish and calling it a new brand. I just don't get it.

  2. OMG I love the names of these! Sunflower Seeds and Sssnot What You Think are definitely my faves :D

  3. Very pretty -- especially love Strawberry Whine! Looks like they're tons of fun to layer with. I haven't tried any indie polish... ever, I don't think. Now I'm seriously considering it!

  4. These are SO beautiful... plus it helps that you paint your nails beautifully, I wish mine came out that clean looking! I ordered 4 of these polishes about 3 weeks ago and I am on pins and needles waiting for them! I will be receiving Strawberry Whine, Sss not what you think, Candy Corn and Summer Melon!! Have a good weekend Cristina!

  5. Ahh I've really been wanting Sss Not What You Think but the last time I went on to check they were all gone! I recently bought Poison Apple and Jellystone by Naild'It and I LOVE them! From the looks of your swatches I'm going to have to pick up some more ;]

  6. Love the new Ssssnot what you think! I'm totally lemming it!

  7. I already have Mermaid Tears (fanfreakintastic) and Birthday Balloons (swatched, but haven't used yet, still awesome). Cha Cha CheckMate and Summer Lovin Melon are on their way to me! Love her stuff!! And...My etsy indie collection is getting out of control! LOL

  8. That dodgy label on ssssnot.. is really annoying, I liked the old labels! I'm not really bothered about too many indie polishes because very few of them ship to Ireland. I love that purple Essence polish.x

  9. Those all look pretty sweeeet! Great swatches, thanks for sharing!

  10. Great lacquers! I'm loving sunflower seeds!

  11. These are GORG! Really loving your etsy polish posts hun, want to purchase me some indie polish's soon, so these have been so helpful!

    Aysh xoxo


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