Thursday, August 30, 2012

LTHP Quickies!! Milani Color Perfect Lipsticks 2012

Hi loves!! 

  This post will be a fairly quick. I am running around like a mad woman today trying to take advantage of the Sunlight, which has been pretty absent for the last few days. Milani released some new lippies to expand their Color Perfect line. I received them around time for Spring and working up the courage to work with them. I am one of those girls who is EXTREMELY intimidated by lipstick. Not lip color, just lipstick lol. Weird right? I can't be the only one right?!
 So, no lip swatches just yet (kinda self-conscious about my mouf). I'm still easing into this whole make-up blogging thing. Which is FUN, but a total learning experience.

From left to right: Nude Creme, Red Velvet, Brown Suede, Barely There, Plum Deluxe, Pink Love, Red Label and Pink Passion. These colors are nice classics, nothing crazy or unusual here. This photo is with flash to show sheen, shimmer and such. Very color accurate (I was a having a hard time capturing them properly).
 I have tried a few of these and they glide on very smoothly and feel nice on the lips. There isn't a drying feeling with these which is my usual problem with lipstick. They do have a very soft scent to them, nothing insulting on the nostrils. The lipstick itself is not a smooth round shape. It is angular and this forms a tip on the stick that provides with great control come application time.

 Some of the shades are creamy in finish and some were a bit frosty. The most frosty and "dated" feeling to me were Plum Deluxe, Pink Love, Pink Passion and Brown Suede. They are not bad shades, just not my thing. I really enjoyed the Nude tones, Nude Creme and Barely There even though neither of them flattered me. They make nice bases for glosses in my case. The Two Red shades Red Velvet and Red Label are absolute WINS. They are rich, sophisticated and sultry. I really love the bright Cherry tone of Red Label.

 Here are some quick arm swatches of all the shades.

 Here is a shot sans- flash. I wish they would do away with the Gold packaging :-S.
 That will do it for this installment of LTHP Quickies :D. Doing these types of posts is really helping me become more confident in my make-up blogging and terminology. I hope you guys like these type os posts too ♥. Doing these little quickies are really helping me build up my confidence when it comes to talking about make-up. I hope with practice I will continue to get better and start doing lip swatches as well!

Thanks for stopping by loves!

(**Milani lippies provided for review**)


  1. I can't speak for everyone, but *I* like these type of posts!

  2. Squee! So good, love it! The darker shades are probably better for darker skin. I know I could never do the nude shades you like because my skin is more brown (lol speaking of terminology, I fail). Love the post! You make me want EVERYTHING.

  3. I know what you mean about feeling intimidated by lipstick. I always stick to glosses and balms myself.

  4. I like these posts too! I don't like swatching lipstick - basically because I'm 29 years old and still have the application skills of a 9 year old. That one in the second picture on top is the strangest colour, it looks like some kind of wood! Interesting :)

  5. Meh, I know what you mean about the gold packaging! I'm shy about lipstick too... always afraid lipstick will lead me into lip liner territory and I won't know what to do! Dying over the pinks though! Be brave- we want lip swatches! :)

  6. I started out as a lipgloss girl, finding lipsticks hard to wear without getting them on my teeth. Now that I've fixed that, I love them. Love your swatches!

  7. OH YA! I love me some lipsticks! I have never tried these before, so thank you so much for the swatches. AND you should totally do lip swatches, your mouf is perfectly fine! oxo

  8. Great colors! Pink Passion is my favorite :)


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