Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nails by Cristina feat. Jen's Lisa Frank Inspired Mani!!

Hi guys!!!

  Happy humpday!! I literally just got done working on these nails not an hour ago! My high school friend Jen came over today for some kick ass nails. She had been wanting to come out for some time so today she went and got her acrylics filled in and just had them clear coat them at the salon. She came straight to me with a fresh set of nakey nails for me to to go to town on and we settled on an uber- colorful, Lisa Frank inspired mani. For my FB peeps: See!! Did TOO happen hahahahaha!!!
  There is quite a bit going on with this manicure. I started with a White base of one coat of Milani White on the Spot. For the gradients I used all Bettina colors. I took a picture of my polishes and glitters and labeled the polish bottles for you guys in this post.
  Once my gradients were done I burnished some loose glitter in colors matching the gradient over her Ring an Thumb nails and then did some Black and White leopard spots over the nails I did not coat in glitter. To top it all off I used some Seche Vite followed by INM Northern Lights.
  Both Jen and myself were pretty much TRHILLED with how awesome these turned out. All of these techniques I had never tried on anyone else so I am so happy to see pretty gradients and cute leppy spots! The glittery gradient nails were pretty much mind-blowing in person! I wish the camera would capture how beautiful and mermaid-y those looked.

 Here are all the polishes and loose glitters used for this mani. For the white and Black Leopard spots I used Zoya Raven and Purity.
 I love working on other people's nails! It's always so much fun seeing their reaction to the finished results. Jen is also a blast in a hat so having her over today and working on such a colorful mani to some great tunes was a fun few hours.

  I hope you guys like this mani as much as we do!!


  1. I LOVE this mani! You did a great job :). I'm so happy I'm good at freehand leopard spots, because I'm totally inspired to recreate this mani! Fellow Lisa Frank kid, here ;)

  2. Wow, Lisa Frank! What a blast from the past... fun mani. ;)

  3. This is so Lisa Frank!!! Spot on! :D

  4. Very colourful!
    Where do you get Your Bettina polishes? Ive been lusting after them for awhile :)

  5. I love it too! Please show me, how to copy that! I really need a tutorial!!! O.O

  6. I love it too!!! I really need a tutorial to copy that! Please help meeeee! :o))

  7. I absolutely love this! Seems like it took a lot of time!

  8. How fun! I'm totally digging the psychedelic leopard
    I wish I had friends to throw a mani party, too :(


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