Thursday, August 9, 2012

O.P.I and Zoya Fall Comparisons

Good evening! 

  This quickie post is just a comparison between some of the Fall colors from O.P.I and Zoya that "have been called into question" lol. These were the only Four I could find some sort of dupage for in my stash. 

O.P.I It's my Year and Zoya Daul
My verdict: Not dupes. Daul pulls more to the Blue toned side of Purple than It's my Year which leans a bit more Mauve. Also the shimmer in It's my Year leans more Golden and seems a bit more dense and evident. Daul is more of an Orchid Purple and the shimmer is more delicate and multichromatic. They are definitely very similar and in the same family but not dupes. I ♥ them both quite a lot!

O.P.I DS Luxurious and China Glaze Riveting
My verdict: Not dupes. The difference here is pretty clear. They are both spectacular colors!

O.P.I Danke-Shiny Red and Zoya Elisa
My verdict: Dupes. There is no difference here except for in formula. The Zoya formula was slightly more saturated with color and shimmer.

O.P.I Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine! and Zoya Noot
Verdict: Dupes. Once again I could not spot the difference here except for in the formula where Zoya beat out O.P.I, in my opinion.


(**Products provided for review**)


  1. Looks like Zoya wins this round! This will make my Zoya/OPI fall collection choices so much easier, thank you!

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for this comparison!!! You just saved me $$ on "Danke-Shiny Red!" I have Elisa so I won't be needing OPI =)

  4. Oooh, thanks so much for this! I was just wondering (after seeing OPI Luxurious on another blog) if it was a dupe for CG Riveting. Unfortunately for my wallet, they're not! ;-D

  5. Thanks so much for the comps. I've been wanting to see how the OPI red and Zoya red compare. Thank you!

  6. Thanks, that is really helpful! How does Elisa compare to A England Perceval?

  7. Whew, I already have my favorite of all these, Riveting. She is a beauty!

  8. Awesome, thanks for these! I want Daul, but I have a Faye dupe, so I don't know if I need the purplier Daul or any of the dupes =/

  9. This is super helpful because I was lusting after a lot of the fall colors from both companies haha! Thank you!

  10. Thanks for the word on Zoya Noot! I've been eye-ing the deep, rich green of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!, but the name is just...>_<

  11. This is much appreciated. Whenever tons of seasonal collections start coming out I always feel like "Haven't I seen this already??" and wonder which is better formula wise. I also like the comparisons because if they aren't dupes then I can see side by side which I'd like better. XD

  12. Thanks for this! I've been wondering how It's My Year compares to Daul. I wasn't sure if I needed both.


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