Sunday, August 5, 2012

Raaaaaaaaandom (Sunday) Spaaaaaaaamming!

Happy Sunday!! 

  Today I have some random swatches I've had sitting in my folders for a WHILE. It's also been some time since I've done a swatch- spam post so.... Enjoy and happy Sunday!
To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.

Revlon Royal
  Royal is a very popular color and one of my all time favorite polishes. This is a beautiful and classy shade of Cobalt Blue dense jelly. Two easy coats.

Spoiled Trust Fund Baby over Essie Mademoiselle
  Trust Fund Baby is such a cute and fun glitter. I am happy to see a drugstore brand playing with different shaped glitters and using Black glitter. There are light Magenta Squares, light Gold hexes and Black hexes in a clear base. For this I did one "coat" of glitter.

Avon Aqua Fantasy
  Aqua Fantasy is a lovely light Aqua Blue creme with just the slightest shimmer which gives it a smooth Pearly appearance. This color is dreamy and it has a great, Two coat, formula.

Spoiled Shuffle the Deck over Cult Nails Evil Queen
  Shuffle the Deck is a mix of Silver, Black, Gold and Gunmetal hex glitters in different sizes suspended in a clear base. This is an edgy mix of colors and I really like it. For this I did one coat of glitter.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  Sorry about the uber blurry shot but I wanted to capture just how glowy this glitter is. This is a very popular shade and I can absolutely see why. This is a deep, candy apple Red jelly packed full of micro Red glitter. I believe I only did Two coats for this swatch.

L.A Girl Euphoria over Pixi Vivid Coral 
 Euphoria is a mix of Blue toned Purple small glitter and Prismatic hexes in a clear base. This is a really dense glitter and might be able to be worn on its own.

China Glaze Midtown Magic
  Midtown Magic was one of my top picks for 2011 and it still has a special spot in my heart to this day. It's a fantastic shade of complex shimmering Brown that resembles the embers of a dying fire. Just amazing. Two coats.

Essie Pretty Edgy
  Pretty Edgy is a summer grass Green creamy- jelly. Make sure to wear a base coat with this one as it does stain. I absolutely love this color to bits though, it is so refreshing! Great Two coat formula.
I hope you guys enjoyed these swatches! Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely Sunday!

Which are your faves?

(**Some products provided for review**)


  1. Ahh, they're all so pretty! Beautiful swatches :)

  2. I LOVE your Swatchy Spam posts!!!

  3. one day, when I grow up, I might be half as good as you xxx mwah xx

  4. Gorgeous spam! After all this time, I finally picked up a bottle of Revlon Royal this month and I am in love!

  5. I love all of them, especially the cobalt one. My fav!

  6. There are some gorgeous colors and swatches in this post ♥. Midtown Magic looks so smoldering good in your pictures!

  7. Pretty sure I NEED Midtown Magic.

  8. Ruby Pumps is one of my all time favorites! And I still want Revlon's Royal. So pretty!

  9. I LOVE Revlon Royal! It's my all time favorite polish! :D

  10. Ohhh those two Spoileds are on my wishlist for ages, really love them! Revlon Royal reminds me a lot of the recent Essence 'Grumpy' from the Snow White TE. Waiting on Ruby Pumps to arrive in a stupidly big polish haul from the US, I'm taking this post as a go-ahead from the Nail Polish Gods :)

  11. I'm super sad that I never got a bottle of Midtown Magic. I hope to score it in a blog sale or swap one day.

  12. I love your spam posts!! I love it even more when you show polishes I already own, usually you create new lemmings for me!! I've wanted Ruby Pumps for a while though and I think I'll have to get it, what a sexy red!

  13. So. Many. Pretties!!

    I totally have my fingers crossed now because I *think* Trust Fund Baby is in the nail mail I sent myself after I went shopping in the States last month. Reallyreally hope it was because it's ridiculously cute!

  14. Love Ruby Pumps! Its on my next time i see it in stock list. :)


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