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Zoya NYFW Designer and Diva Collection Swatches for Fall 2012

Good morning lovelies!

   Finally the day has come when I show you my swatches of Zoya's Fall masterpiece collections: Designer and Diva for New York Fashion Week 2012. Zoya Fall Collections have had a special place in my heart since I started blogging because it was Four Zoya Fall colors (Shawn, Kelly, Staci and Harlow) that started my love affair with this spectacular brand. Since then, I eagerly await for Zoya's Fall colors year 'round and they have not disappointed me thus far. 
  This year they released their usual Two complimenting collections for Fall. The Designer Collection is made up up six deliciously sultry cremes. The Diva Collection is the more flashy half being made up of Four jewel-toned metallic shimmers and Two mind-blowing glassflecks. When I think of Fall, it doesn't get much better than these colors right here. 
 Trust me, you definitely want to see close up-s of these babies! ♥.

 I'll get started with the Diva Collection. This is the flashy half of the collection.

Zoya FeiFei- What an unusual name!! And yet somehow, it fits this color so perfectly. I think it's because this is such a special color. FeiFei is a deep steel-y Blue jelly base packed full of steely Blue/ Pink multichromatic shimmer. Zoya's description of this color and my pictures do it no justice. While the main colors you see are an amazing shade of Blue and Golden there are also some shifts so Green, Purple, Pink and Green. Truly spectacular and unequaled. FeiFei has a great formula and does best in Three thin coats. I could stare at this photo all day long (and not in a conceited way lol).

Zoya Daul- Ummmmmmmm!!!!! Yeah... Speechless once again. No, this is not a dupe for Faye or any other "gilded plum" color out there for that matter. Much like FeiFei this color is so multi-dimensional that my photos would never capture everything that is going on. Daul is a similar concept to FeiFei but in Daul we have an amazing Orchid Purple glassfleck shimmer with strong Golden/ Green flashes. It looks darkened at the edges (see index fingernail) to give the nail a lit and glowing look. The way the light reflects of off the surface of this polish is just magical. For Daul I used Three thin coats.

Zoya Ray-  Is a very deep Pine green base with subtle Silver shimmer. This color will not be every one's thing but I actually really love it a LOT more than I thought it would. The shimmer concerned me in terms of brushstrokes but a light patient hand took care of that issue. Ray also had a little bit of a thinner formula than I would have liked. This color did fine in two coats but if you get impatient you might need Three as you might end up with bald spots. What got me with this shade is this amazing shade of Green it is in and IRL the strokes are much less noticeable so my nails looked like Deep Forest Green pearls.

Zoya Song- I could write songs about how much I love Song. This is a true Blue metallic shimmer. Song has an extremely dense, but not thick, formula. This color could have almost been fine with just One coat, for photos I did Two. Song is the epitome of Sapphire Blue polish and it seems to glow under any type of light. I have a LOT of Zoya Blues that I love but I think Song might have taken the top spot.

Zoya Suri- Purple lovers rejoice! So Suri is a deep Amethyst toned Purple, very Blue leaning. This color is rich, sophisticated and sultry. In Suri we have a smooth metallic Purple base packed full of barely-there Red and Blue shimmer. You can kinda see how the Blue shimmer floats on top of the Purple surface giving Suri almost a layered look. This color has a fantastic formula, only needed Two coats.

Zoya Elisa- Red. Metallic. Perfection. So this is a warm Red metallic tone with amazing glowy Warm Golden micro shimmer. I'm not much of a Red lover but when they look like this I have to eat my words a little. Elisa..... Seriously made a fool out of me lol. The formula on this color is perfect , two coats. I can't wait for the holidays so I can rock the shiz out of this Elisa. 

Moving onto the Designer collection for Fall 2012. This half is the creamy portion of Zoya Fall. I don't want to sound like a broken record so I;m gonna get this out of the way now :D. In typical Zoya fashion, all of these cremes have a FANTASTIC formula. All of these swatches were Two coats of color, no base or top coat. I did not run into any problem colors in this collection.

Zoya Natty- Zoya describes Natty as a Smokey Deep Steel Blue and I could not agree more. the best description I could come with was "dark cornflower Blue" or "Cadet Blue". It should go without saying that I really love this shade. Smokey? Check. Blue? Check. Creme? Check. I love that while this is a smoked out shade, it is still a clean color and does not get washed out by the "smoke".

Zoya Monica- This is a classic shade of Purple. Monica is a deep Blue based- Plummy creme with a fantastic formula. Is this the most unique shade? No, but it fits in so well with this collection and I had been wanting a "clean smoke" Purple for a while. To clarify what I mean by clean smoke: Remember Neeka from last year's Zoya Fall? Neeka has a smokey quality but it is a more murky tone of smokey Purple. I also love that Monica is a plain 'ol creme.

Zoya Evvie- Anyone else think of Pokemon when they hear this name? I know Scrangie did and that made me lol so hard because that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this name on the press release. So Evvie was originally released for a trio Zoya created for Peter Som. This color is so unique, I have never seen anything like this before. Take your typical Putty Grey and add some strong undertones of Teal-ish Green and you get Evvie. I love this take on a Fall Grey, very different.

Zoya Toni- Toni is a different version of a Fall Vampy shade as in it's not vampy at all lol. Toni is a smoked out Raisin creme with strong Purple tones. This is more my speed when it comes to Burgundy shades. I'm not much for Vampy shades so shades like this really speak to me when they come out, which is not very often. If you want to rock a "semi-vamp" this is a good first step to take.

Zoya Noot- Another great name lol. So with Noot we have a darker take on the Green-Grey trend. Noot is the darker of the Two Greys in this collection. This color is a deeper tone of Grey and the Green tones in this are much stronger. In certain lights it looked like a Blackened Green creme.

Zoya Rekha- This striking shade of Blood Red was created for the Bibhu Mohapatra runway trio originally and re-released as a part of this group. Rehka is a perfect Fall red as it is not a "cheery red". This is much more severe, serious, in-your-face, power-bitch red. Again, I'm not huge on Reds but once in a while, when I want to intimidate the crap out of people with some fierce nails Reds like this one come to mind. If I could find a lip color to match this shade of Red I'd be a happy girl!
 So for my nutshell thoughts on these collections: I seriously LOVE these. I wish there would have been a bit more range of shades in the creme portion of the collections but overall I am loving the shades individually. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the Divas portion of this Fall lineup. I mean seriously with those shimmers! I love that Zoya always does a nicely balanced half and half with the cremes and shimmers. Not everyone is into the flashy look of metallics and shimmers so brava Zoya for doing fantastically unique cremes.
  If I had to pick favorites they would be FeiFei, Daul, Song, Elisa, Ray, Natty and Evvie. 

Which ones are your picks?

(**Zoya products provided for review**)


  1. Thank you for the beautiful swatches! They look so gorgeous.

    Daul is unique, but it reminds me a lot of OPI It's My Year.

  2. Great swatches! I think my favorite is FeiFei, but I really like Daul and Song a lot too.

  3. OMG I need FeiFei and Elisa, so beautiful!

  4. Loving FeiFei ( I could stare at all day as well) and Daul! Must have ♥

  5. FeiFei and Ray have me swooning! But isn't Daul kind of a dupe of Orly's Oui? I have Oui and based on your pictures there isn't any significant difference. Not that that's so bad- Oui is an incredible color.

    1. I was just about to comment that I had read on other blog(s) that they're dupe-ish.

  6. I only recently got to know this brand and I am already over the top with excitement. I got to own some of these gorgeousities! Sometimes I wish I lived in the States... other times I don't... but right now I do :-D Haha

  7. Your swatches are beautiful, I want them all now!

  8. I MUST get FeiFei and the rest of the creme polishes! Ugh I love this collection! It's perfect for Fall! I can't wait till Zoya runs another sale so I can buy these!

  9. Some of those colors just GLOW

  10. I have seen these polishes all over blogs and in the stores. I've bought a few already too. This post however has me running out to pick up more!!

  11. Beautiful collection. I have purchased a few of them and am looking forward to purchasing more of them. Sadly it looks like they discontinued Ray. =/


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