Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoya Week! Ray Goes to Hogwarts

Happy Caturday! 

  Just one more look to go! This Zoya look features the uniquely fierce Ray. When I first saw this beautiful shade of deep Green I knew immediately that I had to do some Slytherin inspired nails. The shade of Green is just about a perfect match for the Slytherin house colors. I went for a glammed out snakeskin stamped manicure to keep with the theme. 
 For this look I started with a base of Ray. I wanted to give the look some depth so I did a double stamp for this manicure. The first round of stamping was done with Zoya Meg. The second round was done in the Second Slytherin House color with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. For the snakeskin print I used Bundle Monster plate BM215. I was pretty much amazed at how great the Silver stamp came out!
 Leave it to me to glam-out a Harry Potter themed mani lol... 

Sooooo, I can't hear the word Slytherin without thinking of this... I have Tosh.0 to thank for that one...
Now that that's out of the way...

Have a lovely day darlings ;-)!!

(**Zoya products provided for consideration**)


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for sharing this video :). I just busted up laughing! I'm an avid Tosh fan, but must have missed this one.

    "I'm gonna swallow Jennifer Lopez...". BAHAHA!

    Can't wait to show my husband!

    Loving your Slytherin inspired nails, too! I think I need a reptilian stamp now ;)

    Happy Weekend, Cristina!

  2. I love Ray. I wore Ray for about 4 days this week, which is an insanely long time for me! Gorgeous green!

  3. I think your double stamp definitely added dimension. Anytime I've tried that it just always looks like crap. Any advice or technique or aiming?

    BTW - I've never heard of Tosh.0 but that was really funny! I'm gonna hear "Ima Snaaaake" over and over again in my head today.

  4. Love the stamping, that reminds me of the Basilisk of Harry Potter and I'm a big Harry Potter fan

  5. PLEASE do ravenclaw nails..... for me? <333 I love these btw

  6. Oh man that video!! Hahahhaa!! Great mani BTW ;p

  7. Very pretty color! And the video...hahahahahaha

    I'm a thnake....:)hahaha


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