Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zoya Week! Zoya Elisa Stamped and Studded

Good morning lovelies! 

  Today's Zoya look features Elisa from the Diva Collection, Fall 2012. I wanted to do something very... Extravagant in a sense? I think I got what I was going for lol. When I look at this manicure, many things come to mind. Moulin Rouge costumes, a circus ring leader, a German gymnasts leotard or something else along those lines... IDK, but the diva in me is loving this look. It's not something I would normally do but Zoya Elisa brought "it" out in me.
 For this ornate look I started with Two easy coats of Zoya Elisa. Once my base was dry I did a fish-egg accent nail by mixing my Gold and Black micro beads together and sprinkling them over my wet top coat. For the fishnet design I used Bundle Monster plate BM209, Konad Black SP on my Index and Pinky nails and China Glaze Passion on my middle nail. I accented my fishnets with Golden and Black micro beads.
 Sometimes I really like venturing out of my comfort zone and doing manis that are out of character. Sometimes it goes great and sometimes not so much. I think this is one of those times where I am glad I went for it. I could see this manicure somehow being altered in color scheme to work for the Holidays...

Thanks for stopping by!

(**Zoya Elisa Provided   for consideration**)


  1. super smexy, without a doubt ;D

  2. You can add Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland to that list-that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. Love it!

  3. Oh, how pretty is that!!!!!!!! Beautifully artistic manicure. Nice job.

  4. oh my god that's amazing. The paitience you must have :oP

  5. Ooh I like this one! Very creative. :)

  6. @Zooeg- You are so right!!! I can't believe I forgot about her. I kept thinking that there was something else kind of iconic these nails reminded me of.

  7. STUNNING - this is definitely going on my to do list x

  8. This is so cool! What do you use to place all of the tiny bullion beads?

    1. I just used an orange stick and set the beads onto the wet top coat

  9. This is such a pretty red!
    Love this concept.

  10. Ahhhh this is epic! I love it! I'd have them picked off in about three seconds flat, but I love it! x

  11. This is amazing! I love all the colours together & the beads are gorguz!

    Aysh xoxo


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