Sunday, September 30, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous

Good Afternoon!! 

  This post comes to us from Jessica of Nail Polish Anonymous. Who has some awesome indie Sunday Spamalamadingdong for us! This will be the last of mt #FLbeautyBlogger Posts. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know some of the gals from my neck of the woods. 
  This coming week you will get to see posts from some of my other favorite bloggers. I am so very excited to share all the fab nails these ladies have sent my way!
 Well I’m horrible at introductions so I’m just going to jump into it, I’m Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous and I’m completely freaking out that Cristina is letting me take over her blog for the day. Let Them Have Polish is one of the first nail polish blogs I ever came across and feel in love with so this is an honor, thank you again Christina for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your blog.
 So today I want to introduce you to Feenix polishes, An Esty store/indie brand that was created by an amazing doll Suzette. She has to be one of my favorite shops since Lacquistry. So today I want to show you her new fall collection to kick off fall.
 To see lots of macro shots and swatches just continue reading. 

Milani Fall Fashion Nail Trends Project and an Update

Hi everyone! 

  I'm back for just a quick post to update you all on the happenings of the past week. The surgery went fine. They found some weirdness and addressed it. Not gonna get into details but basically I am still recovering. I still have a bunch more doctors appointments coming up this week and I still need tons of rest. This coming week, I've asked some of my personal favorite bloggers to guest post for me, and you guys are in for a real treat. I am so excited to share the awesome nail art these ladies have done for us!! 

  Today's post is a recap (I've beens haring these on my Instagram Account) of a project a few bloggers and I paired up with Milani on. It is the Fall Fashion Trends . They created Four different Pinterest Boards, one for each trend, where they share all of our nail art designs. The trends we were to be inspired by were Glamazon, Colorblock, Gilded Rebel and Haute Rod. 
 To see close up's up each look continue reading :D!

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Judi from JudiXO

Hi Darlings!! 

  This Sunday Morning Post comes to us from Judi of Judixo who can rock a cat eye like it's no ones biz! 

Hi! My name is Judi and I blog at Today I'm going to share with you a look I wore recently when on vacation in Washington, DC.
 I limited the amount of makeup I took with me, because I wanted this trip to be more about where I went and what I did versus how I looked when I did it. I wanted to spend as much time around the city as possible.  On our final night there we went to a bar called Whitlow's on Wilson.  It was a rooftop bar that was spectacular.  Our friend told us rooftop bars are getting popular in the DC area.   It hasn’t caught on here in my part of Florida, but it’s a great concept.  I loved Whitlow’s because the weather was just perfect.  There was a cool breeze, but the sun was warm enough to keep you from shivering.  And the views were great from the rooftop.  

That night I wore:
Milani Shadow Eyez in Champagne Toast – all over the lid
MAC Summer Haze – center of the lid
Urban Decay Virgin – inner highlight
Urban Decay Buck – outer V and crease
Physicians Formula Eye Booster in Ultra Black
Milani Brow Tint Pen – 02 Dark Brown

Urban Decay Naked Skin in 5.5

NARS Desire

MAC – Candy Yum Yum
MAC – Flamingo
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain – Sweetheart (later that evening) 

 I love how I paired Candy Yum Yum with Flamingo.  Flamingo is pink with a hint of coral. It’s a lustre so it has a nice sheen.  Candy Yum Yum is matte neon magenta pink.  I like how it Flamingo made Candy Yum Yum a bit lighter and have a pretty and bright sheen.  My lips almost look like they are glowing from the inside out.
Since Candy Yum Yum and Flamingo are both limited edition shades, I decided to leave them safely at home.  I took along with me a Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Sweetheart.  Once I felt my lipstick was fading, I put the balm stain on to help keep my lips moisturized and colorful.  I’m surprised how well the colors interacted with each other. (See below, a picture of me towards sundown.)
I love the look of layered lipsticks.  With the countless combinations you can add so much depth to an otherwise ordinary look!  What are your favorite lipstick combinations to wear?

  Much like Judi I am also a fan of layering lippies to get custom colors and intense glossy finishes. I also have to mention that Revlon Balm Stain in Sweetheart is one of my all time favorite lip colors! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Nidia from Lit from Within

Hi Darlings!

  Today's post comes from the awesome Nidia of Lit from Within.

Hi, I’m Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within [].  When Cristina needed some guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance for two reasons:  I knew she’d do the same for me if I needed, and because I knew she’d inspire me to try to create something as beautiful as she is.

When I was thinking of ideas, I knew I wanted to incorporate one of her favorite polish lines – Cult Nails, and also have it be very colorful, so I went with a peacock theme.
See, it’s impossible to create something as lovely as Cristina! 

Here’s how I created this mani: I started with Cult Nails Awakening, which is one of my very favorite colors of Cult Nails.  It’s a thin polish, jelly-like, but opaque in 2 coats, and is the most beautiful color of greyed, dusty teal.  I then sponged a gradient of Cult Nails Vicious on the tips.  Vicious is a dark eggplant purple, and it pairs really well with Awakening.
 I stamped over the gradient with Maybelline Bold Gold, and dotted inside the stamp with Cult Nails Feel Me Up and Feelin’ Froggy. Hmm.  Very touchy-FEELy…. 
 I thought I was done, but in a last-moment inspiration, I added a no-name Flakie from Cosmetic Arts.  It added a wonderful iridescence and motion, without making the mani any busier.  I have become infatuated with Flakies lately – I can’t get enough!

I know you all miss Cristina’s perfect manis (how does she do that?) and wish her a speedy recovery as I do. 

  Thank you Nidia for the beautiful nail art! Why so harsh on yourself girl!!!? This turned out beautiful and the colors are awesome together!

Friday, September 28, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Ali from Nifty Ba!

Hi loves!

  Today's post comes from one quirky, awesome gal who I totally wanna go shopping with! Miss Ali of Nifty Ba!
Adventures in Nails and Space with NiftyBa

Holla! I'm Ali from, and today I am going to share with you how I prepared to take my style out of this world! 

Living in Central Florida is like nothing I ever imagined. It's a whole lot more! Not only have I met amazing women through the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, but I am happily situated between beautiful beaches, half a dozen theme parks, and at least two Ikea stores. I just need a Trader Joe's close by, and then I'm all set! But most of what I love about living in Florida is brand new... 
What about something absolutely classic Florida?What about the Space Coast? Oooooo, retro!
  Once, on a day trip to Merritt Island, my husband stopped the car at a park intersection and I asked, "What's that thingy [tower] over there?" "Oh, that's NASA." Color me impressed, we were so close! I had only seen it on TV or sad movies involving asteroids, and I think we often forget how awesome NASA is. So recently, when I was given the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center for an afternoon, I kind of freaked out! In a good, way too over-enthusiastic way! I was invited to attend a final photo-op with the retired space shuttle Endeavour before it left the Space Coast forever. Thanks, NASA pal Jamie! My second thought after "Oh dude, I am so pumped! SPAAAAAACE!," was the classic, "Oh dude, what am I going to wear? ..... And what am I going to put on my NAILSSSS?!" Ah, beauty problems...
 Luckily, I found the perfect combination. I chose to wear a favorite vintage thrifted top and an old pleated skirt from Urban Outfitters, paired with sandals from Target and a purse from Old Navy. For my outfit, I wanted to wear something I wouldn't mind showing my grandkids 50 years from now. 
But the most important question is: What did I end up choosing for my nails? Well, citizens of Earth, prepare to be amazed. I present to you, perhaps an astonishing beauty first:
Galaxy nails. 

At NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Next to the space shuttle Endeavour. Piggybacked on top of a Boeing 747.

Oh. Yes. Ma'am. It. Happened.

Well, I may not be the only person who has ever done that, but since no one else there was taking multiple pictures of their nails next to the orbiter, I'm going to guess it's pretty rare. I take this nail polish business seriously! While I certainly stuck out like an Asian girl taking NOTD pics next to astronauts, it was a unique way to mark the day and say goodbye to the Endeavour.
Galaxy nails can be a hit-and-miss, you never really know what you're going to get when you start messing around with it. To create this look, I used Orly Royal Navy as my base, and splashes of Orly Space Cadet, Sally Hansen Forsythia, Sinful Colors Citrine,  and Cover Girl City Light. Sparkly!

The Endeavour has since left the Space Coast, having made a farewell tour before traveling to its permanent home at the California Science Center. Those of you in certain parts of the US may have seen it fly overhead. I was left with an odd suntan from the straps of my sandals, a souvenir mug and keychain, and the memories of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I think that's as close to out of this world as I'll ever get. Keep reaching for the stars! 
* * *
When not jumping for OOTD pics on, Ali changes her nail polish every day and chooses the perfect outfit to match and then jump in. More often than not, you can find Ali nomming at food trucks with her husband, book wrangling at the public library, and hugging massive orange kittens.

  A huge thanks to Ali for this awesome and fun post! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sation I Love Miss-Self Specialty Glitter Collections Preview

Hi loves!! 

  A quick update on my current status: recovering from surgery and doing well enough. I'm pretty tired and really sore but feeling a little better everyday. BUTTTT!!!! This came in my email and I've been anticipating this Sation Release since I first saw pictures of these awesome glitter blends so I had to share with you guys! 

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) announces the launch of its Glitter I Series, the “I Love Miss-self” Reality Show, a sassy, tongue-in-cheek spin on the sensation that has swept the nation off its stilettos. Sation’s glittery gala puts the fun in dysfunctional by saying buh-bye to Brady Bunch banter, and hello to hi-def hair-pulling and backstage drama. Miss’ Creative Director Staci Dao found inspiration for this collection by merging the glitz and glamour of showbiz with the opulent, jewel-toned gems of the season. 

The “I Love Miss-self” Reality Show Premiers this Fall
  From fame-chasers to trophy wives, this humorous race to the Hollywood finish line is a fun, flashy ride into our pop-goes-the-beauty universe. “I Love Miss-self” joins the Fall lineup with a sparkling set of  stars, including: Calorie Countess; Miss Pro-nup; Tall, Dark & Has Some; Paparazzi Pet; No Rings Attached and Oh My Gaudy.
The 24-color collection features a cast of multi-glitter and foil finishes: holographic, flakey, bar,  kaleidoscope and more. These glitters are ideal for layering over neutrals and staple colors, or simply to play up your signature style. Tune in to ‘I Love Miss-self’ on, and don’t miss its September debut at your local beauty supply.

I am so freaking excited about these!!!

All Miss products are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.
*Multi-glitters will be sold at a premium price point (Retail for $7.00)

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Stephanie from Imperfectly Painted

Hi hello!! 

  Today's post comes from one of the very first blogs I ever started following. This looks is by the lovely Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted
Hey everyone. This is Steph from Imperfectly Painted. Thank you to Cristina for letting me guest post on her blog!

A question I used to ask myself when I got into nail polish was “Is there ever such thing as too much bling”? If you had asked me this a few years ago I may of shied away from overly blingy manicures. Now, who cares! The blingier the better as far as I’m concerned. There are times I don’t want to go full out glitterbomb on my nails, but would like that added touch of sparkle. This is why I love the accent nail. You can have that added pop without going all out. This has been one of my favorite manicures I’ve done lately using Zoya Trixie and Color Club Orna-minted. 
 As you can see Zoya Trixie is pretty blingy on its own. It’s a great foil-metallic silver. The addition of Color Club Orna-minted on the accent nail just makes it a party on the nails. Orna-minted is a great dense mixture of large, medium, and small silver glitters in a clear base. It’s also scented. It smells like peppermint. So, I guess it’s a minty party on your nails! What I also like about this look is that it goes with anything since silver is a neutral. I sometimes like to try to have my manicures at least compliment the colors of my outfit, and with this you don’t have to worry about that! Shimmery, glittery, minty, and matches with anything is a win-win for sure.

Happy Polishing!


  EPIC!!!! I love a good blingy mani! This has holidays written all over it! Thank you Steph for the awesome BLING-tastic post!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles

Hi guys!!

  Today's nail art comes to us from Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles.

Hi Everyone!
  When Cristina asked our Central FL Beauty Bloggers facebook group if any of us would like to do guest posts, I jumped at the opportunity! Hopefully you guys enjoy my post today as much as you enjoy all of Crisinta's posts!
  This mani is super simple, but pretty awesome! I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Before we go any further, let me just say, HOLY CRAP. After using this polish for the first time, I can now confidently say, I think it's my favorite blue nail polish of all time! I mean, wow, it's the brightest, most vivid blue polish I own. Am I being dramatic? Ok, back to the mani. After my first two coats were dry I decided to section off some half moon triangles with striping tape (see below).
Once I had it placed the way I liked, I colored in the triangle area with Sally Hansen Green with Envy and removed the tape. I did this on each finger, one at a time!
I gotta say, I think these two colors were made to be used together! They just seem to go lovely together like butter and toast.
Well guys, I hope you liked my post today! Also, many thanks to Cristina for letting me take over for a day :) !

  No thank YOU Alyssa!! This is an awesome look. Sometimes less is definitely more! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Courtney of

Hi loves! 

  Today's post comes to us from the uber talented Courtney of
Hi everyone! My name is Phyrra and I’m a friend of Cristina’s. She asked me to do a mermaid look for
her, so I did. If you like it, I have a tutorial for it. I used gold, green and teal.
 To see the full Mermaid look and the full list of products used continue reading.

Monday, September 24, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts!! Maria from Cult Nails

Hi loves,
  As announced last week I will be out this week and the coming week. I am having a laparoscopic exploration done tomorrow. Then I will be in and out of doctors appointments after that. It's not a big deal, but I will need to rest up and take my time to recover. So, I reached out to some of my amazing friends and favorite bloggers to keep you guys entertained while I am away getting better. Today's post comes to us from Maria of Cult Nails

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be posting on Cristina's blog! WAHOO! I feel so honored. Now before we go getting crazy here, my skills are no where near the amazing Cristina's so don't say I didn't warn you! 
 Recently on Let Them Have Polish, Cristina featured a flowered gradient manicure. I instantly fell in love and knew I had to recreate the look. Since I was working on this, I decided why not do a tutorial while I was at it. 
 The talented Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles (who will be on later this week) came and hung out for a day and she did a flower mani too. Here is what our mani's looked like. 
 I was a bit worried about using these flowers in a natural nail manicure because I thought it would end up being lumpy, but with a thick coat of top coat over the top, it was just fine!

Here is how I did it.
 First things first, paint your nails in whatever polish color you want. Go crazy, do some nail art, or a gradient manicure, Whatever you want. For this simple tutorial, I just am placing it on a painted nail.

What you need: You will need flowers of course, which you can pick up at most beauty supply stores like Sally's or on Amazon. You will need a toothpick or orange wood stick and a top coat. I'm using Wicked Fast here, but I will admit this is not the best top coat for this job because it dries to fast.(And that's normally a good thing!) But it is the only one I have (For hopefully obvious reasons.) :) 
Once your nails are painted and dry apply a top coat either to your entire nail or just where you want to apply the flower. (The choice is a matter of preference as to whether you want to put the top coat all over the entire nail or not.) and add a drop of the top coat to your toothpick/orange wood stick and pick up the flower and place it on your nail.
Using the opposite side of your toothpick/orange wood stick, gently press the flower into the nail. 

Let it set for a minute and then add a top coat to the entire nail to seal the flower in. (Wicked Fast is perfect here!)
That's it! It was so easy! I don't know why I waited so long to try using these! Thank you Cristina for showing us how to have fun with flowers! I hope you all enjoyed my guest post! 
  Here is a quick vid by Maria.


 A huge thank you to Maria for taking from her time to do this awesome tutorial!! 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection 2012 Preview

Hi Loves!

 Due to the OVERWHELMING response to the 18k Set Pre-Order Zoya has Decided that The Ornate Holiday Collection Will become available from Pre- Order some time next week. So they have give us the O.K to share this with you! Please enjoy the following Press Release from Zoya.

**EDIT** These are available for pre-order now!**

It’s time to celebrate... so make sure you celebrate in style!

The NEW Zoya Ornate Collection is the perfect to decorate your nails with stunning jewel tone colors and special effect pigments this season. Featuring six stunning, glittering, crystal shades in our new Power Pigment Full Coverage Formula. Superior coverage and dynamic color in one. All in the long-wearing, toxin free (BIG5FREE) formula you love... Each one is as beautiful as the next.

·       Blaze (ZP641) - Cranberry Glitter Glam Crystal - Featuring Power Pigment Full Coverage
·       Electra (ZP642) -  Holographic Tinsel Special Effect- wear it alone or layer it for extra drama
·       Ziv (ZP644) - Gold Foil Glitter Crystal - Featuring Power Pigment Full Coverage
·       Storm (ZP645) - Black with Multi Color Crystal Shimmer - Featuring Power Pigment Full Coverage
·       Aurora (ZP646) - Plum with Multi Color Crystal Shimmer - Featuring Power Pigment Full Coverage
·       Logan (ZP647) - Green Foil Glitter Crystal - Featuring Power Pigment Full Coverage


Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.
Find over 300 other Zoya shades at Each and every name has a color as unique as the women who inspired it.

$8.00 ea. US. Shipping October 15, 2012.
Find Zoya Ornate on

 So I'm pretty stoked!!! Are you!?

The Deets on Zoya's 18k Gold Flake Top Coat Set!!

I can haz?!

The luxury Gilty Pleasures 18K Real Gold Flake Topcoat Gift Box by Zoya has arrived! 

The Gilty Pleasures velvet gift box features Zoya Gilty*, the 18k Real Gold Flake Topcoat  (0.5oz) PLUS two long wearing, full-size (0.5oz), colors to cover in gold... Zoya Raven (black) and Zoya Purity (white)

Pre-Order HERE!  

Official Ship Date 10/15/2012 - Due to extreme demand and scarcity of the gold material, we are asking everyone to pre-order the Gilty Pleasures Trio Box in advance.  Once pre-sell is sold out, there will be no more product available (that means when it's gone it's gone).  You will not be charged until for the Gilty Pleasures Trio Box actually ships. 

Want more? Try Zoya Gilty over your favorite nail polish shade to create your own signature 18K Gold look -click here for a few of our suggestions.

*Zoya Glty not sold separately 


Etsy Mania!! Shimmer Swatches- Part Two

Hello Dahlings!! 

  Today I have a few more swatches of some beautiful glitterbombs by the uber talented Cindy of Shimmer on Etsy.  I've featured some of her amazing creations once before. Cindy can bust out glitter blends like it's no one's biz! Her color combinations are out of this world and the textures and finishes her polishes create are like no other indie creations on Etsy. 
  To see close-up swatches of these glittery beauties just continue reading! ♥

Monday, September 17, 2012

O.P.I DS Indulgence and DS Luxurious for Fall 2012

Hey it's Monday!! 
  I trust ya'll had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty mellow. The husband and I just hung out, I worked on some friendship bracelets and took it easy. As many of you know my health has been all over the place and as a result my polishing has slowed down practically to a stand-still. Luckily I have a lot of swatches sitting in my folders ready to go. This week I will be playing catch-up hopefully as next week will be FULL of doctors visits and even a small surgical procedure. 
  As a result of all this I will be featuring some lovely bloggers next week as I do not want the blog to go silent while I work on getting some answers and getting healthy. That's right! Guest posts on LTHP :D! You guys will be treated to some features by some of my favorite bloggers and some of my lovely gals from my #FLBeautyBloggers group. 
 Today I have some quick swatches of O.P.I's new DS Releases for Fall 2012. This year the DS releases are Two beautiful Gold-laced glassfleck shimmers; One Red based, One Orange based. These may not be holographic but they are still pretty spectacular. 

 O.P.I DS Indulgence is a deep Red, almost Raspberry toned glassfleck strongly laced with micro Golden shimmer. This color looks like flames. My photos do this no justice. The formula on this color is really good. I used Three coats to give my nails a really intense finish. This is really quite beautiful. 

O.P.I DS Luxurious is a bright Tangerine Orange strongly laced with that same burning Golden micro-shimmer. Once again this is a spectacular shade. I really love this for Fall as well as the Holidays.  My camera totally freaked out at this particular shade of Orange. This color definitely glows. This color also has a great formula, I also used Three coats for Luxurious. 
 Now for my "thing" with these. I don't know if I can justify the price-jump on these. Are they spectacular colors? Absolutely, without a doubt. But what made these DS polishes so special was that they were holographic, and they had the diamond dust or whatever. Which I suppose they still have, but we are not buying these because of the diamond dust, now are we? We went crazy over these because they were holo. Now last year they released some complex glitters, this year they went to complex glassfleck. I don't know if these are fully worthy of that Silver Cap, beautiful as they are. I'm so torn...

  What are your thoughts?

(**OPI Products provided for review**)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cult Nails Deceptive Collection- Part One

Happy Friday!!!!

  Today I have some awesome layering combinations featuring Cult Nails' newest Deceptive Collection. This wonderful collection is made up of Five mind-blowing layering top coats that will bring any polish you put them over to life. I am personally a HUGE fan of layering polishes like these because it's like having Five times the polishes I already own. Does that make sense? Add a coat of any of these to your favorite polishes and a whole new color and finish is born.
  This is just part one of my layering experiments. My first instinct was to layer them over Black but I REALLY wanted to play with color combinations first because it's so much fun to see the colors transform and the top coats come to life over color. I will be having a post of these over Nevermore, the amazing Cult Nails, one- coat, Black creme soon. But I really wanted to showcase some variety with the layerings. This post features the Deceptive Collection over some lighter shades and a few darker ones.
  To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

O.P.I Germany Collection Fall 2012- Part One

Hello lovely readers!! 

  Today I have the first part of O.P.I's Germany Collection for Fall 2012. This collection is made up of 12 fantastic Fall inspired shades. Six cremes, Six vampy shimmers. Today I will be showing you the creme portion of the collection. There is a nice range of classic and unusual with these shades and that is always a plus in any collection. 
To see close- up shots just continue reading ♥.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Etsy Mania! Lacquistry Glitter, Bitch!

Hi loves! 

  Today's post features another Etsy beauty. Well, kind of... Lemme tell you a little story. So, a looong time ago I did this HUGE glitter swatch spam post. There were A LOT of combos and swatches. As usual I was sharing the post on my Facebook and I did so by using the tagline "Hey guess what? I love glitter bitches!!" Well the awesome Jenna, who runs the shop Lacquistry, saw that and made a comment that now she HAD to make and name a polish "Glitter, Bitch" ahaaahhaha and so this creation was spawned. 
  Jenna is an amazing indie creator. And she has also set the bar EXTREMELY high for all other indie sellers when it comes to customer service. It took us SIX tries to land on a glitter/ color combination that we both loved. We finally landed on version Six of Glitter, Bitch and here she is. The inspiration behind this polish was Effie Trinket of The Hunger Games Trilogy. 
  Glitter, Bitch is a combination of Small holo Pink hexes, Gold Squares and and hexes, Metallic Purple and Matte Plum hexes. There is quite a bit of textures and finishes mixed in this glitter and I just love it! And let me tell you, this is DENSE :D. I think I could wear this w/o a base color as well. For this look I layered my Glitter, Bitch over Catrice's Dirty Berry(SWOOON). This combination actually does remind me of one of Effie's fantastic costumes. Jenna did such a beautiful job of bringing my vision to life. I cannot thank her enough for putting all the time and effort into making this happen.  You may remember me posting about one of the prototypes in  [THIS] post.
  Right now Jenna's shop is open and she has her Fall collection up. Her polishes sell like hot cakes :D. And why shouldn't they? They are AMAZING and unique! I don't know if Glitter, Bitch will be a part of Jenna's perm line-up as it was kind of a spur of the moment colab between Jenna and I ♥. Either ways  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this beautiful glitter combination. 

THANK YOU JENNAAA!! You are a gem! 

(**GB provided by Jenna**)