Friday, September 14, 2012

Cult Nails Deceptive Collection- Part One

Happy Friday!!!!

  Today I have some awesome layering combinations featuring Cult Nails' newest Deceptive Collection. This wonderful collection is made up of Five mind-blowing layering top coats that will bring any polish you put them over to life. I am personally a HUGE fan of layering polishes like these because it's like having Five times the polishes I already own. Does that make sense? Add a coat of any of these to your favorite polishes and a whole new color and finish is born.
  This is just part one of my layering experiments. My first instinct was to layer them over Black but I REALLY wanted to play with color combinations first because it's so much fun to see the colors transform and the top coats come to life over color. I will be having a post of these over Nevermore, the amazing Cult Nails, one- coat, Black creme soon. But I really wanted to showcase some variety with the layerings. This post features the Deceptive Collection over some lighter shades and a few darker ones.
  To see close-ups just continue reading ♥.

Cult Nails Doppelganger
 Doppelganger is this amazing dense micro shimmer that twinkles in SO many different colors. My eyes see Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Copper and even a slight shimmery dustiness. It's magic in a bottle. In the picture above I have it layered over wHet Wanderlust. The effect is cosmic and entirely unique.

 Here is Doppelganger over O.P.I Don't Talk Back to Me. In this case I see Doppleganger as more of a Blue Twinkle. It is amazing how the top coat transforms depending on the base color. I'm pretty certain Doppelganger is one of my very top polishes to be released this year!

Cult Nails Charlatan
 Charlatan is probably the most anticipated polish in this collection. And why would it not be?! It is absolutely amazing. Charlatan is more glassfleck-y in finish. This color has a slightly Pinky base packed full of multichromatic sparkle. The shift here is from Pink to Violet to Blue.  In the pic above I have it layered over wHet Megalomaniac. When layered over darker colors Charlatan creates the most amazing effect. When layered over lighter shades Charlatan adds intense sparkle and that little something that makes you double take every time.

Cult Nails Deception
 This is one of my favorite layering combinations. So here we have Deception which shines through as a lovely Violet/ Pink micro shimmer. For this layering I used O.P.I Berlin Done That. I absolutely LOVE how Deception gives the taupe base that certain Chanel Paradoxal shimmer we love so much in some of our Taupes. I want to layer Deception over just about every Taupe, Brown and Grey I own.

Cult Nails Alter Ego
 Here I layered Alter Ego over O.P.I My Very First Knockwurst. Alter Ego shines through as a Golden/ Coppery micro shimmer. I am absolutely smitten with this combination of Alter Ego over a lighter color. I absolutely love the Golden shimmer here. It just brings this nude to life!

Cult Nails Two Timer
 Two Timer shines through a shimmery Emerald Green with hints of Golden. In the picture above I have it layered over O.P.I Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine! which is a very dark color so the effect of Two Timer is really intensified.  

 In the picture below I have Two Timer layered over a VERY light minty Green by Barielle called Mint Ice Cream Cone. I wanted to see how the Green shimmer would do over a lighter base. It creates an interesting Pearly effect.
 The Cult Nails Deceptive Collection is available for sale now on Cult Nails' shop. I am a FAN of these. I cannot sing their praises enough. I have quite a few ideas for these in terms on nail art too. I'm excited to play with these and show you guys even more layering combinations because they are literally ENDLESS! If you like versatility in your polishes this is definitely the collection for you!

 My faves are ALL of them!? Which are yours?

(**CN products provided for review**)


  1. My all-time MVP is a similar sort of layering shimmer polish, Jordana Lilac Frost (I need need need a dupe or an ebay backup bottle of this so bad, I've been hoarding the last third of my bottle... such a shame it's discontinued, it's amazing!)

    I'm such a fan of layering. I particularly love polishes that are sheer enough to layer with one coat, but opaque enough to wear alone with two or three coats. So many possibilities!

  2. Doppleganger just went on my Lemming List!!

  3. I need every single one! They are amazing!!!!

  4. wow deception over berlin there done that is gorgeous!!!!

  5. The Doppelganger and Two timer are AMAZING! Love this collection! I also like to layer up my nail colors...and make a custom one.

    I will really appreciate if you take a look at my blog and be a part of it! It will mean the world to me!


  6. It just makes every polish more beautiful than it already is! Pretty!

  7. They're all so gorgeous!! I've been lemming these since they were first announced <3

  8. I love these!! and my favorite one is definitely Doppleganger !!

  9. These are all such awesome combos! I love them!!!

  10. Beautiful swatches, went straight to Cult Nails and ordered 2 from this set!!!!! Alter Ego and Charlatan

  11. Oooh, love them all -- but my favorite combination is probably Alter Ego over O.P.I My Very First Knockwurst. I want to love nude polishes, but they always seem a little "blah" to me. This definitely kicks it up!

  12. I love all these polishes and can't wait to see more combos. I currently have Cult Nails Manipulatie with Charlatan on top - it turned the aqua dusty blue into an amazing pink shimmer gravender - amazing!!! I love this so much I don't want to change it, but there are so many ideas of new combinations to try, I can't stand it!!!

  13. That Charlatan mani is gorgeous! Great combos here! :) Found you via bloglovin', you have an awesome blog!


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