Thursday, September 20, 2012

Etsy Mania!! Shimmer Swatches- Part Two

Hello Dahlings!! 

  Today I have a few more swatches of some beautiful glitterbombs by the uber talented Cindy of Shimmer on Etsy.  I've featured some of her amazing creations once before. Cindy can bust out glitter blends like it's no one's biz! Her color combinations are out of this world and the textures and finishes her polishes create are like no other indie creations on Etsy. 
  To see close-up swatches of these glittery beauties just continue reading! ♥

Shimmer Jasmine over Zoya Frida
Jasmine is princess Jasmine in a bottle. Jasmine is a beautiful Aqua-Teal glitter blend with accents of Copper, Orange, Red, Green, Blue and prismatic glitter. What I love most about Shimmer's glitter bombs is how amazingly they apply. These glitters are VERY densely packed and yet they spread nicely and evenly on the nail. They are not goopy and the glitters do not bunch up. In the picture above I have only One coat of Jasmine over Zoya Frida. 

Shimmer Tammy over Zoya Katherine
Tammy is such an amazing and unique blend of glitter shapes and colors. Tammy is a pretty chunky blend of cool Gold, Purple, and Black glitter. There are chunky hexes and bars in Tammy. The look Tammy creates is very glam and gilded.

Shimmer Cassandra over Essence Stuck on You
 Cassandra was a lovely surprise for me. Looking at pics now I wish I had tried her all on her own, with no base color. Cassandra is a dense micro Pinky shimmer base full of Opalescent Hexes in different sizes. Cassandra is a very dense blend. I do love how it looks over this deep blue. The effect is very cosmic-like.

Shimmer Jennifer over Zoya Paloma
 I LOVE this combination!! Jennifer is a super interesting blend of light, prismatic Lavender glitter accented by prismatic Copper hexes, Blue, Purple, Green and probably a few other colors I am missing. Jennifer is just AWESOME and probably one of my all time Shimmer favorites.

Shimmer Vanessa over Zoya Evvie
Vanessa is a darker blend of Gunmetal, Red, Black and Silver glitter with some accents of Blue. Vanessa is dark, sexy and different. There is something so cool about this "industrial" looking blend.

Shimmer Stephanie over Essence Ultimate Pink
 I had a mishap with my label on this one lol. So Stephanie is a blend of vivid Blue glitter accented by Prismatic Silver, Purple and light Blue. Again this is another combo I cannot get enough of. I love how the electric Blue just jumps off the Pink base.

Shimmer Cristina
 So.. How awesome is Cindy? I made a little post to her Facebook wall jokingly asking her when she planned to create a "Cristina". Without missing a beat she asked what my favorite colors were, to which I responded Green of all kinds. And so Shimmer Cristina was born. A deep, moody forest Green glitter blend accented by Red, Fuchsia and Blue. Here I am wearing my namesake all by herself. Three coats of Cristina and I was done for. This is also gonna be a go-to polish for me during the Holidays.

  I can't get enough of Shimmer polishes. Cindy has a magic touch when it comes to making beautiful glitter blends!! Please keep em comin!!

(**Shimmer products provided for review**)


  1. I love all of these! So gorgeous and I can't believe the amount of glitter packed in those little bottles!

  2. You are all kinds of sparkly today!It's lovely!

  3. These are all stunning. I need them all. I just got my first Shimmer the other day (Gerry) and I know it wont be my last. Thanks for the great layering ideas!

  4. I love Christina & Jasmine! Beautiful colours and I can't wait to get my hands on them! So pretty! :D

  5. Such beautiful polishes! Jasmine is calling my name with all that teal and aqua yumminess! And your namesake polish is amazing, too!


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