Sunday, September 30, 2012

#FlBeautyBloggers Guest Posts! Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous

Good Afternoon!! 

  This post comes to us from Jessica of Nail Polish Anonymous. Who has some awesome indie Sunday Spamalamadingdong for us! This will be the last of mt #FLbeautyBlogger Posts. I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know some of the gals from my neck of the woods. 
  This coming week you will get to see posts from some of my other favorite bloggers. I am so very excited to share all the fab nails these ladies have sent my way!
 Well I’m horrible at introductions so I’m just going to jump into it, I’m Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous and I’m completely freaking out that Cristina is letting me take over her blog for the day. Let Them Have Polish is one of the first nail polish blogs I ever came across and feel in love with so this is an honor, thank you again Christina for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your blog.
 So today I want to introduce you to Feenix polishes, An Esty store/indie brand that was created by an amazing doll Suzette. She has to be one of my favorite shops since Lacquistry. So today I want to show you her new fall collection to kick off fall.
 To see lots of macro shots and swatches just continue reading. 

Her collection, consist of 6 amazing polish that are simply fall.
First up is Falling For You, a glitter top coat full of red hexagons, gold hexagons and shimmer and hints of silver, copper and brown glitters in a clear base.
For this glitter top coat I paired it with Zoya’s Rekha a bright cherry red.

Next up is the beautiful Cammie, this top coat is amazing, it’s woodsy full of gold and green squares, green, gold, and brown glitters and gold shimmer.
I paired this beautiful with Zoya’s Noot.

Now we have a festive top coat perfect for Halloween it’s called Halloween Party, it’s full of purple, green, and orange glitters.
This top coat looks amazing over black polish I used Milani’s Black Swift.

We also have another top coat prefect for Halloween, what Halloween collection is complete without Candy Corn? We either love it or hate it but when you see candy corn you know it’s fall. This top coat is candy corn, oranges, yellow, and white in a clear base.
I again paired it over Milani’s Black Swift.

Now as we get through this collection we get to the more opaque colors, first up we have Clots of Love a red glitter in a black jelly base that screams vampire and yes I thought of Twilights first book cover. What I love about this polish is it wasn’t clumpy and it only took 2 coats.

Now last but certainly not least we have Twigs an opaque olive green polish with some beautiful silver glitter/shimmer. This polish is absolutely a must have it’s just beautiful.
I also paired Twigs with Falling for You and Cammie.
I simply love Feenix polishes, what do you think? If you like this collection just as much as I do you can score them on her Esty shop and check out her other amazing polishes, they run for $8 and are shipped the next day except for Sundays and Holidays. You can also check her out on her facebook page to stay in the know and be the first to know about up and coming collections.

So I hope I did Cristina's blog justice, thanks again Cristina it was a pleasure.

  Thank you so much to Jessica for all her hard work on these swatches. I will certainly be checking out this shop soon! I see a few creations on here that are screaming my name!


  1. Awesome polishes! I totally just "Favorited" this shop on Etsy!

  2. Oooh, I'm super loving Halloween Party and Candy Corn!!

    Also, I had to laugh at "spamalammadingdong", my name is Pam and my bestie calls me "Pamalammadingdong", thus the "Pamalamma" I use as a handle for most online stuff. :)

  3. These are all so gorgeous! I love them all!

    Jazz x

  4. great post! :) And I notice youre almost to 5,000 followers CONGRATS


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