Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sation I Love Miss-Self Specialty Glitter Collections Preview

Hi loves!! 

  A quick update on my current status: recovering from surgery and doing well enough. I'm pretty tired and really sore but feeling a little better everyday. BUTTTT!!!! This came in my email and I've been anticipating this Sation Release since I first saw pictures of these awesome glitter blends so I had to share with you guys! 

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) announces the launch of its Glitter I Series, the “I Love Miss-self” Reality Show, a sassy, tongue-in-cheek spin on the sensation that has swept the nation off its stilettos. Sation’s glittery gala puts the fun in dysfunctional by saying buh-bye to Brady Bunch banter, and hello to hi-def hair-pulling and backstage drama. Miss’ Creative Director Staci Dao found inspiration for this collection by merging the glitz and glamour of showbiz with the opulent, jewel-toned gems of the season. 

The “I Love Miss-self” Reality Show Premiers this Fall
  From fame-chasers to trophy wives, this humorous race to the Hollywood finish line is a fun, flashy ride into our pop-goes-the-beauty universe. “I Love Miss-self” joins the Fall lineup with a sparkling set of  stars, including: Calorie Countess; Miss Pro-nup; Tall, Dark & Has Some; Paparazzi Pet; No Rings Attached and Oh My Gaudy.
The 24-color collection features a cast of multi-glitter and foil finishes: holographic, flakey, bar,  kaleidoscope and more. These glitters are ideal for layering over neutrals and staple colors, or simply to play up your signature style. Tune in to ‘I Love Miss-self’ on, and don’t miss its September debut at your local beauty supply.

I am so freaking excited about these!!!

All Miss products are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.
*Multi-glitters will be sold at a premium price point (Retail for $7.00)


  1. Glad to hear you're recovering! I LOLed at the names in this collection. They're hilarious!

  2. Wow just wow, I so wish I was in america right now!

    Jazz x

  3. How exciting! Wish I was American :p

    Hope your recover is swift and that you're feeling LOADS better soon!

    Take carexx

  4. I agree with Jamie, these names are so funny! I'll definitely pick some up at some point on transdesign!

  5. I must have missed where you said that you were going into surgery (even went back a few entries to find some mention of it), but I hope you are healing swiftly. Oddly enough, I also had a surgery this past weekend and I've been out of work for medical leave and bedrest. After a week (and one more to go) I might be getting a little bored. So grateful to have so many nail and beauty blogs to keep me company. Best wishes to you and look forward to more updates as always.

  6. i actually saw a few of these at my local beauty supply last weekend. they're really fun. i bought a few and one of them is green with cool white and black shard glitter. i can't wait to see the full collection.


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