Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#AwesomeNailsAreAwesome Guest Week!! featuring Hannah of Polly Polish

Good evening!!! 

  Yeah bitches!! International day at LTHP!! The evening belongs to Hannah of Polly Polish, who is a UK blogger. She also started #PolishDays. Which is this totally cool concept of a monthly themed post done by a bunch of collective bloggers who have signed up for Hannah's newsletter. It's an awesome concept and I've been meaning to participate (I am signed up) but I always manage to miss the due date :(. So anyways... Here is Hannah( who was just recently in the USA).

When Cristina asked for volunteers to guest blog for her I must have been overcome with an unusual bout of fearlessness! Cristina's nail swatches are to die for, and as someone who bought my first eyeshadow at 13 and my second at 27 I am clearly afraid of eye makeup. One glance at though leaves me thinking 'maybe I could do something that stunning.'  For now though I think I might stick with slowly trying to perfect my nails before I try to recreate Cristina's awesomeness.
So on with the nails and the inspiration behind this manicure.  For the most part I only buy delicate, one-off pieces of boutique silver jewellery but recently I've been getting into statement cheapies from H&M, and this pyramid ring screamed tape mani to me instantly.  I started with a black base over my current base coat Sally Hansen Continuous Growth, using W7 'Black'.  When the black coat had dried I used Scotch tape to mark off a quarter segment of each nail and painted this in one of the top coat colours and left to dry.  I then repeated this for each quarter with a different colour.  
I wanted to get a finish that looked like petrol, so used four top coat colours that are dark but flash the blue and purple tones of petrol.  I chose Essence 'Return of Space Cowboys' from the Million Styles Effect Top Coat range, and matched it up with 'Venus', 'Jupiter' and 'Neptune' from W7's Planets collection.  Once it was all dry I applied a clear top coat over the lot to finish.
I'm pleased with the end result, it's dark but quite subtle and a hell of a lot easier to wear than the ring itself!  I just hope this post lives up to the flawless standards of Let Them Have Polish.

Thanks for reading x
 Freaking love this girl!!! Her sense of humor is awesome and how great is the inspiration ring?!!!!! The shimmer!! The awesome shimmer!!!! IDK why all these girls are so intimated about being on here!! Just look at that awesomeness!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful nail art Hannah!


  1. It's subtle but beautiful, I love it!

  2. Wow! I love this mani! The pics with the ring are just awesome. Hellz yea International Day! :)

  3. Hannah this manicure is perfection! I need to try this too and how gorgeous do your nails look? *squishes* Love love love. :)


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