Saturday, October 6, 2012

#AwesomeNailsAreAwesome Guest Week! Featuring Jeanette The Swatchaholic

Good Morning and happy Caturday!! 

  Today is "nail crush day" here at LTHP. The Two ladies in charge of today's guests posts have been my biggest nail crushes for a long time!! I love all different shapes and sizes of nails but a true stand-out in nail perfection is Jeanette of The Swatchaholic. Jeanette has beautiful hands and nails and everything she does is perfection, from execution to photographs. I can't get enough of J's amazing nails! I really HIGHLY suggest clicking these to make them larger! 

Cristina is one of my biggest nail crushes and I admire her and her stunning nail art skills. She is so talented and I am always in awe with her creations. ❤

 When Cris asked me if I would like to write a guest post I was honored and then a little terrified about which manicure I could make. But when I recently made my
first baby steps with water marbling I knew that my next water marble would be for Cris. :)
Last week finally a store from the Turkish brand Flormar opened in my town and of course I went a little shopping crazy. The reason why I was especially excited about the
opening is one of their nail polish ranges which previously wasn't available in Germany: The Supershine Miracle Colors. They are glass flecks heaven and their finish is comparable to the
Color Club Take Wing, Orly Cosmic FX or the Bettina Disco collections. There are 34 of them in Flormar's assortment and I bought most of them the day the store opened. But hey they were on sale! :D
This water marble is just my second water marble ever and it took quite some time because my first choice of colors just worked ok-ish together. I couldn't get a nice flower design on 
my ring finger and pinkie nails because the colors didn't spread nicely enough in the water. Lesson one for water marbling learned: if possible marble with nail polishes from the same brand.
I left the old marble - a subtle shimmery blue water marble - on my nails and picked Flormar U25 (a vibrant glass fleck nail polish with a blue jelly base and pink/green duochrome glass flecks) and Flormar DC03 (a copper/gold/green metallic duochrome from their current limited edition) and this time they've spread perfectly in the water and creating the flower design was much easier.
I only needed two water marble flowers for this attempt and now my wishlist for more of their nail polishes got even longer because these worked so perfect for marbling even
for a beginner like me. :)
Glass flecks I love thee! I could stare at close-ups of glass flecks nail polishes for ever. :D

I hope you all enjoyed my second baby step in water marbling and thank you so much Cris for having me here on your blog. Get well soon love! *squishes* ❤
 Ummm!?? Are you kidding me?! These are just fantastic!! I've never really seen a marble like this one. I love the "oil-slick" look she created with these beautiful polishes. I'm actually a little speechless at how beautiful these are. Just look at that macro shot!!! If you don't drool over that... Then you must not have a soul or something lol because it's just STUNNING! Thank you SO much Jeanette for this stunning nail art you have created! 


  1. hi i'm Turkish and i really like your website, and i think you must buy Miracle colors u31 and u33 too :) they are awesome :) your post have been made me very happy :)

  2. First of all, that does not look like babysteps to me ;) I remember my first water marbles and they looked nothing like this! And the polishes you chose look gorgeous! I never really paid attention to Flormar, but maybe I should now that they have glass flecks!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Almost enough to make me want to try messy old marbling, and thats saying something! x x x

  4. Gorgeous! I'm having fits of envy over both the polishes and your water marbling skills! Marbling never works for me, I think I live in too dry a climate and the polish hardens too quickly. :(

  5. Yeah Jeanette I don't think you can call anything you do baby steps. This makes me cry.

  6. Hi serinus :) thank you so much for your kind words! I think I habe purchased u31 and u33 too. They are all so pretty! I am so happy I could show the Flormar beauties on Cris' blog. :)

    Aww thank you so much Sabine! It is only my second water marble though. :D

    Thank you so much MASPOOASE! :) It might be worth a new try with water marbling! It is messy but but I am hooked. :D

    Thank you so much Kat and I am sorry water marbling didn't work for you so far. It is pretty dry in my apartment too. :( It coul also the be nail polishes that dried too quick? I had issues with Essence and Catrice this time. :(

    Nooo don't cry Hannah! *squishes* It was only my second water marble though but.. but. BUT the Flormar nail polishes were pretty amazing and so easy to work with. My attempt with Essence and Catrice was a huge fail. :( They dried too quickly and didn't spread that great in the water. :(

  7. Love love love! Such a unique combination that makes for an awesome marble!!

  8. Oh wowzers! Theres something very interesting about these nails! I love the way they glitter.

    Jazz x

  9. I think I need to channel my inner baby next time I marble - this is fabuloius Jeanette!!

  10. Holy smokes this is incredible. If this is just the beginning of water marbling, then I cannot wait until you perfect it :)

  11. Thank you so so much guys! <3
    *squishes everyone*

  12. Oh my goodness! its beautiful!!! The colors and everything look perfect with each other!

  13. where can you get the Flormor polish?


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