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Dollish Polish This is Halloween Collection Swatches

Good Morning and happy Monday! 

  Today I have a little treat for you and them I'm outie for another week while some UH-mazing ladies fill in for me so I can hurry up and get better( not feeling so hawt today.)

  I cannot express just how much I love the Dollish Polish's Halloween Collection. This collection is inspired by the cult Disney movie "A Nightmare before Christmas". I remember when this movie came out. I remember seeing it in movie theaters and thinking it was pretty much the best thing ever. The movie still has a special place in my heart to this day. SO, when Dolly contacted me about reviewing this collection I could not reply with "YESSSSSSS!!!!" fast enough. This is collection Halloween perfection. 
 To see close up's continue reading ♥.
  I'm really not feeling too well as I'm typing this so I won't be too chatty about the polishes but trust me when I tell you that I absolutely love these to bits. I am very hard-pressed to pick a fave as they are all just amazingly unique, perfectly named and so very inspired. I can really see each character, song and scene so aptly represented by these polishes. Dolly did a fantastic job of bottling the essence of the movie that inspired the polishes. 

Dollish Polish Spectral Pup over Barielle Allie's Lace

  I could not decide for the life of me what I wanted to layer this over but I loved how it looked it the bottle so much that I went with a lighter shade to get an effect close to what it looks like in the bottle. Spectral Pup is a beautiful blend of Coppery Orange Hexes and squares, White Hexes and Squares suspended in a shimmery, clear and glow in the dark base. How awesome is this polish?!!! And themed after Zero!!! And oh yes!! It def glows!

Dollish Polish I am the Boogie Man
How seriously amazing is this?!!! This polish could be layered or built up to opacity on it's own. For this swatch I chose to wear it on it's own. I used Three coats to build up the glitter. I am the Boogie Man is a murky shade of micro glitter with what looks like touches of golden with some larger green particles that add incredible depth and texture.

Dollish Pollish Deadly Nightshade
 I also chose to wear Deadly Nightshade on it's own but I also want to layer it. Anywho, Deadly Nightshade is a complex blend of micro Violet shimmer, Different sized of Aqua glitter and different sizes of Purple glitter. I really like the play on textures here.

Dollish Polish This is Halloween
Once again I chose to wear this one by itself and build it up to opacity with Three coats. This is Halloween is the perfect polish for Halloween and that is all there is to it. The blend here is all smaller glitters in Black, Green, Orange and maybe some Gold. This is an AMAZING Fall polish in general. It could also be layered.

Dollish Polish We're Simply Meant to Be over Color Club By Design
We're Simply Meant to Be is a perfect mix of Lavender smaller glitter with Blue and Gold Hexes as the main contrast with some Plum and Black accents. This is a really fun mix of glitters. The layering possibilities are many here.

Dollish Polish Something's Up with Jack over O.P.I Hi Pumpkin!
 I LOVE THIS! Something's Up with Jack is a perfect blend of Black and White Squares bars and hexes accented by Purple glitters in varying shapes. I still can't get over how much I love this combination so I'ma stop yaking and drool over this photo some more.... 

Dollish Polish What's This? What's This? over O.P.I Candlelight
 Another big OMGGGGG here for me. In this  What's This? What's This? we have the added bonus of a coppery-orange micro shimmer in the clear base that gives this glitter blend that extra "ooooh" factor. The blend here is very festive many different shapes and sizes of White, Purple, Green, Orange Black and smaller matter neon Green particles that are just barely there but oh-so-awesome. Not to mention, it is named after my favorite song/part in the movie!

Dollish Polish Vampire's Coven over Barielle Erica's Pencil Skirt
 Vampire's Coven is a deep blackened jelly base. I'm fairly certain this polish could we worn alone as well. I wanted to give it a lot of depth so I found a shade that was pretty much an exact match to the base color of the jelly. Vampire's Coven is a mix of Burgundy and Red glitters in smaller squares and hexes suspended in this deep jelly base. It is a dark and moody polish. Just beautiful. If you were looking for a perfect glittery vamp... Look for further than Vampire's Coven.
 Most of these are currently available on Dollish Polish's Site. I believe she will have a few more restocks this week. This is a very LE collection. Make sure to keep up with Dolly on her Facebook page so you don't miss out on your next chance to snag your favorite polishes from this collection as well as some of Dolly's other creations.

 I love these so much I could ramble like and idiot for hours and hours but I won't subject you guys to that. Just take my word of their awesomeness as I am still sitting here drooling over them and I am lucky enough to have them in my possession. I can't pick a fave... Can you?

(**Products provided for review**)


  1. i like the effect when it glows in the dark (sorry my english is soooo bad)

  2. Ummmm WOW these are amazing!! It's pretty much impossible to pick a favorite. Hope you can get some rest this week and feel better soon!

  3. I love this collection! I was only going to get a few but I ended up getting the whole collection. Your swatches really do this collection justice!

  4. These are all gorgeous! I can't wait till my set arrives =)

  5. Deadly Nightshade and Vampire's Coven are beautiful.

  6. Oooo... I really like Spectral Pup, so pumpkin'y! Yum! :P


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