Monday, October 22, 2012

Twee & Honey All Hallows Collection- Halloween 2012

Good afternoon!! 

  I seriously cannot believe it is Monday already.... I also cannot believe October is almost over. Where has this year gone?! Today I have one last Halloween Collection to show ou guys. This set comes from indie brand Twee & Honey. There are a lot of pretties in this set so I'm gonne get straight to it! 

Twee & Honey Hallow
 Hallow is a dreamy, shimmering White. This is one of those "squishy" Whites a lot of us love so much. The shimmer in the polish is so dreamy and just pretty. When I think of what "pretty" should look like, this polish comes to mind. This shade does well in Three easy coats. The formula is nice and easy to work with. This does dry a bit dull so a top coat is a must.

Twee & Honey Viscera over Zoya Ziv
 Viscera is a blend of small orange Squares, medium Orange Hexes, some White hexes and some sneaky hearts all suspended in a light Orange jelly base. For this look I layered Three thin coats of Viscera over Zoya Ziv for an interesting glowing finish. 

Twee & Honey Holey Sheet over Hipster Zombie
 Holey Sheet was an immediate stand-out for me.  This polish is made up of varying sizes of satiny White hexes suspended in a light, shimmery Seafoam base, there are also some opalescent flakies thrown in for good measure. This polish is ethereal and absolutely drool-worthy. I layered Two coats of Holey Sheet over Hipster Zombie. 

Twee & Honey Tutu over O.P.I Mourning Glory
 Tutu is a glitterbomb of epic proportions. This pretty is made up a small Magenta, light Pink and opalescent glitter base with accents of larger hexes in Magenta and light Pink. I layered Two coats of Tutu over my Black base. 

 Twee & Honey Ring Around the Rosey over Polished Components Thong
 Ring Around the Rosey is a blend of Red, Black and larger Black hexes and opalescent bits suspended in a rosey, shimmery base. There is a lot of texture in this polish. I layered Two coats over my base color. 

Twee & Honey Anathema
 Anathema is a deep, deep Teal-ish green jelly. In most light it almost looks Black, but it is definitelly a deep Green. The formula on this one is a little tricky so a patient hand is needed and wait between coats. I used Three thin coats.

Twee & Honey Miasmasb over Anathema 
 Miasmas is a holographic top coat with a sprinkling of Multichromatic glitter. Miasmas dries a little matte so a top coat is a must.

  And there you have Twee & Honey's Halloween collection. My faves would have to be Hallow, Holey Sheet and Tutu. I love T&H polishes. Her naming skills are freaking great and the lady behind the brand is a total sweetheart who knows how to bring the lols.

 Which are your faves? Also, what will you be dressing as this Halloween?

(**T&H polishes provided for review**)


  1. Holey Sheet is a cute name! :) I love Miasmasb! Very pretty!

  2. OOOOoooh Pretty! I like Miasmas and Tutu best. x

  3. Oh my goodness I love them all! The white is stunning :D

  4. Great swatches and review! I love your layering combinations, they are gorgeous! I've worn Ring Around the Rosy and I absolutely love it. I still have to wear my bottle of Hipster Zombie too!

  5. So clever to have a polish named after a song about the bubonic plague and have it be such a pretty mix of red and black glitters!! It's sort of really pretty take on all the red and black buboes...

  6. All are very pretty, but I prefer Tutu !
    Unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween in Switzerland, it is not as popular as in the US.
    Too bad :(

  7. Crap, now I have to add all these polishes to my wishlist. LOL. These are great!!

  8. So beautiful! I hate living in Australia for this darn reason! USA come at me! Beautiful, beautiful swatches :)

  9. Gorgeous! They don't post to Australia though :-( nooo! Probably for the best though-your swatches already make me buy WAY too many polishes!! Lol

  10. Oh I do so looove this post....problem is, you've created an unattainable lemming for ALL of them! I live in the UK & shipping doesn't come to here. Boohoohoo!x

  11. I'm hoping to fix that soon! Thanks for lemming stuff i made :D

  12. late late late reply is late buuut, I love this comment <3 - i love that you gals GET it! Thank You!


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