Tuesday, November 13, 2012

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection Swatches

Good afternoon!! 

  I can't believe I actually have this full collection in my hands! This is probably one of my most anticipated collections in a long time. The China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection!! This group of polishes is inspired and created for the release of the Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away movie. I've been a HUGE Cirque fan since I was a very young child. 
  I've seen the televised version of just about every Cirque show, my favorite is Dralion. I really want to see that show in person. I've also had the pleasure of seeing Two Cirque shows in person; Quidam and Saltimbanco. I've been really dying to see La Nouba. Which is the permanent show in Downtown Disney, Orlando. This collection already has a special place in my heart (and my polish racks).
 These colors really do remind me of Cirque du Soleil. The cremes are fabulous! They remind me of the striking colors in the face and body make up that makes Cirque du Soleil so special. The glitters have a playful quality about them and they are pretty unique. The Cirque collection really reminds me why I love China Glaze so much. They really know how to do vibrant shades so well. The range of shades and finishes in this collection is also pretty impressive.

To see full collection swatches just continue reading!

China Glaze Running in Circles
 Running in Circles is a stunning, bright Emerald Green glassfleck shimmer. The base is a bright Grassy Green jelly packed full of glowing Green glassfleck. In the bottle there is the slightest light Blue duochrome which does not really translate to the nail (when worn alone). I have not had a chance to layer this over a darker shade to see if I can get the duochrome to come out. The formula on this polish is very easy to work with and buildable. I used Three thin coats for the swatch above.

China Glaze Bend Over Backwards
 Bend Over Backwards is a deep Reddish Rust shimmer with strong Orange undertones. This polish has that glowing, burning quality that we seem to love so much in Fall colors. If you loved China Glaze's Riveting then you will absolutely love Bend Over Backwards. The formula on this color is flawless and does great in Two coats.

China Glaze Water you Waiting For
 Water You Waiting For is an amazing blend of micro Blue glitter laced with accents of Green and Purple glitter. All this glittery goodness is suspended in a lightly Blue tinged jelly base. The sparkle is out of this world and complex. This polish does great in Three thin coats and it applies very easily.

China Glaze It's a Trap-Eze
 It's a Trap-eze is a very, very light, almost White, Lavender base packed full of varying size hexes in a Rainbow of colors. This polish is the perfect glitter sammich in a bottle. The application of It's a Trap-eze is a little tricky because this is an extremely chunky polish. The best thing to do is keep a light hand that way you can manipulate the pieces if needed. For the pictures above I used Two coats of It's a Trap-eze and top coat because this dries a little gritty.

China Glaze Get Carried Away over China Glaze Gothic Lolita
 Get Carried Away is an amazing surprise in a bottle! I initially thought this was a Black jelly based polish with Silver and Copped accents. Lo and Behold turned out to be an AMAZING layering polish and it looks great over Purple. So what this really is... A sheer Black jelly base packed with small Black and Silver glitter interrupted by Large Copper, Black and Silver hexes as well as some Black bars. Get Carried Away is also very easy to work with, on the picture above I have one even coat of Get Carried Away over Gothic Lolita. I also topped it off with some Seche Vite to smooth it all out.

Now, Get Carried Away can also be built up to full opacity, in Three coats for me. BUT, I think a lot of the effect gets lost this way. When it's layered you can really see everything that is going on in the base. I.LOVE.this.Polish!!!!!!!!

China Glaze Whirled Away over Def Defying
 Whirled Away is a really fun mix of Black hexes and bars accented by larger White hexes suspended in a clear base. I really like the effect this polish creates. Something about it reminds me of clowns and the circus (I think that's what they were going for lol). I found this polish surprisingly easy to work with. I did one "dab" on each nail. Some slight manipulation is needed but the pieces do cooperate. Topped off with some Seche Vite to smooth out the surface.

China Glaze Escaping Reality
 Escaping Reality is a fantastic HOT HOT Pink creme. The formula on this color is very saturated and it has some slight neon pigmentation going on. This color reminds me of a shimmer-less version of China Glaze Love's a Beach from the Summer neons collection. In the photo above I have it shown minus top coat because I liked the cool rubberized finish it dried to. I only needed Two effortless coats of color and the application is very smooth.

China Glaze Igniting Love
 Igniting Love is a really beautiful Tomato red with slight Pink undertones. This is a very bright red. If there was such a thing as "neon Red", Igniting Love would be it. I love Reds like this one, they are very fun. The formula on this color is just beautiful, it has a great consistency. I only needed Two easy coats for full coverage.

China Glaze Surreal Appeal
 Surreal Appeal is a really pretty shade of vivid Coral with strong Pink undertones. This color also borders on the neon. Think of the prettiest shade of radioactive Melon you can and you get Surreal Appeal. This color is insanely flattering for how bright it is. The formula on this polish is a Two-coat dream. Shown with top coat for shine.

China Glaze Hanging in the Balance
THIS color gave me serious rage. Let me tell you why... This photo is nowhere near close to the actual shade. I tried taking photos in EIGHT different types of light and each try was worse than the last lol... So Hanging in the Balance is a true Cerulean Blue creme. Think of Pool Liner Blue with a touch of Green (which my camera refused to pick up). When wearing this color, make sure to definitely wear a base coat. Double up, heck triple up because this beauty is a stain-er. This shade has a great Two coat formula.

China Glaze Def Defying
 Def Defying is an epic shade of vivid Lime Green creme. This shade does lean a bit more on the Green side so it is quite wearable. There is something quirky and awesome and SO Cirque about this particular shade. The formula on this polish is really nice and does great in Two coats.

China Glaze Creative Fantasy
 Creative Fantasy is a beautiful shade of deep Royal(Amethyst) Purple creme. The perfect mix of Red and Blue. I swear my nails did not have bald spots at the cuticles, it's the way the Sun was hitting my nail and the way my camera captured the color (it had troubles with this one too). Creative Fantasy is quite more Red toned than my picture shows. The formula on this color is pretty good, but it does require some build up. I used Three thin coats for my photos.

 I really do love this collection and I don't want to pick favorites :D. I love them all! I know a lot of people had been looking forward to this collection so I hope they live up to expectations! They did mine. The official release date is December First but I've been told by readers that some independent beauty suppliers already have them as well as several e-tailers.

  Do you have a fave and will you bee seeing the movie?

(**CG products provided for review**)


  1. I FREAKING LOVE THESE!! I have been anticipating your review on these babies, before i only wanted three, NOW I WANT THEM ALLLLL!!! :)these are beyond gorgeous!

  2. This crazy, amazing post is one of the many reasons you're one of my favorite bloggers! Amazing pictures, amazing skillz, and ridiculously fast turn-around. Didn't you just get these in the mail yesterday? :)
    P.S. my wallet hates you

  3. DAMMIT! Why do they have to ALL be so freakn pretty? You brat. Now I may have to go to the stupid beauty supply tomorrow. ARGH!! Curses Cirque de stealin my payola! Dora

  4. Beautiful polishes! I love this collection been waiting to see swatches, so so gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  5. i really like a lot of these but surprisingly for me (given my INSANE LOVE FOR GLITTER) i am most excited about def defying! i just don't have anything that quite compares to that electric lime-y chartreuse-y awesomeness in my stash and i WANT IT.

  6. Man! They are all so beautiful!! I can't wait till I can get my hands on these!!

  7. These are nice and as usual, I am drawn to the glitters... :) Great pics.

  8. These ARE nice and as usual, I am drawn to the glitters! Great pics too.


  10. Beautiful pictures! The last polish actually looks interesting. ;) Like a gradient manicure in *one* bottle.

  11. Gorgeous!! Do you by any chance know how Def Defying compares to OPI Who The Shrek Are You or Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime? It kind of looks similar to me... I'm gonna ask you on IG too in case you don't see my comment :)

  12. I love your swatches of this collection, and I agree, ChG does an amazing job of putting together cohesive collections. All of these colors are beautiful and honestly there are only a handful I'm not interested in! This review puts my current no-buy in jeopardy.

  13. I ordered most of these and they come tomorrow, but I think I'm going to order the rest of the ones that I didn't get, because they are even more gorgeous than I could have imagined! Especially Def Defying, I can't believe I didn't order that one now!

  14. Oh my gosh! These all look freaking awesome! NEED NEED NEED!!!!! It's a Trap-eze looks AMAYYYYYZING!!!!

  15. I want It's a Trap-eze now, please and Thank you!!!

  16. I'm also a Fan of Cirque du Soleil, and I'm member of their club. I've been lucky enough to have seen Dralion, Saltimbanco, Varekai, Corteo, and already have tickets to see Alegría!!!
    I've been looking forward for this collection since I saw the first promo pictures! Looks so great.
    Thanks for the wonderful swatches!

  17. I must have Trap-eze! It's gorgeous! x

  18. This collection is amazing! I definitely need Defy Defying and Trap-eze! :D

  19. So glad to see ALL the shades from this collection - thanks for that. I am curious how Igniting Love compairs to that really bright red/orange ChG neon from 2010 called Koi (like the fish) something - that's what it reminds me of. The lime green one here I want to like but it's so not this time of yr despite all the color we are wearing in polish this yr...and it looks like a # of shades I have or have seen...thinking of a Sally Hanson one in particular but would need to look up the name - it's in the Insta Dry line as I recall. I really love, love It's a Trap-eze - it's about time one of the major brands came out with a 'kind of' milky white 'sammich in a bottle.' So many wonderful indies out there like that but have yet to see the big names do it and I love that look - this one is a tish of lavender gray base is nice. Know what you mean about getting blues to photo right - I cannot get a correct photo of OPI's Tomorrow never dies - it always looks blue in photos and it's really the most royal purple color in real life I ever have seen in a polish. Carried Away is a bit too 'taco' curling for me unless I could seal it down good with a sammaish. And again - we have a big name label finally doing a take on Stix and Stones - about time - not a hard one to do - what took so long? I would have liked to have seen the white hexes a little smaller than they are. Water You Waiting For? is GREAT...despite I am not a big glitter fan. Bend Over Backwards looks like that reddish orange brown one from both the OPI Germany collection and the reddish orange one from the OPI Skyfall collection - I think we have a lot of these around right now. Running in Circles is great - I hope I get into wearing these green shades more often than just holiday and St. Patty's day - I still have not embarrassed these level of what I think of as holiday greens yr round. I will get there - took me time to get on with the blues year round. Nice collection - not sure if I should wait for them to hit Sally's so I can use that discount or order on line now? They are not in my Sally's nor the other 2 Sally's i phoned. Driving me nuts how Sally's is so iffy - they don't have the holiday Fingerpaints yet - and they only got 9 of the 12 ChG Holiday Joy shades in - ugh...Nice to see another collection from ChG out before holiday now since these movie tie ins are so big & also their holiday collection was a little underwhelming. Thanks to much Christine for great photos and descriptions and showing the FULL collection and not just part of it.

  20. Is Hanging in the Balance like Sky High Tops, without the shimmer?

  21. Is Hanging in the Balance like Sky High Tops without the shimmer?

  22. Ahhhh I freaking love so many of these. And the indie style jelly glitters are freaking awesome. China Glaze never disappoints!

  23. I always LOVE your swatches. I am absolutely dying over It's A Trap-eze! ^_^

  24. oh my gosh!!! this line is amazing. the colors are all so pretty. i can't even choose one the i like the best. it's like impossible.


  25. I can't wait to get my hands on this collection! I really really REALLY want Get Carried Away. It I can just see this now over reds!

  26. ........................sorry, I was too busy drooling to remember what I wanted to say. Two words: GOR. GEOUS. Fantastic swatches!!

  27. Finally, good swatches, I think about Running in Circles and Hanging in the Balance and maybe Bend Over Backwards, because I love Riveting... :-)))

  28. THIS is the collection I have been waiting for! They are all absolutely amazing, I am definitely buying at least five... but what ones!? They're all so beautiful!

  29. I don't know what to do. I want all of them. They're just such fun colours and I love Cirque du Soleil. WHAT DO I DO

  30. Love the collection! Now I just have to decide which ones I MUST have. Thanks for the awesome swatch post! I was wondering if Surreal Appeal is a dupe for Pink Plumeria from the summer neon collection.

  31. OMG this collection looks freaking amazing! THANK YOU for all those awesome swatches!

  32. I wonder if any of these are dupes. The sparkly ones look like they could be. Like Emerald Sparkle and Dorothy Who. I'd love it if you or someone else would post some comparisons.

  33. I love the size and shape of your nails! You do some real beautiful work!


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