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Color Club In True Fashion Fall 2012 Collection Swatches

Good evening!! 

  Are you guys all prepped for Thanksgiving? Well, those of you celebrating tomorrow :). My mom and I are cooking Thankgsgiving dinner this year. I am pretty excited as I love Thanksgiving and all the yummy food! 
 So, I am pretty ashamed it took me this long to get through these swatches of the Color Club In True Fashion collection for Fall 2012. But hey! Better late than never right?! This will be my last post until Sunday, maybe Monday. I want to enjoy the Holiday and maybe even partake in some Black Friday madness... !!! So to those of you celebrating tomorrow; Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to those of you shopping on Black Friday!
To see swatches of these colors just continue reading! 
Color Club In the Limelight
 In the Limelight is, without a doubt, my favorite shade in this entire 12-piece collection. This is a very vivid shade of Periwinkle creme. This is an unique color in my collection which is nice. I'm just really in love with this particular shade of Blue-Purple-Periwinkle. The bummer? The formula on this color is pretty terrible. The main things I found problematic is that this shade has a thin, sheer formula. It likes to streak, drag and leave bald patches. The key is to keep a light hand and be patient. I used Three coats. Luckily, it dries fast! The trouble with the formula is so worth the color payoff for me!

Color Club By Design
 By Design is a nice, classic Fall Plum Purple creme. This is a nice shade but it is not particularly unique. This shade has a nice Two-coat formula.

Color Club Model Behavior
 Model Behavior is an outstanding shade of shimmering metallic Copper. Think of a bright, shiny new Penny and you get Model Behavior. I love that the formula on this color is not a brushtrokey mess, you can thank all that beautiful micro shimmer. This color applies very easily and does great in Two coats.

Color Club Muse-ical
Muse-ical is a very dark, Graphite Grey creme. Once again, nothing very unique but still a nice classic for Fall. This color has a great formula and could have almost been One coat, I did Two.

Color Club Look Book
 Look Book is a Coraly Red creme. I had trouble photographing this color as my camera wants to turn anything even remotely Coral into bright Orange :(. This is a nice cheery Red for Fall. Look Book has a great Two coat formula.

Color Club Style Icon
 Style Icon is a great dark, vampy Red creme, very traditional for Fall and the holiday season. The formula on this shade is very nice and I used Two coats.

Color Club Fashion Moment
 Fashion Moment is a Blackened Plum creme-jelly. This color looks Black in most lighting but once in a while you can catch the Purple glimpses. If you are into Vampy-Fall, this is your color. Fashion Moment has a nice Three- coat formula.

Color Club Editorial
 Editorial is in the Peridot green family. This color leans more on the Green side so I actually kind of like it. Editorial has a very shimmery formula, and unlike many other Peridot color, this one is not brushstrokey. I used Three thin coats for this swatch.

Color Club First Looks
 First Looks is a beautiful Blackened Teal shimmer. This color was also an immediate standout for me. The formula on this color is crazy saturated and pigmented. I could have done with one coat, but I did Two.

Color Club Personal Stylist
 Personal Stylist has the same shimmering qualities that Editorial does. This polish is an electric shade of glowing Cobalt Blue. I believe I used Three coats for this swatch. I really enjoyed this shade as well.

Color Club Show Time
 Show Time is a deep graphite creamy base with tons of Silver micro shimmer. This polish has a great formula and does great in Two coats. I really liked this shade a lot more on the nail than in the bottle.  

Color Club Port-Folio
Port-Folio is an amazing Violet-Green duochrome shimmer. This polish's color shift is very obvious and can be seen in any type of light. This is a crazy awesome polish and the formula on it is great! I believe I used Three coats for my swatch. 

 This is a nice collection, full of great classic colors as well as some beautiful stand-out shades. This collection is already available from many e-tailers! 

Which are your faves?

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  1. What a lovely collection! There are too many good ones to pick a favorite!

  2. Ohhhhhhhmygosh. I NEED that last colour!!! It kind of looks like one of the China Glaze Bohemians, but VIOLET DUOCHROME you say??!? Actually, I need the last four colours... Ehh, better make it five - I own Peridot and every dupe thereof but I still want this one too :3. Oh, and the first polish too, the blue one with the crappy formula. I don't even care, I'll still take it :)

  3. Ohh man. Port-Folio is blowing my mind right now! I need it! And a few others...

  4. Great swatches! I'm loving First Looks, which is such an un-Amanda color! Looks like a great collection with a lot of variety :)

  5. I love Editorial and First Looks. Great swatches!!!!

  6. In The Limelight and By Design are my two instant favorites from this collection.

  7. I especially like In The Limelight, First Looks and Port-Folio.

  8. An amazing collection of gorgeous polishes love them all especially port-folio, thanks for sharing x

  9. I like the Port duo chrome, the copper color and the teal, but I think the latter is close enough to L'Oreal's VIP Status that I may skip it.

  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that had a terrible time with In The Limelight. GREAT color... soooo hard to work with!

  11. These are really pretty. I like Editorial, First Looks, and Port-Folio a lot.

  12. I love that great shade of In The Limelight! I may be able to handle that formula for such a beautiful colour. And yes, Port-Folio is just all kinds of wow. Awesome swatches as always--thanks! :D

  13. Gorgeous swatches. I don't know how you find the time! Beautiful :)

  14. Really beautiful swatches. I want the whole collection . <3

  15. Oooh, I'm gaga for First Looks (is it too similar to Essie Dive Bar?) and Port-Folio!

  16. Great collection!! After seeing this I hopped over to Amazon and grabbed Port-folio and Editorial. They are only $6 and free shipping for anyone that is curious.

  17. My favorite is First Looks, but there are more pretties in there! Even though they might not be unique, good formula also means something :).


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