Monday, November 26, 2012

Color Club Winter Affair Holiday 2012 Collection Swatches

Hello and happy Monday!! 

  Today I have Color Club's newest collection for the Holidays; Winter Affair. This collection is made up of Five beautiful, jewel toned metallic beauties and one Flake top coat. It is my understanding that this collection is/will be available at Sally Beauty Supply. However, there are some discrepancies with some of the shades between the Sally's Winter Affair set and the set being sent by PR as well and being offered online and everywhere else CC is sold.  
 To see swatches and find out details about the colors just continue reading ♥.
Color Club Ho Ho Holly 
 Ho Ho Holly is a beautiful Forest green micro shimmer suspended in the most glorious shade of deep Green jelly. The shimmer in this beauty has a slight shift from Green/ Blue to Golden. There is actually quite a bit of Blue in this shade of Green, it is very Peacock-y. I love how the Golden flashes look like they are floating over the Green surface. Ho Ho Holly has a great ,Three- coat, formula.

Color Club Gift Of Sparkle (PR Version)
 Gift of Sparkle is one of the Two shades that are different at Sally's. This version of Gift of Sparkle is a pretty mix of micro Purple and Red glitter that make up the base and accents of Holo twinkling glitter. The balance of Red and Purple in the base is perfect and gives the polish, an almost, duochrome like effect. This color requires some build up for opacity and it is best to wait between coats, I used Three. This polish dries a bit gritty so a good top coat is a must. The Sally's version of this color is a deep Blue metallic scented shade much like last year's Cold Metal. 

Color Club Winter Affair (PR version)
 Winter Affair is the second shade that differs at Sally's. This version of Winter Affair is a stunning, Red toned Plum shimmer. This polish has a lovely glowing quality and beautiful darkened edges on the nail. The formula on this color is great and does well in Two coats. The Sally's version of this color is a Warm, scented Golden metallic much like last year's Gingerbread Man. I must say that this version is SO much more unique and complex!

Color Club Snowflakes over Winter Affair 
 Snowflakes is a pretty flake top coat. The shift in these flakes is from Copper/Red/Green/ Gold. This particular flake is along the same lines as Essie Shine of the Times, Nubar 2010. You get the idea, not unique but always pretty and welcome!

Color Club Berry and Bright 
 Berry and Bright is a beautiful metallic Red. The interesting thing about this pretty color is all the micro Purple shimmer that you can catch glimpses of when on the nail. I actually really like this shade of Red and it is so perfect for the holidays. It's a warmer take on the "Holiday Red". The formula is great on this color and only needs Two coats.

Color Club Glitter Wonderland 
 Glitter Wonderland is a great Red toned, metallic Amethyst purple. The base on this one also has tons of contrasting Blue shimmer. Very pretty color and great for Purple lovers everywhere! This color also has a fab formula and does well in Two coats.

  So to recap Gift of Sparkle and Winter Affair do have Two versions. One will be at Sally's and the other everywhere else CC is sold. I actually really like this small group of Holiday pretties. They are sparkly, vibrant and they all have great formulas!

Do you have a fave?

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  1. I think I like Color Clubs holiday collection better than China Glaze this year. I am currently wearing Ho Ho Holly and love it, although your swatch looks like it has more blue than mine...wierd. I also own Snowflakes and I cant get enough of it. I have been slapping it on top of everything lately. If you buy them from Sally's they are "scented" and I guess my Ho Ho Holly has a slight pine smell...maybe? Beautiful swatches lady!

  2. beautiful colors! my favourite is Gift Of Sparkle!!! simply love it!

  3. Fantastic swatches, I'm off to hunt for the collection now - Thanks!

  4. They are beautiful - thanks for sharing gorgeous swatches!

  5. I'm waiting for that collection for awhile ! Glad I saw some swatches. Thank you!

  6. Reeeeally hoping the Sally's version of Gift of Sparkle finds its way to Hong Kong because it's absolutely stunning!

  7. I like Glitter Wonderland a lot - picked that one up at Sally's...the other glitter purple I won't get as I have no where to purchase it but to order it on line and now that I know it's pretty gritty, not something I want anymore. Really a silly move on CC part to do same names, different shades per retail location. That just makes buying it on line (esp Amazon and evil bay) really a messy ordeal. I looked hard at the green but think I have others really similar. Not as cool as last holiday 2011 collection - I really love the Cinnamon Santa from that collection a lot.

  8. These are gorgeous! Ho Ho Holly struck me at first glance...such an awesome green!

  9. Thanks for sharing these great swatches, I am tempted to buy them all! I enjoy your blog so much that I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks also for being an inspiration!

    Have a great day!!

    Leslie (*^_^*)


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