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Indie Mania! KBShimmer Swatches

Monday Monday... 

  So when this indie brand contacted me I pretty much did a little dance, squeed and promptly replied with a big YES, I will feature you. The brand I am talking about is KBShimmer. Christy has been in the bath and beauty game for some time but just recently got into the polish- making game. KBShimmer nail polish first caught my eye when the brand was featured in this Beautylish article. I loved the uniqueness of her polishes, and the fact that they did not need undies (A base color). 
  There was no way I could narrow down which polishes to review so I asked Christy to send me some of her personal favorite polishes. I could not be more thrilled with the pretties if I had picked them myself. These are some of the most unique and beautiful polishes I've ever seen/ am happy to own!
To see swatches of these amazing indie beauties continue reading! 

 I don't want to repeat myself over and over so let me just say that the formula on every single one of these polishes is just incredible. First, the colored bases on these are the perfect balance between opaque and translucent. None of these polishes required a base color. All of these swatches of just Two coats of polish, except for Witch Way? for which I used Three coats. I don't know what kind of sorcery is in these polishes but the glitters have a perfect spread, there is absolutely no fishing and the larger chunks don't seem to do that think where they all want to clump at the free edge of the nail. They.Are.Perfect. Like jelly sammiches in a bottle.... These practically apply themselves, I didn't even have to do any clean-up! All swatches shown with a top coat to smooth out and bring out shine.

KBSHimmer Watercolor
 Watercolor is a beautiful crelly Sky Blue base accented with small Lavender glitter and  varying Hex glitter sizes in Holo Silver, Magenta, Purple, Fuchsia and Blue. This is delicate yet eye catching at the same time. I did Two coats of Watercolor. Cannot rave enough about the formula.

KBShimmer All Decked Out
 All Decked Out is part of the upcoming Holiday collection. This is an interesting Hunter Green crelly base accented by small Golden glitter and varying hex glitter sizes in Gold, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Blue and sneaky Gold stars. This is probably my new favorite Holiday polish and the most interesting. I love the daring base color in this polish and how interesting the glitter looks suspended in it.

KBShimmer in No Whine Left
 No Whine Left is a beautiful light Red toned Plum Purple crelly base with smalle Purple and Blue glitter as well as larger varying size hex glitters in Purple and Blue. The Blue glitter in this is a really nice touch. There is something grown up about this glitter polish.

KBShimmer Hex Appeal
 Hex Appeal is mind blowing! This pretty is an Indigo jelly base packed with varying size hexes in Silver, Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Blue and then there are these teeny-tiny holo bars and twinkly glitters in the base. This is really just an outstanding nail polish. I love how perfectly the glitter spread, and the great balance of different sizes of glitter on the nail. 

KBShimmer Cocoa Nut
 This is so delicious! Cocoa Nut is a yummy Chocolate Brown crelly base packed with micro- twinkly Golden glitter and smaller hexes in Raspberry and Red glitter. I was immediately craving chocolate-covered strawberries the second I saw this polish. This an insanely flattering color. This is a more subtle blend of glitter and creamy base. I'm a big fan of the little berry-toned twinkles my eye would catch with this one.

KBShimmer Witch Way?
Witch Way? is a deep Inky Purple jelly base packed full of smaller hexes and twinkly glitter all in Silver Holo. The glitter in this one is all the same color. I really liked the effect that building up the layers in this color created, a true jelly sammich in a bottle. For this one I used Three coats of the polish.

 I really cannot rave enough about these amazing and unique polishes. She has a great range of shades and blends in her shop. There is something for everyone. KBShimmer polishes definitely have a big spot in my top 2012 releases as of right MEOW! Check out the KBShimmer Site to see the full range of polishes, soaps, balms, scrubs, etc! With the holidays coming up, Christy's shop is a great one-stop-site!

  I WILL be back later with a Muffin Monday! She refused to cooperate yesterday so I am trying again later! I LOVE all of these. Do you have a fave?

(**KBSHimmer products provided for review**)


  1. It's hard to pick a favorite. Three of them I already own (my own blogpost today shows one of them), and the other three I'm waiting for the release on 11/15. I absolutely love KBShimmer polishes!

  2. That first one, I died. It was hard, but I recovered and scrolled... and died again. WHAT IS THIS WHY DOESN'T IT SHIP TO CANADA. Waah. ;_; (cries in my corner)

  3. no whine left*hex appeal*witch way*
    ma favourites :)
    i wish i had these great polishes, they loook sooooo awesome!
    and they really suit your nails, you habe beautiful looking nails :)

    love from germany

  4. Thy are all so beautiful! thanks for the great swatches! my absolute favourite is No Whine Left. I love how it looks with your skin tone!

  5. I love "All Decked Out" and "Witch Way"!!!! So pretty!!!

  6. which way blows my spectacular!

  7. gorgeous swatches!! I need Cocoa Nut!!

  8. I have Witch Way and it's awesome. Now I'm eyeing Cocoa Nut ...

  9. WOW. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the hex glitters (they're pretty, but I don't like wearing them) but these are stunning. It's been a while since I've wanted a nail polish so badly. Gorgeous!

  10. They are all so beautiful!! I think I'm going to NEED to pick up Watercolor it is just beautiful... and maybe Witch way? too.. and maybe All Decked out too... Ok maybe I need them all :)

  11. I think I'm going to have to buy Witch Way, No Whine and Decked Out!

  12. I'm not a huge fan of indie polishes, but these are... Wow!
    I love them, every single shade, it's impossibile to pick a fav one! :)

  13. They are all amazing, but Cocoa Nut is my favorite!! Never seen anything like it :D

  14. Watercolor and Witch Way? are perfect! Love these :)

  15. My Watercolor looks NOTHING like that! It took me 3 coats to make it even & is not anywhere near as vibrant :( Is this a new formula?

  16. these are all SO GORGEOUS. i have literally never seen a KBShimmer polish that i didn't like. if i could i would own every single one, they are definitely my most lemming'ed indie brand, hands down!

  17. These are amazing!! Witch Way looks like a beautiful starry sky

  18. Uh oh...All Decked Out just went on my list of the Christmas polishes I need from them. It is insanely gorgeous!

  19. I have two quick questions: When you use three coats of polish (like with Witch Way?), what kind of a top coat do you use? Do you always use the same base for all of your polishes? I'm relatively new to this obsession (and oh boy, have I become obsessed) so I haven't purchased a base coat yet.


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