Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sation Nailstock Collection Swatches and a bit of News

Happy Humpday! 

  Today is a special day for myself and Mr.LTHP (who is now on Twitter and IG @Mr_L_T_H_P go follow him for behind the scenes LTHP nonsense!). Today is our Three year wedding anniversary. May I say that these have been the fastest Three years of my life. It feels like just yesterday we were scrambling with wedding plans. Daniel (@Mr_L_T_H_P) is such an amazing husband. I really could not imagine a better man, he also also the reason why this blog exists. 
 My starting a blog was his idea, and with his support LTHP came to be. So yes, my polish addiction and all this craziness is in part his "fault" haha. He's an amazing person is all! So with that said, here are a few swatches of some of Sation's Nailstock Collection Colors. 

Sation RV There Yet?
 RV There Yet? is an AMAZING shade of creamy Teal. It is an unique color in that it is vivid, but Fall at the same time. It is a very clean and crisp shade of Teal, it seems to be the perfect middle-ground between Green and Blue. The formula on this color is very saturated with color but it is not thick. This color also dries to a cool semi-rubbery finish as seen in this photo. RV There Yet? does great in Two easy coats. I LOVE this shade!

Sation I Paint in Peace
 Dat Green! I Paint in Peace is a fantastic shade of deep Moss green creme laced with fine Silvery and light Green micro shimmer. This is a beautiful shade of Green and the shimmer really gives it a very unique touch, like a shimmery dustiness to the base color.  The formula on this shade is buttery smooth and does great in Two coats.

Sation I'm with the Bandanna
 Pardon the odd coloring of my skin in the next photos. One of my lights died the day I did the swatches for this collection. So I'm with the Bandanna is an almost metallic Taupe. This is an uber flattering color, and I love that it is not a taupe creme. Think of O.P.I You don't know Jacques but give it an intense, very dense shimmer finish and you get I'm with the Bandanna. I'm so happy that it is not a creme! The formula on this color is amazing and could have almost done with one coat but I did Two coats. This is a nice twist on a Fall classic shade.

Sation Imagine-Sation
 At first I was convinced that I was not going to like this color, and then I applied it and ate my words. See, in the bottle this looks like another deep Brown creme. Here's the kicker, it is actually a deep, deep Burgundy jelly with some brown undertones. Imagine-Sation is very vampy and has a very high shine. The formula on this color was just a little runny, so a light patient hand is necessary to achieve a smooth, even surface. I was pleasantly surprised with this shade.

 The Sation Nailstock collection is available now on the Miss Pro Nail site and they retail for $5.00. Now this is only Four of the shades but the collection is made up of quite a few more shades. If these Four are any indication of the rest of the collection then I must assume that they are all beautiful as well.

  Now I'm off to spend the day with the hubs and celebrate this awesome day!

(**Products provided for review**)


  1. These are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, your nails look great

  2. oh wow, these are all GORGEOUS! I've seen some of these swatched before but none of them looked as pretty as your swatches. I think I need them all.

    Happy anniversary!!! Hope your day is wonderful.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! My favorite is RV There Yet although none of them really blow my skirts up!

  4. Happy third you guys! I finally did a Sation order last month and really like the few things I got.

  5. RV there yet? IDK but I love that shade. Happy Anniversary,

  6. Happy anniversary!

    I'm loving the dark jelly, so pretty.

  7. All these polishes are so pretty!!!!! Happy anniversary!!! :)

  8. Congratulations on three happy year of marriage and I hope you have many many more!!

    I love RV there yet! Awesome colour & awesome name!

  9. Happy Happy Anniversary :))))

    I understand about how "time flies"--I've been married for 20 years and I can't believe it's been that long! You'll be there soon enough ;)

    Beautiful swatches as always--I hope you two have a wonderful time xoxo

  10. I love everyone of these!!! I usually have one or two that I don't care for, but this hits it. I also love that they're not expensive. Homerun!

  11. Gorgeous pictures of lovely polishes. I love my Sations!

  12. Beautiful shades, all of them!
    Happy anniversary!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!

    I need to get I'm with the Bandanna!

  14. Happy Anniversary! I'm so happy for you in that you have such a supportive and intuitive husband. I have a feeling that you struggle with some of the same depression/anxiety issues that I experience and your hubby knows that anything that involves nails is a very therapeutic process for you. He knew that and wanted to see you happy! ((Hugs.)) -Marisa

  15. Oh my goodness! November 7th, 2012 was my 3 year anniversary too. And also have a fantastic hubby! Love the swatches!

  16. Sation I'm with the Bandanna looks a lot like ulta chic peek, any idea how close they are?


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