Wednesday, December 26, 2012

31 Day Challenge 2011-2012 Re-Cap Post!!

Hello darlings!! 

  This is a quick post to update you guys on my new "31 Days of Nail Art" Tab. It has been updated with the photos from the 31 Day Challenge looks of 2012. But just for fun...

Day 1: Red 2011-2012
To see the rest of the looks just keep on reading :D! 

 For more details on these manicres you can head to my 31 Day Challenge tab under the Categories column or you can head to the [31 Days of Nail Art 2011-2012] Page at the top of the blog ♥.

Ok! I'm off to finalize my "top of 2012" lists... I keep changing my mind lol!! There were seriously SO many amazing colors this year!! 


  1. So many cute designs Cristina!


  2. I love seeing the progress from last year to this year. You've definitely improved!

    I noticed somewhere that you said you like how your pics look when your nails are shorter and I didn't realize that I totally agree! Shorter is better.

  3. I love ALL of these designs - every last one! I followed the 31 day challenge as it was happening last year and this year! I don't know how you girls do all those. I love your pics regardless of nail length but I do tend to prefer the short nails just a little more.


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