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Fun with @NakedCosmetics Shock Effect Pigment Set and @Ardell_Lashes #EOTD/#FOTD Looks!

Hello my lovelies!!! 

  I know today is supposed to be a challenge day but I honestly kind of forgot until the last minute yesterday. By the time I had realized I was supposed to be doing my Supernatural nails, I was already shut down for the day lol. So, I checked with you guys on Facebook to see if it was cool to show you some makeup looks instead :D. I will absolutely be back at some point soon with my challenge nails. 
  These look feature (for the most part) an amazing pigment set I got at The Makeup Show Orlando, back in November. One of the brands that captured my heart was Naked Cosmetics. They display was a SEA of beautiful loose pigment and glitter sets. I practically flew over to their booth and was paying for my Shock Effect set before I even realized what had happened. I didn't really have a hard time choosing this "palette" out from all the beautiful sets because the colors were the brightest and they really JUMPED out at me. Don't get me wrong though, had I not been on a tighter budget, many more sets would have come home with me.  
 I am also, pretty much, obsessed with the new Ardell Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection lashes. I got Four of the Six sets, but I'm thinking I really want to go back for the Two I am missing. I've only worn Two of my sets so far but it is safe to say that I LOVE them. They are dramatic, unique and just plain fun! Just in time for the Holidays.
  I am pretty much madly in love with these pigments and lashes. The pigments are very versatile! They can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and even on the lips. They can be built up to be very vibrant, or blended out for a pretty flush of unique color. I'm always intimidated by loose pigments, because I am not a fan of "fallout". I am happy to report that these are deliciously creamy in texture, they are easy to blend and build up. I did not have an issue with fallout at all. I am very pleased with the color payoff in these babies. I did use my NYX primer (Skintone) and my NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk as a base for these looks to really make the pigments pop. These can be worn dry, wet or with primer. They are really very, very versatile.

 To read me rave some more about my Naked Cosmetics pigments, my beautiful new Ardell lashes and see close ups of these looks just keep on reading ♥.

 I still feel like a little girl playing with mommy's makeup sometimes, BUT I really think I'm getting better at this lol. I'm really having fun playing with bolder colors and looks. I am also having a lot of fun playing with different types of lashes and cat-eyes. Practice makes perfect, right? 

  All these looks are done over a primed eyelid and lower lashline. I use the NYX Skintone primer followed by a light layer of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to bring the colors out. 

Fairy Brights/ Ardell Surreal Lashes. 
 This is a pretty simple look but very colorful. I am pretty much obssesed with these lashes, BTW. I got So many compliments the day I wore them. This look features pigments from the Shock Effect set. I am pretty bummed that these pigments are not named. It makes the look harder to go through. So on my lid (from outer corner to inner corner): Shock Effect #05, #06, #04. On my inner corner close t the nose there is a little bit of blended out #01. This shade can go from bright Yellow, to soft Honey Gold depending on how much you pack it, and what it is layered over. On my browbone is Lime Crime Magic Dust in Cupcake Thief. 
 On my bottom lashline (from outer corner to inner corner) I have Shock Effect in #03, #02, #01 . The lashes are from Ardell's Cirque Collection, the Surreal set. They add just a hint of glittery goodness. Perfect for holiday parties, or feeling like an overall fairy. I am a FAN! I did the cat eye with Milani's EyeTech Extreme Felt Tip liner. I did my waterline with L'oreal HIP Black Pencil liner. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies. Brows filled in with Senna brow powder and pomade(♥). 
 Note: I am still new to lash application/ working with lashes. I'm not fantastic at it but I am getting more comfortable with the process. 
 On my lips is Revlon Balm Stain in Sweetheart with NYX Soft matte creme color in Addis Ababba. 
 I painted some bobby pins in Zoya Meg :).

Gilded Mermaid/ Ardell Mystical Lashes
  I really love metallic Gold eyeshadows. I want ALL the Gold eyeshadows! The Gold in my inner corner is Maybelline's Golden Halo. On my crease and outer corner of my lower lashline I have Shock Effect pigment #03. I darkened my outer corner on my lid with Milani pressed powder shadow in Just Perfect and Olympian.
 I lined my waterline with Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in Brown Deluxe. The lashes are from Ardell's Cirque Collection, Mystical Set. Very dramatic and full, I love the Black glitter strip.
 My lips were done up in LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in Lambchop. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies. Brows filled in with Senna brow powder and pomade(♥).

Ice King Queen
  This was a super fast, Five minute look. I have Shock Effect Pigment in #06 and #04 on my eyelids. I did #06 all over my lid and crease and did a little bit of #04 on the center of my lid to create a pretty Violet duochrome. My lower lashline and waterline were done in Milani Shadow Eyez pencil in Aquatic Style
  My lips were done in AJ Crimson Kissable Couture in MysteriousI did my waterline with L'oreal HIP Black Pencil liner. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies. Brows filled in with Senna brow powder and pomade(♥).

Flower Power/ Ardell Accent Lashes 301
 This look also features mostly Shock Effect Pigments. On my eye lid I am wearing Sock Effect #04 on the center of my lid, #01 on my inner corner and #05 on my outer corner and blended up into my crease and browbone. My browbone was done in Lime Crime Cupcake Thief. My lower lash line was done with Sock Effect #06, Milani Shadow Eyez in Aquatic Style and Shock Effect in #02. I did my waterline with L'oreal HIP Black Pencil liner. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies. Brows filled in with Senna brow powder and pomade(♥). I am wearing accent lashes by Ardell, 301-Black. 

 Now for fun! Here are some shots of the Naked Cosmetics Booth from The Makeup Show Orlando. Photos courtesy of Mr.LTHP. Can you spot the Shock Effect set ;-)?
 They were not all shimmery, they also had some loose matte pigments in neutral tones. they also had BEAUTIFUL loose glitters.
 I am really hoping to get my hands on a few more of their beautiful pigments. I am so happy with this purchase. I think I remember some pastels and some delish Golden-Copper-Bronze Metallic that have my name written all over them. The girls at the booth were awesome and very helpful! Their booth was really cute too, I could have not passed it up even if I wanted to. Naked Cosmetics Pigments get a big Thumbs up from me!  
 I hope to get to wear the rest of my Ardell Cirque lashes soon! They are so beautiful and different. I wish lashes like these that Ardell just did for their Cirque collection were made more often by mainstream companies. They are so much fun!!! I will have a recap post of all the lashes soon! 
 I hope you guys enjoyed these looks! Don't forget to checkout my Zoya Giveaway!! 


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! Love the lashes and colors!!

  2. Beautiful makeup! You go girls, show us more!

  3. Gorgeous looks! Those lashes are unbelievable!! I know the focus isn't on your hair, but it looks FAB!

  4. Wow these looks are fantastic! I like the last one the most since it was most rainbowy :D

  5. Bright colors are totally not my thing (I can't believe I haven't convinced yet myself to shell out for Naked given my love of neutrals, quite frankly), but WOW, everything looks amazing on you! And your hair is absolutely just the cherry on top.


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