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LTHP's Brand Crush of 2012!! Miss Pro Nail- Sation

Hello and happy new year's eve!!! 

  I'm kinda depressed about this year ending :(... For some reason I feel so unfulfilled for 2012... Like I got nothing done :(. I will tell you who got something done this year though, the AMAZING people over at Sation! This brand totally blindsided me this year. Sation is an old brand but in the past year they went through a MAJOR revamping. They re-designed the bottles, the brush and the formulation of their polishes. I love many brands but Sation has a special place in my heart and I will go on about that through out the entire post. 
  I pretty much fell in love with the new Sation the second I received my first batch of polishes for review. They were all so bright, the names were so quirky and unique. The girls at Sation are a pleasure to work with and I have nothing but praise for their treatment of me, and I'm sure all their customers.  To put it in plain and simple terms I just love Sation's vibe and their colors make me so very happy! 
To see a little re-cap of "LTHP's Year in Sation" just keep on reading! 

 My introduction to the brand was a bright one! The firts batch of polishes I saw were from their California Gleamin' Collection (Summer 2012). I was smitten with the amazingly formulated neons and the incredible shimmers that left me utterly speechless.  
  Sation's neons are deliciously jelly-like in texture, but they build up to opacity like a creme. I've yet to come accross a Sation polish that had/has a problem formula. Some of my favorite colors of the year were in this collection...

 Starting with this AMAZING shade of bright NEON Yellow. This baby is Let's make Lemonade.  I couldn't believe the formula on this shade!! It is just perfect!

 How about Oh my Oceania? Remember this baby?! I've never had so many people ask me about a color before in my life. I think this might be my most favorite color of 2012 overall! And that is a big claim to make but just look at this beauty!!!

 Ahhh Miss Mc Teal. Another stunning shimmer by Sation!

 The Summer brightness was followed by a set of Six classic and beautiul cremes for the Little Horse on the Prairie Collection, Fall 2012. Have I told you guys about how much I love Sation's polish names? The girls really put a lot of time and thought into the naming process and it really shows. They also put out some of the most cohesive collections of the year. I am a sucker for a collection that has a flow thrhough all the colors.

 Weed out the Wimps was a fast favorite for me. I love the simple beauty of this flattering Sage green creme.

 And then there was Rock a Guy Blue. This shade is rugged yet sexy and the formula on this shade is just !!!! ♥.

The muted Fall was followed by a super fun collection called Class of Sation. This group of color is probably one of my favorites ever. All these shades were really "young". Meaning, brights, glitters and shimmers. Oh and the names!! The names in this collection were hilariously clever and so fitting to each shade. It was like the girls at Sation got together and made a collection just for me!

Loudest Color did me in the second I slapped it on!

 But the real star for me was Miss Emo Shun All. This deep shade of Indigo Purple creme is like nothing I had seen before! Still to this day I am in awe of this shade!

Later on the released a "totally groovy" collection inspired by Woodstock. The Nailstock collection was made up of Earthy tones and classically awesome shades!

 And then came the Glitter 1 series!! It was SO refreshing to see a "big company" take on quirky glitters. I love how the girls at Sation took notice of what the nail community was asking for: MORE GLITTER!! I loved the indie vibe of these amazingly unique toppers.
  Sation went all out with shard glitters, black particles and neon glitters!! These babies have great formulas and they are just amazing! Brava Sation for taking risks!!!
 Tall Dark and Has Some is definitelly a must have for anyone who loves Blue and glitter! And then there was Ego Friendlly and it's amazing mix of "toxic waste" shardy goodnes! I can't.. these are just too good!!!!!

 Sation colors also inspired some of my favorite nail art looks of 2012!!
 And with this post I bring my favorites of 2012 to a close! I hope 2013 is as amazing in nail polish as 2012 was. I hope Sation continues to be awesome and I am so very excited to see what the girls have up their sleeves for us in the coming year! 
Sation polishes are available from and they retail for $5-$7. 

 Which brand(s) blew you away this year?


  1. Wow, these are great!!!! I love every single color, and the names are so creative!! Awesome nail art too :) Happy New Year!!

  2. I am sooooooooooooo glad that Sation is now sold at TJ Maxx! I only have one so far--Loudest Color--but I am definitely going to be picking up more. I especially like Rock a Guy Blue and Miss Emo Shun All.

  3. hat magnificent colors - i get why you love them so much! ;)

  4. rock blue is very pretty , and also the green one with black light didn't see the name

  5. yes, very well chosen. I think they've had a fab year, and you did your job well - thanks to your review of Oh Oceania, I now own about 10 lol and it's not enough !! xxxx

  6. Gorgeous colors, I love their polishes!

  7. I discovered Sation a few weeks ago. I found Videogame Vixen at Marshalls and couldn't pass it up...LOVE IT. I definitely think I will investing in more Sation polishes & hopefully I can find Oceania - it is breathtaking!


  8. all absolutely beautiful!

    I invite you to my blog :)

  9. Wow...clearly I need to pay more attention to Sation!! There are some truly amazing colors!!!

  10. I've seen them at TJ Maxx but didn't know anything about the brand so I haven't tried them out. I may have to pick a couple up the next time I see them!

  11. I couldn't agree more! Oh My Oceana! helped me to cool my fiery lemming for Aqua Lily! I still love this one SO MUCH even though I am fortunate to have both :). Happy New Year!

  12. I totally agree! I hope more people get to experience sation because it's fantastic quality and original polish shades!

  13. I totally agree! I hope more people get to experience sation because it's fantastic quality and original polish shades!

  14. I absolutely love Miss Emo Shun All!! I see why you love it!!

  15. I fell in love with Sation too!! I absolutely loved reading all your faves!

  16. Wow, I love these colours! So bright and original! I'm checking out their site now :)

  17. I've been thinking of doing a post entitled 2012: The Year of Sation! I really fell in love with them too. So many gorgeous colors, great price & some excellent collections.

    Your post it terrific & I couldn't agree more!


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