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LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top 10 International Picks

Hi and happy Friday!! 

  This year I had the chance to try even more brands from other countries, which I LOVED!! I had the wonderful opportunity to receive my first Catrice polishes! I also got some new beauties by Ozotic and some stunners from A England, of course! Bettina was a little quiet this year but they still managed to knock my socks off with a few shades. AND THENNNN there was MaxFactor Fantasy Fire.... Let's get on with it shall we?! 
 To find out more about my top ten international polishes of 2012 just continue reading! 
A England Dragon
  Quite honestly, this whole collection (The Legend) was on my top picks for 2012. Adina did such an amazing job on every single one of these polishes. I remember when they first came out. This was the first collection that really, truly impressed me 100%! Dragon was a definite stand out for me with it's Green/ Golden/ Holographic perfection.

A England Beauty Never Fails 
 This beauty is a newer addition to the A England lineup and it is a part of the Heavenly Quotes series. This deep toned of Gilded Olive is just so very special, classy, yet different.  I just plain 'ol LOVE this!

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire (Shown over Revlon Royal here)
 I was SO lucky to make an awesome blogger friend in the UK that was able to send, not one of these babies my way, but Three. Yes.. I have Three bottles of Fantasy Fire. I was never lucky enough to get my hands on Clarins 230 so when Fantasy Fire came out I knew I needed to have some. I know they are not dead on dupes but they are both extreme beauties. I don't really need to go on about why I love this right ;)?

Bettina Gabrielle
Gabrielle *swoooooon*. This is just a stunning shade of light Teal creme, just a touch Greener in real life. In the creamy base there are delicate glassfleck bits that shift from Pink to Violet to Aqua. The formula on this shade is as close to perfect as it gets, I used Two buttery coats.

Ozotic Sugar 901 (Over a deep Plum creme)
I am a sucker for layering polishes! This beauty by Ozotic is a Pink glassfleck with slight Golden- Purple- Copper multichome. This polish is pretty dense so I only needed one coat of 901 over my deep Plum base to create this pretty, gilded effect. It's just so pretty and versatile. 

Catrice King of Greens
 I don't really need to explain this do I? I mean just look at that shimmer and that glassy smooth surface! This one is a case of "I just plain like this A LOT" lol.

Bettina Peaches N Creme
 Peaches 'n' Creme is my perfect shade of "murky" peach. I just loved how it looked on my nails. I know it looks vivid and clean in my photo (thanks Ott lite... le sigh). So picture this exact same color but with a hint of "smoke". If you like China Glaze's Peachy Keen then you will like Bettina's Peaches n Creme. They are not dupes, but def in the same family. 

Catrice Birdie Reloaded
 Birdie Reloaded is regarded as a dupe for Chanel Mimosa. I do not own the Chanel so I can't comp them. Anywho, I just loved this Sunny shade of slightly shimmery Yellow. I could not believe the formula on this shade. I remember doing Two coats, but being able to practically get away with one. This is just beautiful!
Catrice Heavy Metallilac
 This shade of Purple reminded me of just how much I love Purple. I loved the density of this shade and the beautiful flashes of metallic Pinks shimmer.

A England St. George
 Yeah, so this doesn't need an explanation does it? Deep Teal holographic with the most fantastic formula ever?! Um yeah! By default it belongs on this list and I wouldn't have it any other way! St. George is perfection! 

 So, those are my top 10 international picks for this year. This list could have been 25 polishes long quite honestly :). As I keep saying... 2012 was a FANTASTIC year for us nail junkies with all these beauties!

 Which international pretties made your top polishes for 2012? Any of these tickle your fancy?


  1. Awesome picks! Man, I am loving that peach Bettina polish!!

  2. Catrice's King of Greens is radiant. Love the color.


  3. Awesome picks - again ;-)!!! I agree this year was full of stunning new polishes!!!

  4. oh wow, i somehow missed Bettina Gabrielle. Stunner!

  5. Catrice is surprisingly amazing,isn't it? Heavy Metallilac is one of my favorites too, didn't expect such a great color! After Eight is another great one!

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

  6. With the exception of the Bettina's, I have most of these polishes and I 100% agree with you! Stunning! Saint George is one of my favorite polishes of all time. Simply gorgeous!

  7. I was just thinking about my top 10 for 2012 list and definitely agree about Saint George. Cult Nails Bitten will also make my list. I am very jealous of you with Heavy Metallilac; it is stunning.

  8. Nice list :) I have three of them in my stash :)

  9. The cult of Clarins 230 is well-known, but what I want to know is, why doesn't Clarins produce it again? They have a definite money-maker on their hands. It seems odd that they wouldn't take advantage of it!

  10. Every single one of your picks is gorgeous.

  11. Both A-England and Catrice are great brands that I like a lot!

  12. What a fantastic list. As always it gives me nail envy but I am pleased that I won two of the a-England polishes :). Great post xx

  13. Awesome picks! I am so jealous of your three bottles of Fantasy Fire!! That Bettina Peaches N Creme is to die for! I am stuck on orange right now and it's just perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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