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LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top 20 Mainstream Picks

Good morning awesome people! 

  Today I will be showing you guys my most favorite mainstream polishes of 2012. I was trying so very hard to narrow this list down to 10 polishes but I just did not happen, 20 felt right. These are polishes by "big brands". I feel like I will repeat myself quite a bit throughout these "faves" posts because 2012 was a very strong year for nail polish. 
 As you can see I developed a "thing" this year for Golds, Greens, Purples and Golden tones. It was like the nail polish gods got together and started putting out stunning shades based around my dreams(yes I dream of polish... and makeup:). Honestly, this list could be 50 polishes long. But, I will not subject you guys to that nonsense haha! 
To see my picks continue reading ♥.

 I will not go into full details about my picks since I've already covered them before. These are the polishes that made my jaw drop, my hear beat faster and my eyes practically tear up with joy. Bravo 2012!! In no particular order I give you: My top mainstream polishes of 2012! 
Jordana Bronze Fest/ Spring- Summer 2012

 Bronze Fest is just so pretty and unique. I love the dense blend of rich Bronze and Gold. At the time when this came out, there was nothing else like it and to this day there is still nothing like it in my collection. I just love it!

Color Club In the Limelight/ Fall 2012
 This vivid shade of Periwinkle creme gave me a hard time come application but I will gladly put up wit it because this color is simply to die for! I just love how chic it looks.

China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard/ Summer 2012
 Do I really need to explain this one? ;)!

Zoya Aurora/ Holiday 2012
 Or this one?
O.P.I Every Month is Oktoberfest/ Fall 2012
 Or this one?! I mean seriously! Just.... I can't even... I'm still in awo of these polishes as you can see.

Zoya Frida/ Fall 2012
 This year Zoya gave us JELLIESSSS!!! And a Teal one at that!! This color had a mixed reception but I just adore it. I adore it on its own and I adore how versatile it is in terms of sammiches or just general layering to create beautiful effects.

China Glaze Sunkissed
  The whole Summer Neons 2012 Collection by China Glaze was really beautiful but Sunkissed is just something else entirely!

Color Club Daisy Does It/ Summer 2012
 To put it simply, this color just makes me happy! I can't help but smile when I look at this photo.

O.P.I Germanicure/ Fall 2012
 Hang on... still drooling....

China Glaze Running in Circles/ Holiday 2012 (Cirque Du Soleil)
I mean really!! This polish is like wearing crushed Emeralds on my nails! 

Zoya Wednesday/ Summer 2012
 I loved Wednesday because of its simple beauty. This color is soothing, yet eye catching and a little different. You can't go wrong with Aqua in my eyes.

Zoya Ziv/ Holiday 2012
 I want to cover my body in this and walk around like some sort of Egyptian goddess statue.

Zoya Natty/ Fall 2012
 Simple, classic, trendy and beautiful. This shade of cadet Blue is simply timeless.

O.P.I Goldeneye/ Winter-Holiday 2012 (Skyfall)
 Just look at it!
Jordana Sequins/ Summer 2012
 This was another uber fun glitter from Jordana that really surprised me! It was so nice to see a bigger company having fun with quirky glitters.

China Glaze Riveting/ Summer 2012 (The Hunger Games)
 This is not the best photo but this glowing shade of rich Tangerine Orange is just amazingly beautiful.

Milani Key West/ Spring- Summer 2012
Another not so great photo... But this polish is just beautiful and it is named after, what is probably, my favorite place in the world. Key West is incredibly vivid and flashy.

Nicole by O.P.I Mer-maid for Each other/ Fall 2012
  I could not stop staring at my nail when I wore this. I kept catching myself staring at them in public.. I was embarrassing.

Zoya Zuza/ Summer 2012
This list would not be complete without this amazing color. I wore this on my toes for about Two months...

Nicole by O.P.I If the Blue Fits/ Fall 2012
 I'm a sucker for this shade... It's just so sexy, but in a different sort of way.

 And there you have my Top 20 mainstream brand picks for 2012. You may notice a blatant lack of Purple. Now, I LOVE Purple... But was it just me, or was every Purple released this year kinda dupey? Remember when everyone went crazy making Red toned Purples with the fine golden shimmer (Zoya Tru, Lotus, O.P.I Dutch ya just love OPI?, Nicole by OPI Purple yourself together)? Very pretty shades. I love them. But when everyone starts making their own version of the same concept, I get burnt out, and quick! Then there was the "chromey purples" with the Gold flashes. Remember those (China Glaze Bohemian, NOPI Iris my Case)? Again, all beautiful, but all the same :(.
 So for me this year was all about the beautiful Oranges and Aquas. I also loved the rich Golds and the amazing Greens! There was a lot of beautiful cremes and some stunning shimmers as well. 2012 nail polishes have been tough to break down into faves for me... There were really a LOT of beauties!

 Which made your favorites for 2012? Which do you think should have made my list?


  1. My top 3 of this list are:

    Zoya Wednesday
    Zoya Natty
    Milani Key West

    Coincidentally they are all part of the blue/teal group.

  2. I am so glad I was not the only one going through selection agony when it was time to consider this years favorites ;-). In my opinion there are two brands out there that scored throughout the year with releasing one amazing Collection after the other. Those being Zoya and Butter London. To name three of my favs: Zoya Song, Butter London Two Fingered Salute and BB Couture African Queen

  3. ... and I forgot to mention: your Top 20 are all awesome

  4. These are all awesome picks! I laughed when you kept saying "or this one?" hehe.

    Some of my favs were Zoya Carly, OPI Pedal Faster Suzi, Essie Mojito Madness, and Essie Where's my Chauffeur.

  5. You have awesome taste in polish! I agree with a lot of these :D

  6. Wow this entire list! I found polishes on here that I want now! Mostly Zoyas, and I never find myself wanting have good taste!

  7. CG Riveting is on my 20 favorite polishes ever and now I'm in love with Milani Key West! OMG, what a stunning colour, I have to buy that! :-)

  8. Dammit, I NEED Frida. NEED!!!!

    Great picks! I have many ;)

  9. fantastic picks. i loved wednesday as well and wore it several times this year. i am slowly collecting the skyfall collection because i think they are all so beautiful.

  10. It's so funny that the sparkly turquoise Milani is named Key West, because not only is today my first time ever seeing that polish, but I just happen to be on vacation in Key West right now too!

  11. Nice! I had four of these in my top 10 as well! :)

  12. This list is just too good! I love If the Blue gorgeous!!

  13. This is a great list but I actually had Milani - Key West sent over from America because I loved your swatch of it so much, but when I got it, it looked completely different! Very upset!! :( lol

  14. It's because of your blog that I own 8 of these polishes!! Thanks!! :)

  15. I LOVED all of China Glaze's summer neons, but I agree that I'm With The Lifeguard was a total standout. Love it. Others I loved were China Glaze It's A Trap-eze, OPI Care to Danse?, Essie Good as Gold, Zoya Natty, OPI Germanicure by OPI, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, China Glaze Riveting, OPI Fly, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Freeze!, and Essie Ole Caliente.

  16. I'm gonna have to say that OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest was hands down my favorite polish this year. It was sooooo gorgeous! I'm actually wearing Zoya Frida right now. Absolutely love it! Huge fan of jellies and my nails are quite short so VNL is never that big of a deal to me.

  17. Nice choices! I love all the pictures, it's always fun to see everyone's list. I wanted to note 2 things. 1) Nicole by OPI Mermaid for Each Other is a dupe of China Glaze Unpredictable. 2) I checked in the drugstore today and Key West is still available. In case anyone other than me is curious, LOL.

  18. Wow this has given me serious nail polish envy. Your choices are fantastic. I just got running in circles as a gift and I'm saving it for New Years :) xx

  19. These are all so gorgeous--a lot of my favourites made your list too!

  20. Good Lord, that Milani polish is INCREDIBLE! Have to have it! Especially since I'm in my metallic/foil phase now

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

  21. That's it. You're the best. Your description of Zoya Ziv had me out-loud laughing. Nails and humor in one package? Too good to be true.

  22. I have 7 out of those 20.:)I have trouble remembering if certain polishes came out in 2012 or before, but Zoya Aurora is my favorite of ones that I am sure came out in 2012.


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