Sunday, December 30, 2012

LTHP's Favorite Polishes of 2012! Top Ten "Indie" Picks

Good Afternoon!!

  This is my final "top of 2012" post. In our wonderful world of nail polish we have many big companies. i.e Zoya, O.P.I, China Glaze, Color Club.. etc. Then we have the handmade nail polishes, countless brands. AND THENNN there is this group of companies that are kind of in the middle. They are not hand made, but they are not uber major. These are the "inbetweeners". The ones that I really see taking off/ took off this year. I have very high expectations of these smaller brands in 2013! I really love these brands because they are not so influenced by the "mainstream mentality". These brands dare to take risks and create quirky collection. 
To see closeups of these pretties just keep on reading!
Lime Crime Pastelchio
Pastelchio is an amazing shade of pastel Lime creme. The thing with all the Lime Crime polishes is that they are, what I like to call, "pastel neons". There is a brightness to these shades that is just amazing and so playful. The formula on this color is just incredible!! The whole Les Desserts D' Antoinette collection was really fun!

Pomegranate Lacquers Curator
Curator is such an amazing shade of Black jelly. The consistency of the jelly base is just perfect. This polish did not need underwear and yet somehow it allows the glitter to sparkle through. I just simply love this!
Chick Nail Polish Punk Chick 
Punk Chick is just so FUN!! I really had a thing for Oranges this year and this one made me with for Summer pretty much immediately!

Chick Nail Polish Hipster Chick
Yeah... I.JUST.LOVE.THIS!!!!!!!!! It's a pretty green, it is squishy and sparkly. It meets all my reqs for an amazing polish, therefore it must be on this list!

Cult Nails Coveted
This needs to explanation does it? Perfection in a bottle. 

Pomegranate Lacquers Enchanted Lagoon
GREEN!!!! Apparently I really like Green and this uniquely beautiful shade won me over the second I put it on. I could not believe the formula and how amazing self-leveling this shade is!

Cult Nails I got Distracted 
 Maria's youngest daughter created this color for her very own collection (which was amazing). I got Distracted was another amazingly executed, Black based glitter. 

Lime Crime Milky Ways
 This polish graced my nails many times since I received it. I loved it SO much that the girls at LC ended up sending me backup bottles. This is another case of simple beauty is sometimes best. 

Cult Nails Flushed 
This beauty needs no explanations. Just enjoy its shimmery, burning beauty....

Cult Nails Doppelganger
Ok, so I kept going back and forth between Charlatan and Doppelganger. At the end I went with Doppelganger because I loveeeeed the fine micro shimmer and how entirely versatile this beautiful layering polish is.

  I am so excited to see what all these brands have in store for us in 2013. Cult Nails really blew me away this year. They consistently put out some of the most beautiful and unique collections throughout the year. Pomegranate really surprised me with their shades as well as Lime Crime, who are new comers to the nail polish world. I wish these brands much success this coming year!! Keep being awesome and keep doing you!!!

I will be back tomorrow with a little feature on my "breakout brand of 2012"!! Good night my loves!


  1. I want all of those Lime Crime polishes so bad!! :) I'm very happy that Pastelchio is already on its way to my collection.

  2. I have just bought Lime Crime Milky Ways. I'd never heard of it and after searching, its not common at all in the UK! Shipping from USA!

  3. I think Maria chose the exact right name for Coveted!! It is one of my top picks! Also, I think I need Doppelgänger!


  4. Chick Nail Polish Hipster Chick is super cute. Of course I love all the Cult Nails!!!

  5. Ahh, these are all gorgeous! I've been dying to try both Cult Nails and Lime Crime for so long, especially Milky Ways - it looks like the perfect white/nude creme.

  6. I'm still on the fence to get Milky Ways because I've been looking for an off white creme and this sort of looks like one. I wish I could see it in person before committing!

  7. Gah, Milky Ways is amazing! I don't know if you're planning a Zoya Lovely post anytime soon, but I'd love to hear how you think they compare. Either way, I need one of them!

  8. And by "they," I mean Milky Ways and Zoya Jacqueline. Proofreading fail, sorry.


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