Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nicole by O.P.I Kardashian Kolors- Holiday 2012

Happy Wednesday!! 

  The Kardashians are back this Holiday season with Six more shades to add to their Kardashian Kolors  line by Nicole by O.P.I. If I am not mistaken, the first Kardashian Kolor set came out during the Holidays Last year, it was a 14 piece collection. Then there was 7 piece spring set? And now this Six piece Holiday 2012 set. So that makes for a total of 27 Kardashian themed colors so far.... I think that's enough lol. 
 That said, this set is made of of Six, very pretty, shades. These are perfectly cohesive and totally HOLIDAY! I was very pleasantly surprised with quite a few of these shades. 
To see close-up swatches of the full collection just continue readin' after the jump ♥.
Nicole by O.P.I Keeping up with Santa
 This is MY FAVORITE from this collection! Keeping up with Santa is an amazing, deep Ruby Red micro-shimmer a'la O.P.I Fall. Very glowy, but vampy at the same time. This reminds me of Velvet Bows and beautiful Holiday gowns. The formula is pretty much perfect and does well in Two easy coats.

Nicole by O.P.I Deck the Dolls
 Deck the Dolls is a really pretty Cerulean Blue shimmer. It has the same glowy qualities as Keeping up with Santa. IRL, this color has just a touch of Green that my camera refused to pick up. The formula on this shade can be a little strokey, so take your time when applying. Deck the Dolls has a sheer formula, but does well in Three coats.

Nicole by O.P.I Here we Kome A-Karoling
 Here we Kome A-Karoling is a deep, deep Amethyst Purple with slight glints of bright Purple shimmer. Classic! I really like this shade. The best thing about this is that although it is a deep, dark Purple, it does not go Black in dim lights. You can thank that gorgeous shimmer for that! This color has a really great formula and does great in Two coats.

Nicole by O.P.I All is Glam, All is Bright
 All is Glam, All is Bright is a very dense mix of micro Silver, Copper and Blue(maybe) glitter. The finish on this shade is very unique and textured looking, but it is actually a pretty smooth polish. The formula on this is dense, in a great way. I only needed Two coats for my swatch. I love the mix of micro glitters in this polish. Very interesting.

Nicole by O.P.I A Gold Winter's Night
 I'm wishing I had layered this but here I have Four coats of A Gold Winter's Night. This polish is a lightly  honey tinged base packed full of Gold micro glitter and maybe some Pink as well. The bars are very fine and easy to work with, colored in Gold and Blue-ish prismatic. The bars in this remind me of a Golden version of O.P.I Save Me from the Nicki Minaj collection.

Nicole by O.P.I Kardashing Through the Snow
 Another polish I wish I had layered! Here I have Four coats of Kardashing Through the Snow. As you can see it is nowhere near opaque. I have seen it layered and it is much cuter that way. Anywho, the blend here is mainly Silver, Gold, Red, Green, and maybe some Blue along with some other shades I'm sure my eye can't distinguish, clear based. I really like it a lot! The glitter has a nice spread and I like the Twinkly effect it creates. 

 I believe these are/will be available anywhere Nicole by O.P.I is sold. Overall, I am pleased with this set. For it only being a Six piece collection, it is very well put together. My favorites are Keeping up with Santa, Here we Kome A-Karoling and Kardashing through the Snow

Which are your faves?

(**Nicole by OPI products provided for review**)


  1. Beautiful! The glitters seem really unique!!

  2. And PS: I agree...enough with the Kardashians already!!

  3. I want Kar-dashing through the Snow SO BAD! Not a hope of getting it over here, I'm really hoping OPI dupe themselves on that one.

  4. I love these colors! Your swatches are great!

  5. Hmmm. Although I haven't seen them in person, the Deck the Dolls looks like a colour dupe (although obviously not texture) to Turquoise Texture. At first glance I was thinking these are just more of the same, with Kardashing Through the Snow
    being a dupe for Rainbow in the S-Kylie, but they are actually quite different. I think that one would look great layered over a white creme. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Keeping up with Santa is my fav in this collection. It has a little more kick than your basic red.

    All is Glam, All is Bright reminds me of something I've seen before... hundreds of times.


  7. I think All is Glam All is Bright is my favorite in this collection!

  8. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the purple! It seems like it would go well with any skin tone and it's a really sexy color! Two thumbs up for "Here we Kome A-Karoling!"


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