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O.P.I Skyfall Collection Swatches

Hey it's Monday! 

  Ugh! Anywho! I FINALLY have swatches of the O.P.I Skyfall Collection for you guys! This collection was released as O.P.I's Holiday collection and was inspired by the new James Bond movie; Skyfall. I'm personally not a James Bond fan. I've only seen a few movies about the famous spy but I was young and didn't get them lol. I also didn't speak English haha! BUT I do LOVE these polishes and they are perfect, not only for the Holiday season, but a great representation of Bond-Girl style and class. 
 To see swatches of the whole collection just continue reading after the jump. ♥

O.P.I Goldeneye
 Goldeneye is a fantastic warm, Honey Gold glassfleck accented by warm Coppery flecks. This shade of Gold is entirely unique in my collection. I love how warm it is, very Holiday. The formula on Goldeneye is just a little sheer but builds up nicely. For my swatch I used Three coats of color.

O.P.I Tomorrow Never Dies
 Tomorrow Never Dies is a vivid Burple metallic-shimmer. This shade is a really great middle ground between Royal Purple and Royal Blue, even though my photo makes it look more Blue than Purple. The formula on this color is nice but it does require s steady, soft hand to avoid brushstrokes showing on the surface. For this shade I used Three thin coats for full even coverage.

O.P.I Live and Let Die
*swoon* Live and Let Die is a beautiful, deep Forest green based shade packed FULL of beautiful Green and Golden glassfleck shimmer. The shimmer is a bit more visible in the bottle than when the color is actually on the nail. The formula on Live and Let Die is very dense but easy to work with. The shade is actually a bit darker on the nail that in the bottle. This color could have been one coat, but I did Two.

O.P.I Casino Royale
Casino Royale is a classic, medium Red toned Purple creme. This reminds me of one of my favorite O.P.I shades ever, Pamplona Purple but with slightly Pink-er undertones. This shade has a great, buttery smooth formula and does great in Two coats.

O.P.I Skyfall
 Skyfall is a Red toned brown creme. Shades like these are not really my "thing" so they never speak to me much. That said, this color is right on trend for the season and it has a fantastic Two coat formula. The other thing about shades like Skyfall is that they flatter just about any skin tone and they look classic all year 'round.

O.P.I The Living Daylights over Skyfall 
 The Living Daylights is such a fun glitter topper. The mix here is of Silver, Light Gold, Teal and Copper hexes suspended in a clear base. This polish is fairly easy to work, with which is nice. I really like the unique combination of colors and the effect the glitter creates.

O.P.I Moonraker
*le sigh*.... And not in a good way. This shade was SO frustrating. The formula is EXTREMELY brushstrokey and hard to control. This shade will also show any imperfections you may have on the surface of your nails which is a bummer. It looks semi- decent here but it took an extreme amount of patience to get it to look this way. They key is to wait between coats an do as little strokes as possible. I have it shown without top coat because as the color dries the strokes disappear a bit and it actually looks a bit more chrome-like rather than frosty. I used Three, VERY PATIENT, coats for this swatch. I also hear this shade chips easily.

O.P.I On Her Majesty's Secret Service
On Her Majesty's Secret Service is an interesting Steely Blue glassfleck laced with beautiful Gold shimmer. I know what you are getting ready to ask. Is it a Zoya FeiFei dupe. I'm going to say "no" on that one. The shimmer in this shade is chunkier and the Gold is more evident. They could be  cousins, but not dupes. No matter what, this is an absolutely beautiful shade and interesting as well. This color has a great, two coat, formula.

O.P.I The World is Not Enough
 The World is Not Enough is a lovely Taupey shimmer, practically foily in finish. This shade also has some flashes of Pink that give it that certain "something". This color GLOWS! Now the one downside is that is is pretty sheer. I believe I used Four thin coats to get the full effect of the polish. I am interested to see how this does layered.

O.P.I Die Another Day
Die Another Day is a spectacular shade or Red-Orange with the most beautiful micro shimmer, lit-glowing qualities. Remember Danke-Shiny Red from the Germany Collection? Give it some strong undertones of Orange and you get Die Another Day. THAT SHIMMER!!!! This shade is easily one of my favorites in this entire collection. The formula goes on like butter and had a glassy- smooth finish. Two coats.

O.P.I The Spy Who Loved Me
 Another HUGE winner for me! This shade reminds me of the AMAZING DS polishes O.P.I released this fall. The Spy Who Loved Me is a beautifully dense, Apple Red glassfleck, laced with strong Gold flakes. This is like glorious lipstick for my nails! The formula on this shade is very saturated and does great in Two easy coats.

O.P.I You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice is a great Raspberry glassfleck with strong Magenta flashes. This is not the most unique shade but it is still really beautiful and classic. This shade has that great glowy quality I am an absolute sucker for every single time. The formula on this shade is a little sheer but does great in Three thin coats.

 There are a LOT of great shades in this collection. The Red tones are absolutely to die for! O.P.I always knows how to do a wonderful shade of Red. I am also a huge fan of Goldeneye and Live and Let Die. Overall, this is a well put together, cohesive collection and I really think it embodies that glam feeling of the movies, as well as the sparkle and flash of the Holidays.

Which are your faves?

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  1. Wow, so pretty! Great swatches!!!

  2. I wearing Goldeneye on my nails today! I love this collection so much, I bought half of it.

  3. I'm wearing Goldeneye on my nails TODAY! I loved this collection so much I bought half of it.

  4. Great swatches!
    I love all of them!
    Such a great collection :)

  5. I love World is Not Enough, and now that I've seen your swatch I also love Her Majesty's Secret Service. Thanks!

  6. I love this collection, it's gorgeous! I've ordered a couple of shades, can't wait to receive and wear them! :)

  7. your swatches are always so beautiful, even if i didn't originally want any of the polishes from a collection your swatches make me want them and this one is no exception! other swatches of this collex totally bored me and now i want four of the polishes. like really badly.

  8. I picked up "The World Is Not Enough" on a whim a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it. I layered it over Gosh "Miss Grey", and it looked gorgeous!

  9. I definitely like "Live and let die" the most. Got it in a mini bottle. :) I would also like the glitter one, maybe it would be awesome for jelly sandwiches.

    And also, I love your swatches, they are great and always help me with my purchases. :D

  10. Superb collection, but I think it has a little too much red paint, right?

  11. I have both Pamplona Purple and Casino Royale but unfortunately Pamplona Purple is at my home in another city so I can't compare the two right now. Trying to decide if I should keep Casino Royale or not... are they different enough, do you think?

  12. Wonderful swatches! I just did a Holiday inspired manicure using two colours from this collection!

  13. my fav is definetely the Goldeneye, it's amazing!

  14. Gorgeous! I just realized that I have Live and Let Die and haven't tried it yet. Definitely doing it tonight!

  15. thank you for the swatches and thank you for being clear about the polish formulas, it's really helpful to know if a formula is streaky or really good!


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