Friday, December 21, 2012

X-Mas Rush! Snowman Pinkmas♥

Happy Friday!! 

  Today I have an uber cute "Pinkmas" mani. Last year I did several Pink themed X-mas/ Wintery manis. I decided to make it an LTHP tradition to feature uber girly Holiday manis. I really like Wintery- Holiday themed manis that stray from the usual palette of Wintery- Holiday Colors. Here is my girly take on X-mas this year! 
 I love these so much!! The little snowman is just too cute! On my index finger and for the glittery inverted gradients I used Nicole by O.P.I My Sleigh's in the Shop. The white base color on my Index and Pinkie nails is Nicole by O.P.I It's all about the Glam. On my ring finger I used NOPI Naturally and then did a gradient using Naturally and Zoya Purity to create a snowy look. I topped my ring finger off with some INM Northern Lights Top coat.
  For the snowman stamp I used Bundle Monster plate BM319. I touched up some of the little details with a very fine brush. The scarf is Zoya Sookie, the hat is O.P.I Jade is the New Black. The nose is Bettina Starfish. The snowflakes on my index finger are from Bundle Monster plate BM318. I used Konad special white polish for the flakes.
  To finish the whole look off I topped my nails off with some Seche Vite and then touched up the snowflakes and snowman with some INM Northern Lights and finally one more coat of Seche Vite.
Merry Pinkmass!!!!


  1. This is so adorable, I love the colors and designs you chose!

  2. Beautiful design; the snowman is super cute! <3
    Happy Friday! :)

  3. So pretty!! Love the gradient look and the snowman! Could you do a tutorial on how you get your gradient nails to come out that way? I've done it once and I liked it but it didn't have as much of a gradient effect as yours!

  4. This is so cute! Love the pinks that you used!

  5. so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love the pink and magenta! I mean green and red are great and all, but after a few manis, it's easy to get board with the traditional color combos. Super cute!

  7. I love girly mani very cute and pretty!

  8. These are absolutely adorable. And I could have sworn that snowman was freehand! Love when you can make a stamp look like it isn't a stamp!

  9. Your snowman is wonderful! I love the details you added to the stamp :)

  10. The snowman is soooooo cute! I love your mani!

  11. I have been searching and searching for BM319...the 319 that I find is from their 2012 collection and it doesn't have a snowman on it....HELP! I have other snowman stamps but they are not solid like that one (or did you fill it in afterwards?) I'd love to find it if you could help!

  12. I have been searching for this snowman since I saw this mani. BM319 is from their 2012 set, but it doesn't have a snowman on it! HELP! I have other snowmen stamps from other holiday plates but they aren't solid like this one (unless you filled it in?). any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hii!!! The thing with BM plates is that they release em only in sets. So to get plate BM319, You would have to purchase the BM "3" series plates. I will go back and double check that it was in fact 319. But most of the plates I own are part of a set and are not sold separately.


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