Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cirque Objet d'Art Collection: Part One

Good Morning loves! 

   Today I have the first part of the Cirque Objet d'Art Collection. You may remember seeing a few Cirque polishes in my top picks for 2012. I was in love with Cirque from the get-go. I love their unique shades and their classy packaging. I just love everything about this brand and their campaigns. They are handmade polishes: All grown up. 
To see close-up shots of these beauties just keep on reading! 
Cirque Lapis
 Lapis is a very dense blend of fine Sapphire blue glitter suspended in a clear base. This polish very very packed with glitter and it does not need "underwear" (a base color). Lapis gave me no application issues and the glitter spread is fantastic. I used Three thin coats for full opacity.

Cirque Curiosity
Curiosity is an insanely gorgeous shade of tomato Red glassfleck. To add to the perfection there is the most beautiful Gold duochrome that peeks through the Red base. The formula on Curiosity is nothing short of perfect and does great in Three thin coats.

Cirque Galinda over Cirque Curiosity 
 Galinda is a snowy blend of opalescent and White micro particles interrupted by White hexes. Galinda is definitely magical, ethereal and just plain pretty! For this look I used one thin coat of Galinda over my glowing Red base. I wore this during the Holidays and I did not want to take it off!

Cirque Hellebore over Cirque Lonesome George
Hellebore is the most amazing mix of fine Sage glitter. This is another super dense blend and does not require undies, for my swatch I did layer it. The base color is Cirque's Lonesome George. So, when I took a closer look at Hellebore my eye kept picking up this beautiful, light Violet sparkle coming through the Green base (see Ring fingernail). I only needed One coat of Hellebore over my base to achieve this look.

Cirque XX over A England Dorian Gray
XX is an amazing blend of Hexes, Diamonds and Squares in varying sizes. All of the particles are prismatic. Some of the particles lean on the Coppery- Pink side and some lean on the Teal- Aqua side. XX is just amazing, like nothing I've never seen before. It could be this combination, it could be XX, I never wanted to take this off either.. I'm starting to see a trend here. XX is easy to work with and no fishing is required.

Cirque Au over Cirque Lapis
 Au is a 23k Gold flake. I only have one other Gold flake I can compare this to and that is Zoya's Gilty. They are different tones of Gold. Au is just a little brighter than Gilty. Au is also very packed with flakes. For this look I did use Two "dabs" of Au because I was actually wearing it for a few days :D.

 That will do it for Part One of my Objet D'Art Collection swatches. You can head over to Cirque's Shop to get your hands on these beauties! I can't really pick favorites because these are all so beautiful and different. I'd have to say I was particularly blown away by XX, Hellebore and Curiosity.

Thanks for stopping by today my loves!! Which are your picks?

(**Cirque Products provided for consideration**)


  1. I recently began a No-Buy period, after coming face-to-face with the unbelievable hundreds of polishes in my collection.

    NOW...I'm re-thinking that rash decision.

    THIS is the prettiest collection I've seen in a long time.

    Beautiful swatches, Cristina!

  2. Definitely the XX, I think I'm in love...:)

  3. I have XX and I LOVE it! Pictures can't even do it justice because of the amazing holo. However, your swatches make me want all the others as well! Cirque is a great brand

  4. i am lemming SO MANY polishes from this collection it's insane. they are all so pretty and your swatches are gorgeous AS USUAL!

  5. i am lemming SO MANY polishes from this collection it's insane. they are all so pretty and your swatches are gorgeous AS USUAL!

  6. I love Cirque polishes but they are so darn expensive! I only own two. I loved this whole collection, but couldn't justify spending so much. If I had to choose one, it would probably be XX. So awesome! I like your layering of Au over the blue. Such a good color combo!

  7. Au looks amazing, especially when you've matched it to the contrast blue glitter. Such a great work review. Hope I'm able to get Au at least. :)

  8. Wow. I am SO impressed with Cirque! They are SO gorgeous and so sophisticated!

  9. ...
    Speechless. I think I could die for Lapis. :D

  10. Ok I had to go order XX after this post!!

  11. Hellebores are one of my favorite perennial flowers. Gorgeous as a nail polish too!


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