Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cirque Objet d'Art Collection Swatches: Part Two

Good morning and happy humpday!! 

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  SOO!!! Today I am sharing my swatches of the Second half of the Objet d'Art Collection by Cirque. You can see swatches of the first half of the collection [HERE]. I am so in love with every single polish in this portion I am sharing today. There is something about Cirque nail polishes that is just so classy, yet different and just plain beautiful.
 To see closeup swatches of these beauties just continue reading ♥.

Cirque Planet Caravan 
 Planet Caravan is a Blackened jelly base packed full of multichromatic glassflecks. The shimmer in this beauty is like burning embers and shift from Purple to Copper and Green. The formula on this beauty is easy to work with and does great in Two coats. Planet Caravan was one of my favorites from the entire collection.

Cirque Book of Shadows
 Book of Shadows is a very shimmery, Pewter foil. This shade is a little sheer but it builds up to opacity in Three coats.

Cirque for Mei Mei's Signatures Fleur est Belle
 This shade is a Mei Mei's Signatures exclusive. Fleur est Belle is a soft Pink, shimmery jelly base. Packed in the beautiful base are White and bright Gold Hexes as well as smaller light Green and Pink hexes and squares. Fleur est Belle is a real beauty. I love that even though it is quite chunky, there is something delicate, ethereal and feminine about it. The formula on this polish is a little tricky as it is so chunky. The good thing is that there is no fishing required, just slight manipulation of the pieces. I used Three thin coats for my swatch.

Cirque Cape Liz 
 Cape Liz is a muted, light Blue creme packed full of twinkling Pink, Silver and Blue glassfleck shimmer.  While this color is absolutely dreamy, the formula gave me so trouble. The issue I kept running into was some bad patchiness and dragging. I needed Four coats to get it to look even and fully opaque. At least the color payoff is worth the formula troubles.

Cirque Cypress 
 Cypress is a beautifully unique Copper holographic shade. The formula on this shade is a little sheer but buildable. I used Three thin coats for my swatch.

O.P.I Lonesome George 
  Lonesome George is an amazing Emerald Green holographic shade. I am pretty much in love with this beauty. The formula on this shade is fantastic. I used Three thin coats for full coverage.
 I have to say that I am just so impressed with Cirque's creations. I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves for 2013. My faves from this group would have to be Planet Caravan, Lonesome George and Fleur est Belle.

 The Objet d'Art Collection is available now from Cirque's shop as well as many other e-tailers. Do you have any favorites in this group?

(**Cirque Polishes provided for my consideration**)


  1. Oh love with the green one! Sooo cute!

  2. Love Cypress. Lonesome George make me remember a Nubar nail polish, Reclaim. :)

  3. I'm in love with O.P.I Lonesome George! What a pretty colour:)

  4. Lonesome George is really pretty.

  5. Just bought Cypress a month ago - absolute must have for me, I've never seen an orange holo like this before, and the holo is super strong! Kinda want Cape Liz now tho XD

  6. OMG, they are beautiful! Especially the green and the purple one.. :)

  7. There's so many gorgeous polishes here. I really love Lonesome George, Cape Liz, and Fleur est Belle the most.

  8. I just bought my first Cirque last month and I am seriously in love! Such gorgeous colors and the formula is amazing- and they smell good! Planet Caravan is my fave of this bunch with Fleur est Belle being a close second.

  9. Fleur is really interesting. I'd love to see it layered. And I LOVE those holos!

  10. Cirque is really putting out some amazing stuff! You hit the nail on the head when you said that they are classy yet unique. Just gorgeous!!

  11. I love Cypress! I need Caravan.


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