Tuesday, January 29, 2013

O.P.I Mariah Carey Collection Swatches

Good morning lovely people! 

  Today I am sharing my swatches of the O.P.I Mariah Carey Collection. This group is made up of Four "Liquid Sand" textured polishes and four "normal" shades. I've had my reservations about the liquid sand polishes from the second I heard they were coming out. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the Liquid Sand shades and liked them even more than the four regular shades. 
 To see close up shots of the collection just continue reading ♥.

 I just wanna make a quick note on the actual texture of these polishes. They are not that gritty at all, they actually dry to a neat semi-matte finish. I am not as bothered by the texture as I thought I would be. 

O.P.I Get your Number Liquid Sand 
 Get your Number is a Blue based sand texture polish with lots of pretty prismatic Silver glitter. The glitter is less visible on the nail than it is in the bottle. This color also looks lighter on the nail that it does in the bottle. The formula on this shade is really easy to work with and spreads nicely. I only needed Two coats for full opacity.

O.P.I The Impossible  Liquid Sand 
 The Impossible is a Red based sand texture polish accented by Red Hex glitters and Red star shaped glitters. I think it's cute O.P.I named a polish after what it is like to get the stars on the nail... LOLOL.... I had a really hard time getting the TWO stars you see in my photos (and my bottle was upside-down for days!). Formula-wise this shade is very saturated and could almost be one coat.

O.P.I Stay the Night Liquid Sand 
 Stay the Night is a Black based sand texture polish accented by small Red glitter. This was the most sheer of the Four sand shades and needed Three coats. I can't say this is my favorite shade.. It reminds me a bit of scabs :-S.

O.P.I Can't let Go Liquid Sand 
 Can't let Go is a Grape Purple sand texture polish accented by Purple hex glitters. This was the least "interesting" of the sand polishes as it did not have much going on other than the "sand" texture. I used Two coats for my swatch.

O.P.I Sprung 
Sprung is a Rosey- Copper glassfleck laced with strong Pink shimmer. This polish is the love-baby of Pros & Bronze and Warm and Fozzie. This polish is pretty sheer and does best in Three coats.

O.P.I A Butterfly Moment 
 A Butterfly Moment is a pale Peach with strong Golden shimmer. While I am glad that this shade is not frosty, I still don't really know how to feel about it. Something feels very dated and tired about this shade and I cannot put my finger on it (or it on my fingers). ABM does best in Three thin coats.

O.P.I Pink Yet Lavender over O.P.I Anti-Bleak 
Pink yet Lavender is a "base" of small lavender Prismatic glitter accented by Piggy Pink hexes suspended in a clear base. This polish is pretty but it doesn't really make much of a statement. Also Pink yet lavender???? What? ...

O.P.I Anti-Bleak
 Anti-Bleak is a doppelganger for Casino Royale of the Skyfall Collection. This shade is a classic Plummy tone with some slight Berry undertones. Nice Two coat formula, nothing special.

  Overall, I am feeling conflicted about this collection. There is such a disconnect between the liquid sands and the regular shades. I can't honestly say I am impressed with these polishes as a collection. I am going to chuck it up to the weaker shades that do not compliment each other in anyway. The liquid sands are fun and different. They are still not my favorite nail polish innovation, but I dont hate them like I thought I would. I'm interested in seeing more unique shades in this sand texture. I am interested to see what removal of the textured polishes will be like as well as the wear.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Interested in the liquid sands?

(**OPI products provided for my consideration**)


  1. Oh gosh... I love this polish line and am so excited to try liquid sand! But I definitely will be steering clear of Stay the Night. I wasn't sold on it but now I won't be able to get scabs out of my head!!

  2. I have The Impossible and I'm actually glad the stars are such a pain to get out of the bottle. Even with a top coat, the points of the stars peel up the next day and get caught on everything. Besides that, I really do love the color/texture and it's easier to remove than full on glitter. I've worn it on more than one occasion and that's rare for something trendy for me.

  3. Beautiful swatches as always! I must say that none of the polishes really hit me in this collection. Kind of mellow. The liquid sand look cool and I would like to try one of those! The black (scab) color looks the most interesting to me, haha!

  4. Cute colors but i wasn't impressed by no one, but i love OPI anti-bleak! :)))

  5. Love anti-bleak and pink yet lavender

  6. Pretty swatches but I do have to agree with the disconnect to an extent, but, on the other hand, I do feel the shades really represent the artist too.

  7. I definitely think the regular shades do not at all compliment the sand shades. I only bought one of the texture polishes, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be topcoating the hell out of it anyway!

  8. I'm loving the liquid sands!!! Great swatches, they really show the texture!! Pink yet Lavender is super pretty too... love it layered over Anti-Bleak

  9. Stay the Night is my favorite of the liquid sands. I like the color contrast between the glitter and the texture, the other ones seem a little boring in that way but are still fun. I agree with you about ABM it looks like something my grandma would wear.

  10. Not a fan of the liquid sand thing. To me it looks like your fingernails have goosebumps or really sloppy glitter application. :/

    I do really like A Butterfly Moment, but then I am kinda known for loving grannyish polishes!

  11. I love this post! Pretty funny. Thanks :)

  12. I really like this collection. It has a mix of the usual standard stuff and then the radically different liquid sands, thus providing something for everyone. I LOVE that glitter!!!! With the little green holographic bits...green and pink, what's not to love?

  13. Omg these nails polishes are amazing!!

  14. I have had on Stay the Night for about 3 days (without top coat) and I have minimal tip wearing with all the washing and cleaning I have done. It lasts pretty well to me. I only bought Anti-Bleak and Stay the Night because I feel like I have the other (non-liquid sand) colors.

  15. I was expecting to hate the liquid sand polishes as well but I actually like them a lot. Stay the Night is my favorite one. It is gorgeous with top coat which I know defeats the purpose of the polish.

  16. The reviews are great as well as the pics are perfect.You have got the best nails and they are so perfectly manicured..each and every shade of polish looks great on your nails.


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