Friday, January 18, 2013

Random #EOTD and #FOTD-ness and Pics of my New Hair!

One might say... 

  That I might be on a slight bold makeup- cateye kick... I got so much amazing makeup for Christmas that I am finding every excuse possible to wear all my goodies. These are a few random makeup looks I've done recently that I wanted to share with you guys!  
  In some eventuality these posts will become a "dedicated post". Meaning I will only be covering a full "FOTD" instead of several looks in one post (unless you guys like this better). 
  To see some closeups of these eye looks, some full face shots and my new hair just continue reading!

 All of these looks were done over a primed lid. I've been using the Original UD primer potion lately and seriously LOVING it!!!

BFTE Cosmetics Birthday FOTD
 So, this is the look I wore on my birthday :D. This look features mostly BFTE Cosmetics pigments. On my lid I have Dragon Slayer, Chocolate and a bit of Sugarpill Junebug. On my browbone is BFTE Whisper. For my cat eye I used the BFTE Black gel liner. On my lower lashline I used Sugarpill Junebug on the outer corner and Goldilux on the inner V. There is also a touch of BFTE Electric on the center of my lower lashline.
  I used my favorite Red Cherry Lashes (avail from BFTE Cosmetics). I wanna say these are Red Cherry Lashes #110. They are really big, but natural looking. On my waterline and tightline is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in Perversion. 
 Here is an IG shot of the full face. On my lips I wore Milani Red Label with a bit of Kissable Couture in Fantasies layered on top. 

I'm a Mermaid!
  This look features shades from the Lime Crime Aquatenea Palette as well as a Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter. On my lid I used Atlan-Teal and Nautilus Prime. On my browbone is BFTE Cosmetics in Whisper. My double cat eye was done with Lime Crime Uniliner in Lunar Sea and Milani Eye Tech Extreme liner in Black. On my lower lashline I used Lime Crime Atlan-Teal on the Inner V and Urban Decay Zeroon the outer lower corner. I also used some Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter in Cancer on my lower lashline. I placed the glitter using the Lit Cosmetics clear glitter base.
 For this look I chose to wear some of my Ardell Cirque lashes. This pair is called Inspired. I tightlined in UD Perversion. 
 And here is an IG full face shot. The headband was made out of Recycled leather bits :D. On my lips I was wearing Milani gloss in Raspberry Pie

Christmas #FOTD
 For this look I kept my lids simple and Golden because I wanted the focus to be on the ginormo lashes and dramatic Cateye. I used some shades in the Wet 'n' Wild Sparkle 'til Morning Palette. For the cateye I used the Milani eye tech extreme liner.
 I have a pretty hooded lid and my impatience caused a little ooopsie. These are my most dramatic lashes, by far. Since it was Christmas I figured flash and sparkle would be ok. This pair is called Fantasy and they are from the Ardell Cirque Collection.
 Here is an IG full face shot of my X-mas FOTD. My lips were done in Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple

 ANNDNDNDND!! Here are some pics of my freshly colored hair! I finally touched up my roots and switched up the color placement. I use the Sally's Color Brilliance brights. I used the Magenta, Aqua and Purple shades. SO happy with how it turned out :D!
 Thanks for stopping by today my loves. I had such a fantastic B-day. I was in the hospital, again, yesterday but I am feeling a little better today. I'm tired and sore but my plans today include: laying around, eating crackers and drinkin lots of Gatorade....

 Are you feelin any of these looks?

(**Some products provided for review**)


  1. Cristina! That hair is amazing, omigosh. I'm dying- it looks terrific! I also really love the last pair of lashes, the "Fantasy" ones. :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE your birthday eye look! You used an amazing range of colors that go really great together. Also, your hair is so awesome I wish I could pull that off

  3. You are so talented with that! Every time I try to wear bold eye and lip colours I just look like a clown :( you are totally gorgeous, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair!

  4. Looooove you're hair, and on you looks amazing.

  5. Your hair looks amazing. I could never pull that off. Even though you went to the hospital again, you look gorgeous!!! I hope you feel better, I know the feeling, I have to go to weekly visits. So if it weren't for nail polish and blogs like yours I'd go mad!!! lol. Keep it coming!!!!

  6. Not sure if you got my first message/comment (I wasn't signed in the first time) but you're hair looks great!!!! The colors are so vibrant. Hope your feeling better after your hospital visit, because you look gorgeous. I know the feeling of those visits, I have to go weekly. So keep the colors coming because between blogs like yours and nail polish is what keeps me going!!!!

  7. Really loving the hair and eyes. You have such a great ability to match up color on eyes and lips. Perfection.

  8. I love the hair! I've had turquoise streaks in mine since October and they're pretty much yellow-green now, what do you do to strip away your old color (if anything)?

  9. Your hair looks amazing! I really love that first look and those lashes. I really want some BFTE eyeshadows, grr.

  10. You are so talented! I think you'd look absolutely gorgeous with blonde hair and nude or clear gloss lipstick!!

  11. hi! your hair is too cute! i am a haircolorist and i want to recommend a wonderful permanent unnatural haircolor line called Elumen from Goldwell. My hair is flourescent pink and does not fade, ever. I use Elumen as the base and Special Effects or RAW over the top for extra punch. There is no peroxide in the Elumen, so no damage! Just crazy ass brights! They are doing a turquoise in the next two months. Look out for it!

  12. You have very nice eyes, and those make-up are pretty too. I really don't know how to do my own, I tried before and I ended up accidentally piercing my eyes. Good thing I had a eye drops in my bag to soothe the pain.

    -Gwyn Stiles

  13. Your eye makeup looks amazing! Do you really highlight your brow bone that wide? I used to highlight the outer corner only but yours looks really nice.

    -Hayle Y.


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