Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Saturday Spam!

Happy caturday my lovelies! 

  So today continues my random spammy series. I am cleaning out folders like a fool! I know it might sound crazy or weird lol, but this is what I need to do to get myself back in gear. I have a ridiculous amount of goals for this new year. There are many -a- things I want to get accomplished. I am SOO excited!! Many good things are coming! 
Anyhow! Saturday Spam after the jump!
Illamasqua Load 
 The Two year lemming lol. I wanted this color the second it came out back in 2012. Yes, I wanted it just for the name. Yes, I'm 13 in my head sometimes. That said, Load is really a beautiful color. This pale, milky Yellow creme has a really nice formula. Shown here are Three thin coats. A huge thank you to my lovely Erica for swapping me this baby and killing my Two year lemming! I love Illamasqua's Load. And yes, I love being able to say that to anyone who asks haha.

Picture Polish Mardi Gras over Illamasqua Load
 Mardi Gras is a really cute blend of Small hexes in Gold, Magenta and Aqua and small Silver and Aqua glitter suspended in a clear base. For my layering I only did one coat of Mardi Gras. As you can see this glitter has an awesome spread, very easy to work with. I actually wore this look for like Four days (which in LTHP time is an eternity).

Ozotic Beam 906 over Chick Nail Polish Rocker Chick
Beam 905 is a beautiful layering, multi-chromatic glassfleck. I layered over a dark Plum so it brought out some great Violet-Burple- Pink flashes in Ozotic 905. This is a very dense glassfleck and One coat over any base polish will create an amazing effect.

A England Holy Grail 2.0 and A England Ophelia
 This was a random quick look I did. I cannot get enough of the new Holy Grail. I never got the original, I know they are both beautiful though! Both of these colors have an outstanding formula, they could practically be One coat.

A England Holy Grail
 Just bask in this glorious shade of darkened Gold metallic amazingness. I can't even... Just too pretty and prefect!

A England Dorian Gray
 This polish is pretty much the most perfect shade of dark Pewter. IDK how A England managed to make a polish with this finish and it not being brushstrokey! Mind=BLOWN! The shimmer in this color is something so unique and beautiful. I just love it. This shade has a great formula and could practically be One coat, I did Two.

 Thanks for stopping by today my loves!! I will see you tomorrow with, you guessed it, MOAR SPAM!!!!

(**Some products provided for review**)


  1. I heart your spam posts! Keep 'em coming! :) Also....Load....bahahaha!

  2. LOVE Picture Polish Mardi Gras and Ozotic Beam 905! Thanks for sharing, I otherwise wouldn't have known about them.


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